Sex City Radio

I cohosted and produced the weekly radio show Sex City for almost a decade. It was a fantastic time.

Show archive:

February 14, 2017

 Jon offers up a Valentine’s Day treat!
Tynan Rhea comes back to Sex City to share ideas around sex and pregnancy and parenthood
-Performer and sex educator Kelsey Obsession talks to us about the very diverse world of porn and her place in it
Alex S. Morgan helps people explore and reclaim their sexuality and will share some thoughts on how we can prioritize sex in difficult times

January 17, 2017

 Jon highlights three upcoming, sexy events!

  • Erin Pim tells us about Bed Post—Toronto’s sex/sexuality variety show featuring erotic readings, real life sex stories, ask a sexpert, raunchy comedy, and stripping!
  • Jack Lamon of Come As You Are comes back to Sex City to tell us about the return of the Toronto Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair!
  • Fatima Mechtab of Oasis Aqualounge also returns to share with us the excitement of the upcoming 4th anniversary of Sapphic Aquatic!


December 20, 2016

 Sex and Science Night!
Jon introduces 2 amazing sex products and a fascinating project!

  • Jonathan Driscoll has a PhD in Physics and is the visionary behind the revolutionary vibrator HUM
  • Neil Maurette saw a need for for better couples’ sexual experiences, so he and his wife came up with the VejuVe Enhancer
  • Have you ever wondered if porn can be broken down to its genetic core? Taylor Kohut of the Porn Genome Project is going to tell us what this could mean for our porn-watching habits.

November 22, 2016

 Jon welcomed special guests to the studio to discuss porn, photography and Craigslist:


October 18, 2016

 Jon welcomed to the show:

  • Sasha Grey was one of the most beloved porn performers in the world. Since moving on from the world in front of the cameras, she’s embarked on many projects, including her much-lauded erotica series The Juliette Society. She joins us to discuss the recently released second volume The Janus Chamber.
  • Jarred Weisfeld is the president of Start Publishing and Cleis Press. They have recently encountered issues with finding a company to print The Sex Toy Coloring Book.
  • Jerome Stuart Nichols is well-known for is amazing blog LTASEX. He is now branching out to another realm of sex education by creating The Butters—a fantastic lubricating moisturizer!


September 20, 2016

 Jon welcomed awesome guests!

  • Dr. Nicole Prause is a neuroscientist researching human sexual behaviour, addiction, and the physiology of sexual response and the founder of Liberos LLC, an independent research institute. She will talk to us about the difficulties sex researchers face.
  • Phillip Coupal is a traditional Counsellor in bodywork who helps individuals and couples at theAwaken Studio in Toronto.
  • Fatima Mechtab from Oasis Aqualounge joins us again to highlight the amazing event coming up at Oasis as we move into autumn.


August 23, 2016

 Jon welcomed three delightful guests to the show!

  • Vanessa de Largie is an Australian sex writer and columnist whose work focuses on feminism, fierce female sexuality and women’s issues
  • Luna Matatas told us about her sex education work, with a particular focus on CBT (Cock and Ball Torture)
  • Jerry Barnett reported on the controversial state of porn in the UK by telling us about his book Porn Panic! Sex and Censorship in the UK


July 26, 2016

 Jon welcomed three guests who you might know better for their work in the porn industry, but who are venturing out with other projects!
-Asa Akira is a multi-award winning porn star who is releasing her second book Dirty Thirty
-Kay Brandt returns to the show to tell us about her new food and porn cooking show Forked
Andre Shakti is expanding her writing career by seeking a space for her poly advice column and contributing to Cosmopolitan.comLISTEN

June 7, 2016

Jon welcomes folks from some of Toronto’s most beloved queer community institutions into the studio to tell us about the amazing events they’ve got going on for the now month-long festival of queer culture!

