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When It Comes to Attraction, Do You Have a Type?

The Call of Color: Hair and Attraction

4 Reasons Why You Have Better Sex Than Your Grandparents

Why I Don’t Want Teachers Teaching Sex Ed

The Porn Men Watch Is Different from What They Say They Watch

Shot In the Dark: Is It Time to Move on From the ‘Money Shot’?

Dressed to Thrill: Bringing Cosplay Into the Bedroom

Click Here to Learn About Sex: Is the Future of Sex Ed Online? #AdultSexEdMonth

Pants Half Full? What People Think of Their Penis

Why Is It Mostly Women Who Write About Sex?

Do People Read About Sex?

New York Magazine

The Married Suburban Dad Trying to Make a Sex Tape With His Wife

‘Tis the Season to be Sexy! Holiday Gift Guide

260 Ways to Improve a Relationship  

A Blogger By Any Other Name_ Rosa Nomore

A Lifetime of Sex_ Bryen Dunn

A Queen among Queens_ Rouge Fatale

A Sexy Space For All_ Calgary Adult Playground Club

A Tasty Slice of Cheesecake_ Champagne Sparkles

All About Dating and Mating on Met Another Frog

And the nominees are… Canadian Sex-Industry Awards!

Andrea Zanin_ Sex never rests 

Are You Left or Right?

Art, Sex, Passion_ Caro Chabot

Bad Sex Sucks…But It Can Get Better!

BDSM Community Builder_ Dark Angel

Become a better lover with Sook-Yin Lee

Behind the Scenes with Cam Performer Durtee_Gurrl

Bite-sized Toronto July!

Bite-sized Toronto

Bits and Bites for Oh-Oh-Oh October

Bits and Bites of the Toronto Scene in Ahhhhhhgust

Blowing Everyone Away_ Camille Crimson

Boylesque and Beauties_ Stoo Metz

Breaking Down Sex Work Stereotypes_ April Fine

Bright Lights, Big Victory_ Saving the Cleo

Bring Home a New Lover

Bringing Communities Together at Sexuality Unconference

Bringing sex to unexpected places is the best use of it_ Eddie Stone

Bringing sexuality to women_ Kim Sedgwick

Canada’s Burlesque Royalty_ Roxi Dlite!

Capturing Lightning with High Voltage Burlesque

Carpe Diem Approach to Sex Education_ Lady Viktoria

Claudia Dey_ Helping Bush Pilots Earn Their Wings

Close Your Eyes and Let Your Thoughts Wander

Comedic Lustre and Sexy Finish_ Sparkle Plenty

Could Gonorrhea reach Superbug status?

Creating Dreaming Landscapes_ Chris Ablett

Dark and Deep_ Madelina Horn

Deviant Divas Dish on Sexy Stories

Diverse and Delicious_ Glamour Puss Burlesque

Diving Right In_ Simone K.

Don’t Hang Up Those Tassels Pandora LaGlamme!

Down in the Happy Valley of Pleasure

Education and Entertainment at Trans Cabaret

Endlessly Fascinated By Sex_ Olga Wolstenholme

Enjoy the Great Outdoors—End Up Behind Bars

Euphoric Femme_ women’s sexual imagery

Every Publisher Needs a Mistress in Charge_ Naughty Nights Press

Everyone Comes First at Sloppy Seconds

Evolving Cam Girl_ Melody Heart

Experience Pays Off_ MILF Escort and Porn Star Carrie Moon

Explore the Very Wide World of Fetish with Mistress T

Exploring the State of Unions_ Thoroughly Modern Marriage

Exposed Exposures_ My (limited) Experience Posing

Fantasies of the Writer_ Jennifer Labelle

Fetish on Film_ Vid Vicious

Fetish Photos for All_ Wil Boucher

Finally! Reactions to the changes to Ontario’s prostitution laws

Find Her On The Dial_ Dr. Laurie Betito

Finding the Answers in Her Lil’ Black Book

Friends and Fetish at Toronto TNG Munch

Friends, Edmontonians, Let Me Tan Your Rears_ Lupercalia Comes to Town

From Blank Wall to Full Minds, Hearts and More_ ToroGru3

From Raunch and Rock to Class and Sophistication_ The Firecrackers

Further Confessions_ Myna Wallin

Future Auto-Fellating King of Burlesque_ Peter Paranoia

Genesis of Play_ Loverboy

Gentlemen and Ladies Prefer Ava Noir

Get Out of Your Parents’ Basement for some Nerdlesque_ Browncoats Burlesque

Get Some Wood at Pink Velvet Burlesque’s 5-Year Anniversary Party!

