Sex News! I love it! March 15, 2015

Inside the workshop where £4,000 silicone sex dolls are moulded, painted and dressed to fulfil men’s every fantasy… but the makers say people collect them as art

The Arousal Principle: The Complexity And Simplicity Of Female Erotic Desire

I Had a Sex Slave, and It Was Awesome

‘I was addicted to online porn and would masturbate six times a day’

I Had My First Feminist Orgy on International Women’s Day

Science Explains Why Men Like Women With Curvy Booties

Twitter Changes Sexual Health Ad Policy, Reinstates Condom Retailer’s Account

The Struggle Fetish Is Real: An Interview With Feminist Porn Debonair Andre Shakti

Ontario NDPer wants to block taxpayer funding for therapies ‘trying to turn queer kids straight’

‘We breastfeed each other’s babies!’ Polyamorous man’s two wives give birth within 30 days of one another – and all three insist they couldn’t be happier

Don’t ask if porn “empowers” women – instead, ask if your feminism does

Want to See Real Sex? Don’t Go to the Movies.

Inside A Feminist Porn Star Reunion

‘They Made it Into a Joke’: A Q&A With a Brain-Injured Dominatrix

MPP seeks ban on conversion therapy for minors

“I Want People to See Fat Women as Sexual Beings. Because We Are.”


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