  • Evalyn Parry is the Artistic Director of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre which will be presenting their annual QUEER PRIDE 2016 extravaganza
  • Fatima Mechtab of Oasis Aqualounge will give us a peek at the many different PRIDE FESTIVITIES the club will be hosting (and be ready to call in for a chance at a special prize!)


May 3, 2016

 Jon spoke with folks who taught us about sex parties, sex ed and sex products!

  • Gweneth Lee told us about the global sensation of Killing Kittens—parties for the sexual elite
  • In recognition of May being Masturbation Month, Dr. Nadine Thornhill discussed ways to discuss masturbation with young people
  • Ryan Poirier introduced one of the hottest sex toys on the market today, The Womanizer


March 1, 2016

Jon offered a sexy respite from a snowy night with a fantastic group of sex community favourites! He was joined by:

  • Jess O’Reilly is Toronto’s own sex ed superstar who will be presenting the workshop “Steamy Sex for Couples” at Good for Her
  • Jillian Keenan is freelance writer whose first book Sex with Shakespeare—about love, obsession and spanking—comes out in April
  • Lynsey G Lagsalot is a freelance blogger, critic, writer, poet, journalist, artist, model and much more who writes some of the most compelling and provocative work on sex.


February 2, 2016

 Jon welcomed a great line-up of amazing guests! Rebecca Rosenblat told us about hosting the weekly call in relationship and sex advice show Sex @ 10 and her upcoming workshop How To Drive Your Man Wild with Pleasure coming up on February 22 at Good for Her. N. Maxwell Lander gave us a sneak preview of his first photo book coming out this month, Carnal Anomaly. And Sex City favourite Kate Sinclaire introduced us to her recently new site Ciné Sinclaire.


January 5, 2016

 Jon brings in the new year right on Sex City with some amazing guests to talk about music, sexy parties and erotica!

We heard from:

  • Soma Stanford is a Canadian doctor and writer who recently released Jade Wallace, a lesbian erotica novel of wild exploration and heart-breaking loss.
  • Fatima Mechtab from Oasis Aqualounge will tell us about their upcoming 3rd anniversary of their wildly successful Sapphic Aquatica.
  • Jordan B. Wright is a trans indie rocker who will be sharing some tunes in advance of the release of a new album “Everything Blue”

December 8, 2015

 Jon welcomed guests who are making waves by innovating in, creating for and writing to the sex community.
-Princess Kali is a superstar in the kink community ( who is now sharing her expertise and information on erotic humiliation in her book Enough to Make You Blush.
-Alexandra Fine, one of the co-founders of DAME Products, created Eva, the world’s first hands-free couple vibrator that set the record for adult product crowdfunding.
-Chi Chi Sun and Gardiner Smith from Damiva will tell us all about their product Mae, an all-natural vaginal lubricant.LISTEN

December 1, 2015

 Sex City marked World AIDS Day by bringing together a respected and dynamic panel of guests for a round table discussion of the current legal, medical, and societal issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. Dorianne Emmerton, Sophie Delancey and Jon Pressick were joined by:

-Ramraajh Sharvendiran, Men’s Health Coordinator of ASAAP(Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention)
-Rui Pires, Gay Men’s Community Education Coordinator of ACT(AIDS Committee of Toronto)
-Lauryn Kronick of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network


November 3, 2015

 This week host Jon Pressick presents our annual Playground Conference special, highlighting some of the most amazing thinkers and speakers on all topics of sexuality. Jon will be joined by special guest host Stephen Biggs to speak with:

Nikki Thomas is a former sex worker and self-described “tuition whore” who started in the sex trade at age 26 to pay for her education. A University of Toronto alumna with degrees in political science, sexual diversity studies and psychology, she has since retired from sex work, and now spends her time as a boring, mid-30s suburban soccer mom.
From Happy Hooker to Happy Housewife, she discusses her unique experience going from one of Canada’s most prominent and outspoken sex work activists, to a life considerably more mundane.

