Learning About Escort Websites

I will confess, I have never used an escort website before. Nor have I actually purchased services from a sex worker—though I support the industry and those who earn their income in it. The criminalization and stigma around offering sexual services is a ridiculous view held by a few that somehow took root in a naive and foolish time. Now, we are finally starting to understand the hypocrisy of this view with, albeit, slowly-changing mores and laws surrounding sex work.

Of course, as in any work environment, there are bound to be good aspects and bad ones. It is the same thing with being a freelancer or independent contractor. Personally, I’d love to spend my day writing for a living, but that won’t really work with my lifestyle choices. So I have a day job with an employer I have to answer to. Because of this choice I don’t have to hustle and labour at the necessary publicity and self-promotion freelancing requires. Sure, I don’t entirely get to do what I want all day, but I did pick a profession I am happy in. So, it all balances out.

I imagine it is the same for sex work and whether you choose to work with an agency or independently. I’d love to speak more with an independent worker, because looking through the London Escort Girls 4U website, it seems like they have a solid foundation for a good relationship between management, workers and clients who for those who are looking for NSA fun in London with escorts.

As I looked through the site, I was looking for key markers that would attract me as a potential client. When I first loaded it up, I assumed my number one priority would be finding a woman I am attracted to. Turns out that isn’t really what my mind focussed on. Sure, I was looking at many beautiful workers and they captivated my eyes, however, it was the usability of the site that truly caught my attention. I may have never used an escort site before, but I have been on them and what I noted, in particular, is that it is very user friendly and navigatable. Wondering about pricing? Location? Available escorts? All of that and more is easy to find. That, to me, speaks of a well-run organization that, hopefully, treats its workers with as much care as has been put into customer service.

Another strong aspect of the site is the descriptions and photos of the escorts themselves. Having never been to London, I can’t really speak on the preferred demographics of sought-after sex workers, but you will find many with a variety of available skills. There isn’t much in the way of cultural diversity, so if you’re looking for women of different ethnicities, you might be out of luck. However, there are many beautiful women who charge a range of prices.

I worried a bit, taking this trip through an escort site. I was a bit worried I’d find glossed-over coercion or shady-seeming business practices. But everything certainly seems on the up-and-up and if this is what you seek, you should be quite happy.

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