Oasis Erotic Library

I am delighted that announce that Toronto now has it’s very own Erotic Library!

This past summer I was contacted by an erotica writer and friend who was looking to re-home her collection of erotica and sex education books. At first I thought, “well, I want all of those!” but the two of us then hatched the idea of an erotica library.

Enter Oasis Aqualounge!

I contacted Oasis to ask if they would be interested in a over 100 books. Turns out, they’d been thinking of introducing an Oasis book club and potentially other erotica-related events.

We’re a match made in smutty heaven!

Over the next little while, Oasis and I will be working to plan some awesome events around the collection. To make it that much more appealing, I added many books from my own shelves ensuring the Toronto Erotica Library offers a wide selection of titles! Lots of erotica novels and anthologies! Some romance! Some classic fetish and contemporary pulp novels! Lesbian, gay and bi works! Stories for couples, groups and more.

Want to sneak a peek?

I am very fortunate to be the librarian of the collection. I will try to continually add new books on a wide variety of sexy themes and get them down to the club. If you are interested in donating any books to the collection, please drop me a line. (*wink, nudge, cough publishers*)

Soon we will announce some events and I will tell you more about our generous donor.

Stay tuned!