Judi Siklos is a Registered Psychotherapist passionate about healthy relationships, good communication and self-care. She practices within a feminist and anti-oppression framework and will talk your ear off about consent. She is a lover of rope, reading, the outdoors, research studies and animals (actual or otherwise).

Mistress Isobel is a Dominatrix in Toronto. She uses role-play and improvised storytelling in her practice. She has worked with devised theatre companies in England and Australia, and has collaborated in radical, subversive art projects around the world including plot-driven pornography and erotica.

October 13, 2015

 Jon speaks with some of the participants in the first annual Naked Heart—The LGBTQ Festival of Words organized by Glad Day Bookshop!
-Lambda-awarding winning writer Jeffrey Round is one of the organizers of Naked Heart and he’ll tell us how this event came to be and about his workshop “Pitch Perfect”
Debra Anderson is also an award-winning writer who will lead the workshop “Hardcore Hearts” exploring themes of queer love, loss, & desire
Kristyn Dunnion is another outstanding writer who will be leading the workshop “Write Like You Mean It”, an innovative workshop that integrates social justice with concrete writing activities

August 25, 2015

 Jon welcomed Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals who told us about her new book Exposure: A Sociologist Explores Sex, Society, and Adult Entertainment; David Mandell, the co-founder of Private Gym, a revolutionary new product to help men’s sexual health and Dr. Timaree Schmit who writes about, podcasts about and has fun with so many different aspects of sex!


July 21, 2015

 Jon welcomes three fantastic guests to our sexy show! Lucas Brooks has been touring his one man show “Cootie Catcher” about the discussions we need to have about STIs and we recently chatting with him during his stop at the Toronto Fringe Festival. Stella Palikarova is co-presenting the Deliciously Disabled sex party on Friday August 14 and tell us all about this groundbreaking event. Ela Darling is a librarian turned porn star who is leading the evolution of virtual reality—with a definitely sexy bent!


June 23, 2015

 It was Legends of Porn night as Jon was joined by both JAMES DEEN and NINA HARTLEY!
These two incomparable characters shared their thoughts and ideas on the current world of porn, what they’re working on and how porn and the mainstream can connect. We were also be joined by Magnus Sullivan, the creator of the award-winning film Marriage 2.0—arguably the greatest melding of sex and story ever filmed.

May 26, 2015

 Jon chats with Maya Jordan, former Scores girl turned psychotherapist and host of Head Games on Playboy Radio and sex blogger extraordinaire Girly Juice!


May 12, 2015

 Jon welcomed guests on the wide-ranging topic of sex education! First he spoke with Jacki Yovanoff who shared thoughts on Ontario’s controversial new sex education curriculum being implemented in schools next school year. Next up superstar sex ed blogger Jerome Stuart Nichols will told us about his site And finally, Sherri L. Shaulis will told us what it’s like to write about sex products and other porn-related news for the adult industry standard AVN.


March 31, 2015

 Jon brings a show devoted to some of the most present sexual conversations happening today. Joan Price highlighted the growing understanding of seniors and sex from her book The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50 and Lorrae Bradbury discussed her site Slutty Girl Problems and how the word ‘slut’ still carries in our evolving sexual world.


March 3, 2015

 Host Jon Pressick speaks with some amazing producers of sexy media: erotic literature, hot porn and sexy music!

We heard from Kay Brandt, award-winning director of Jewelbox films who is now focussing on her written erotica, including her latest Lusty Lawyers and their Innocent Interns Vol 1. And finally, we listened to the music of and spoke with Montreal’s Alex Robshaw—who steeps her work in sex and sensuality.


February 3, 2015

 Special guest co-host Brian Finch joined Jon in speaking with Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco who recently launch the memoir Giving It Raw: Nearly 30 Years with AIDS; Dora-award winning playwright, independent filmmaker, journalist David Demchuk and queer comic, storyteller, improviser and producer of “Queer as Fuck” comedy night Catherine McCormick


January 6, 2015

 Jon welcomed three great guests to the show! Sunny Megatron told us all about her acclaimed sex ed show Sex with Sunny Megatron; Brian Finch discussed storytelling as an activist action from his years discussing HIV and Tim Bartsch gave us a peak into his work Southern Time.

DECEMBER 9, 2014

It was an honour to host last night’s Sex City show all about Consent. Many thanks to my special guest co-host Lisa Bucher for putting this show together with me and doing a great job. Many thanks to all of the guests, each of whom we could have easily dedicated an entire hour to. Raymond Motee gave us just a glimpse, but very key information on the status of consent in the legal realm. Matt Scott and shadow-girl introduced us to Ontario Kink and how Jian Ghomeshi’s calculated inclusion of BDSM in his initial, defensive statement affected the kink community and how they and others are working to educate on matters of consent. And Heather Elizabeth and JP Robichaud provided the building blocks for us to bring consent into our lives, in clear, compassionate ways.


NOVEMBER 11, 2014

Last night’s Sex City gave me a bit of a shiver. My guests were just THAT good.

I welcomed a legend, a powerhouse sex ed couple and a tremendous advocate! Candida Royalle porn superstar and director, author and educatortold us about her entirely personal and moving new project While You Were Gone, a documentary about her search for her mother. Then, Sheri Winston and Carl Frankel, sex educators behind the Center for the Intimate Arts have both has just released new books. We discussed Winston’s Succulent SexCraft and Frankel’s Secrets of the Sex Masters. Finally, Andrew Morrison-Gurza‘s writing on being queer, sex and disability has been creating much conversation. We continued the discussions his work has been starting.


OCTOBER 14, 2014

It is that time of year again! Sex Geeks from Toronto and beyond are gathering for the annual Playground Conference November 7–9! I previewed the conference with some of this year’s presenters, including Kate McCombs who will told us about Sex Geekery, Lisa Bucher who related stories of being a blogger for an escort agency and Dr. Ruth Neustifter who will be speaking on stigma involving those with STIs.


September 9, 2014

What great fun we had on Sex City last night! Well, probably mostly for me because I was developing a pretty wicked fever and was kinda loop. However, it was a pleasure to welcome Ducky Doolittle to hear about her journey to sex education and her workshops. It was also fun to turn the tables on Alicia ‘The Sexual Intellectual’ of RAW SEX and ask her the questions about her fantastic sex radio show. And of course, I always have a wild time talking with Rose Caraway. Seriously, pick up her book The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica—SO HOT!


August 26, 2014

I was very lucky to host a very special roundtable discussion on sex entrepreneurs and sex-related business on last night’s Sex City. I welcomed three inspirational women who are succeeding with their different, awesome endeavours. Many thanks to Rosanna from In My Bed magazine, Marika from Kink Engineering and Deanna from Hanky Panky for their insight and encouraging words about the prospects of running a sex-related business.


August 12, 2014

Last night’s Sex City was a ride! A damn fine ride!

It was a pleasure to speak with each of Kelly ShibariEpiphora and Shane Allison. I really enjoy shows that bring together a mix of topics and personalities. We talked Plus Size porn with Kelly, sex toy reviewing with Epiphora and cop erotica with Shane! That might seem really random but ultimately, I took something important away from the show. Sure, we’ve all got our niche and we’ve all got our personal interests when it comes to sex. These differentiate us and make us all uniquely awesome. But at the same time, we find commonality when we hone in on our niche.


July 29, 2014

Last night’s Sex City was definitely a different experience…and it was AWESOME!

We often talk to people about the mechanics of, the feelings or, the politics of, the art of sex. But we don’t always take enough of a listen to our stories of sex. Thank you to Samantha Fraser and Sophie Delancey from Tell Me Something Good Sexy Storytelling Slam and a special thank you to Elle Chronique, Wil McLean and Tynan Rhea for sharing their experiences.


July 15, 2014

I was so happy to explore different versions of sex education on this week’s Sex City—and with some fantastic guests!

One thing I hope this type of show can do is to throw off stigma and stereotype. That foolish line of thought that purports porn performers to be airheads, fools or unintelligent is so off the mark. Not only are my guests Stoyajessica drake and Conner Habib brilliant, compassionate, articulate people, but they are just a few. The porn world has a lot to offer—as long was society at large wants to listen.


July 1, 2014

Last night’s Sex City was a fun one! And important!

All of my guests—Wil McLeanTynan RheaCarlie Ritch—are doing work in the community to better our sexual lives. This is good work, work that I really appreciate. Sex-related work of any sort gets pushed to the edges—despite the role that sex can play in many of our lives.


June 3, 2014

This week’s Sex City was special to me.

I will readily admit when I am shameless in my fandom and I am a big fan of all of my guests. Ms Quote’s A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind blog is a must read for me and I am truly inspired by #AdultSexEdMonth. She’s created something so valuable. Philip’s book, 101 Vagina, is gorgeous and very important. And given how much I like talking about porn, you know I am a voracious reader of Dr. Comella‘s work and I am very glad we met this past spring.


May 6, 2014

Last night’s Sex City was a great experience. Sex education comes in so many different forms and can happen at times you don’t even expect. I am sure the Come As You Are Crew are going to help so many people across Canada this summer as they embark on their road trips of sexy, sexy sex ed. And I highly recommend Mark and Patricia’s Partners in Passion. It will give you so many amazing ideas for yourself and your relationship. It is an essential resource.


April 22, 2014

As you might guess, I rather enjoy talking about porn and erotic film. It is such a rich, complex and controversial subject. As such, last night’s Sex City was a great experience.

First, Christopher Zeischegg, aka Danny Wylde, opened up for all of us, telling us why he had to leave his porn career and why he decided to make a different return to filmed sex with his partner. Very moving.

Then I had a great time talking to Kitty Stryker all about porn parody films. It is a huge and still-growing genre in porn that Kitty notes is accessible because of the humour and familiarity with characters.

Finally, Paul Deeb sheds some light on his process in breaking the fourth wall of film in his Feminist Porn Award-winning short film Trains. His unconventional technique results in a stunning and compelling narrative that is a treat and well deserving of the title “Sexiest Short.”


March 25, 2014

I had a fantastic time on Sex City last night! It is always good to connect with Carlyle Jansen of Good for Her. I’ve known her since she was greatly influential and supportive of my old queer zine TRADE: Queer Things. The Sex and the Erotic Film Festival looks like a great addition to the community here in Toronto. Another great addition is SPIT! Khadeja sat with me while I went through some technical issues and was so fun and full of a great energy. I look forward to following their work. And speaking of great energy, Goddess got me really thinking about Tantra and all of the possibilities that lie within.


March 4, 2014

Jon is joined by Sex City’s favourite legal counsel, Raymond Motee to discuss the ramifications of Canada’s Supreme Court decision striking down 3 provision in sex work law. We also hear from Dee Dennis, organizer of the upcoming sex conference CatalystCon as well as Jennifer Phillips who presents “The Vagina Monologues Meets the F-Word” at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in March (including International Women’s Day).


February 4, 2014

Jon is joined by Audacia Ray, editor of the sex worker literary journal Prose and Lore. We also hear from Tim and Natalie, founders of The Rose Centre, discussing sex and disability. And finally erotica legend Cecilia Tan joins us to discuss her Struck by Lightning series, with the recent release of book #2 Slow Seduction.


January 7, 2014

Porn and adult entertainment, and the people who work in the industry, went through a lot of change in 2013, proving that porn work is work can really be just like any other.

Jon was joined by award-winning director Nica Noelle to discuss her decision to mandate condom use in all of her studios. Kate Sinclaire of Winnipeg-based softcore photo site told us about the difficulties in establishing a porn community in Canada. And returning guest Sophie Delancey will gave us a big update on some major changes at Art of Blowjob.


November 27, 2013

Jon chats with Jaeleen Bennis who discusses Bondassage and her book Bondassage: Kinky Erotic Massage Tips for Lovers. We hear from sociologist Chauntelle Tibbals about her work and book You Study What? One Sociologist’s Journey through Sex, Society, & Adult Entertainment (Volume 1). As well, author Kristina Wright gives us some tips for long-term relationships from her book Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After.


October 30, 2013

I had so much fun with last night’s Sex City show. I could have talked with all of my guests for much more than an hour—each. Take a listen, check it out, and then get on over and pick up your Playground passes.

I welcomed three speakers of the 2013 Playground Conference (sponsored by CIUT 89.5FM)!

Raymond Motee discussed sex and the law, Morgan Thorne told us about the roll of a Dungeon Monitor at play parties and issues in BDSM and feminism and Sabrina Morgan discusses the complexities of the human trafficking debates.


September 17, 2013

Jon chats with Jaime Woo, author of Meet Grindr; Rosanna Ciulla, publisher of In My Bed Magazine and Erica Grigg, founder of Get Lusty!


August 20, 2013

Jon welcomes acclaimed pornographer Courtney Trouble back to the show and she tells us about her latest, Lesbian Curves 2: Hard Femme. Jon was also joined by Toronto’s Poet Laureate, award-winning writer George Elliot Clarke who will tell about his latest collection, Illicit Sonnets. As well, Mirra Kardonne, the creator of an intriguing photo series called Depicted in Human Form: Photographing Objectification in Sex tells us about her work.


July 23, 2013

Jon chat with the Queen of Fleshbot, Lux Alptraum; dildo twanger/blogger of CondomDepot.TV Kelly Steele; andChristian Baines, the author of The Beast Without.


June 18, 2013

This week on Sex City, Jon chats with Cindy Gallop, founder of the revolutionary concept; David Henry Sterry, award-winning writer of Chicken: Self-Portrait of a Young Man for Rent whose latest book isJohns, Marks, Tricks and Chickenhawks: Professionals & Their Clients Writing about Each Other and Rose Caraway, erotica writer and podcaster behind the Kiss Me Quick Eroti-cast.


May 28, 2013

Jon chats open relationships with Samantha Fraser, author of the soon-to-be-released Not Your Mother’s Playground: A realistic guide to honest, happy, and healthy open relationships. We also hear from Dr. Trina Read, sexologist and educator who uses media as her platform for teaching. As well, D.L. King discusses femdom and her new anthology of femdom erotica Under Her Thumb.


April 23, 2013

Jon chats with three fantastic guests!


March 19, 2013

Jon welcomes an all-star sex lineup to the show: Carol Queen, Hugo Schwyzer and Joan Price!

Carol discusses her upcoming lecture at the University of Toronto: “Absexuals and Erotophobes: Why They Hate Us for Our Freedom.”

Hugo tells us about what happened when porn star James Deen came to Pasadena City College.

Joan talks about her anthology of “seasoned sex” Ageless Erotica and seniors and sex.


February 26, 2013

Jon welcomed Tristan Taormino back to the show, to chat about the upcoming Feminist Porn Conference (as part of the Feminist Porn Awards weekend). As well, Dr. Charlie Glickman shared some secrets about prostate fun (you know that is one of my favourite subjects) with his book The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure and The Vulva Girl aka Amrit Phull, organizer of Support Group for Sexual Pain told us about her group and the help that is offered.


January 29, 2013

Jon chats talking blogs and bondage with Erika and Brad from sex blog and 66-year old Domina Ms Classique Silvr tells us about how she got into the business and about her handmade sex and bondage accessories!


December 11, 2012

Jon chats erotica with prolific writer, 76-year old Desiree Holt; sex and relationship expert Dr. Jessica O’Reilly; and Suzanne Paddock, Director, Programs and Services of Toronto People with AIDS Foundation.


November 13, 2012

It was a wild night on Sex City! Vijaya from Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention talked about their organization and the upcoming Sweetest Taboo Fundraiser; Tereasa Jay Cee of Dirty Bingo Toronto brought the fun of her events into the studio (and spanked Jon!); Darryl of Darryl’s Hard Liquor and Porn Film Festival told us all about the event coming this weekend and Martin Lingnau surprised us with the details of how is erotic photography site got its name.


Sex City at Word on the Street 2012

Jon spoke with Karleen Pendelton Jimenez about her memoir How to Get a Girl Pregnant as part of CIUT’s coverage of Word on the Street 2012.

September 11, 2012

Louise talks with Tamara Faith Berger about her recent narrative Maidenhead. It’s a very provocative tale tracing the turns of sixteen-year-old Myra, who meets Elijah, a Tanzanian musician twice her age during a spring break family vacation and enters his worlds of porn, race and class. Louise will also look in to Jon Pressick’s upcoming prostate passion workshop, set for Wednesday, September 19th at Come As You Are.


August 14, 2012

Jon chats with: Katrina McKay of sex toy and burlesque purveyors Ohhh! Canada; the provocative, delightful and always controversial Mistress T; and Annanda deSilva ofCome As You Are comes in to serve up some sexy food from theirLusty Locavore workshop!


July 10, 2012

Jon welcomes a fantastic variety of guests to the show for smart and sexy good times! We’ll chat with Jasmine Aziz, retired vibrator seller and author of Sex & Samosas; Bill Burke, the writer and director of Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot; and Hima B., director of the upcoming documentary License to Pimp about strippers and labour conditions.


June 5, 2012

Jon chats with Glenn Blake from AIDS Committee of Durham Region about their upcoming Pride celebrations culminating in Queerstock. Myna Wallin joined the show to untie the erotica phenomenon 50 Shades of Grey (with a dramatic reading by Jon, Myna and the Narrator!). As well, the crew from Heat of the Moment Express come on to tell us stories about their bustling sex toy hustling (with special guests!) and an exciting new projects. See their gift to Jon below.


May 1, 2012

Jon welcomes Sex City favourites Kids on TV who come to showcase their brand new single “Bobby” (a torch song floor filler about the closeted relationship between 20th century pop artists Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns). Jon will also chat with Lusty Day about her intriguing zine “I saw your ad online.” And a great way to kick off May is to participate in Masturbate-a-thon 2012, and Sarah Forbes-Roberts from Come As You Are will help us kick things off.


March 20, 2012

Jon chats with Shaya Dhinsa, Manager of Sexual Health for Middlesex-London Health Unit about their innovative sexual health video game Adventures in Sex City, Susie Brightdiscusses erotic memoir writing and Red Herring talks sex scandals in advance of her burlesque extraganza SCANDALOUS.


February 7, 2012

Jon chats with Lee-Anne Poole of Halifax’s The Sex Festival, Jacqueline Sinclaire of The X and O Show and Phil Anderson of Gallery 1313’s The Sex Show.


January 3, 2012

Jon is joined by fantastic sex journalists Joanna Chiu, Andrea Houston and Sex City guest host Dorianne Emmerton to discuss 2011’s biggest sex stories as well as a look ahead to 2012 and what happenings might dominate the sex world.


December 6, 2011

For our first late-night show, Jon chats about great ways to have sexy fun the other six nights of the week with erotica author Eden Baylee, Todd and Amber from Girlzpornand massage gal April Fine.


Saturday November 19, 2011

Guest host Dorianne Emmerton and I zip around the sex community, chatting with the sexy scientists behind Kink Engineering, the wonderful and witty folks behind Met Another Frog and Nichola Ward and her play Jackie’s Not a Real Girl: A Play for Voices.


Saturday October 1, 2011

I spoke with Melissa Ramos of Sexy Food Therapy, Scott Rayter of University of Toronto’sBonham Centre for Sexual DiversityStudies about their new Sex in the City course and Samantha Fraser about the upcoming Playground Conference.