Get Your Hands on Some Sexy Feet!

Getting BENT_ Toronto Sex Party Returns

Getting Creative With Intimacy_ Dr. Teesha Morgan

Giving Performance and Education A Boost_ Keith Cole

Glee and Skins make me yearn for Degrassi

Going For It and Revving it Up!_ Desirée Odessa

Gore, Glam, Gorgeous_ Demonica de Morte

Guiding the Way_ The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada

Happiness in Comfort_ Nikki Thomas

Happy Valley_ Okanagan Pride

Harder, Faster, Funnier_ The 69 Hour Film Challenge

Healing, Harmony and Hilarity in Sex Work_ Susan Davis

Hell yeah, Bi Men Exist!

Here Kitty Kitty_ Burgundy Brixx

His Fingerprints are Everywhere_ Daniel Allen Cox

Home-grown Talent_ REAL Productions

Hot for Sex_ A Tell-all Exhibition

I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to explore my kink and get off!_ Maxine X

Icon of Desire_ Keela Watts

Infidelity Doc Explores Why People Explore More

Inspiration Out of Challenges_ Mercedes Allen

Keep Up the Attitude_ Sexlife Canada Turns 1

Kickstarting Intimacy in Your Relationship

KINKston CARNALval_ Sexy fun for good causes

Laura Zilney_ Dr. Sex to the rescue

Legalities and Lust_ Looking Back on 2010

Let This Sexy Red Herring Distract You!

Looking for AFFIRMATION at Rhubarb Festival

Loosen Your Lusty Letters_ Erotic Writing with Myna Wallin

Lots of Risk, Great Reward_ Tristan Risk

Makin’ Us All Purr_ Swtlilkitty69

Making Erotica Fit_ Eden Baylee

Making Sweet Music_ Amber Goodwyn

Making the Rules_ Bella Bellini

Many Different Delicious Flavours_ Celebrating People of Colour in Porn

Meeting of the Sexy Minds at BENT

Men doing burlesque is still pretty new to most people_ Boylesque

Men on Film_ Drasko Bogdanovic

Misplaced Elbows and Feelings_ Tales of Awkard Sex

Montreal Magic at Fetish Weekend

Moving From His Crotch to His Heart_ Maximilian Lagos

Much to Explore at Sexploratorium!

Naked Toni Reels ‘Em In

Never Too Old to be Hot and Bothered

New Wave Lookers_ The Emergence of Female-Friendly Porn

No Beer Goggles Needed_ Miss Apodysis

No Such Thing As TMI on Filthyemails.org

Not a Mirage_ Toni Johnson

Observing What’s Funny About Sex_ John Woods of The Wet Spots

On the line with Phone Whore

Ooooooooh, Canada!

Open and Connected_ Samantha Fraser

Opening Up_ Expressing Your Sexual Desires

Overcoming to Keep on Cumming

Peeking into an Artist’s World_ Circé

Perfect Sexual Alloy_ Velvet Steele

Performance As Time Machine_ Emily Lola Lockheart

Performing Nature_ Ms. Natx

Pillow Talk_ All Genders Wellness Centre

Pillow Talk_ Aspiring Pornographer Alexis Zmoke

Pillow Talk_ Baring All about Burlesque

Pillow Talk_ Bruce LaBruce

Pillow Talk_ David Gaudreault of IdealCondoms.ca

Pillow Talk_ Domina Doll’s Green Sex Toy Month

Pillow Talk_ Enza Simone Silano of Northbound Leather

Pillow Talk_ Erotica Writer Heather McAlendin

Pillow Talk_ Freaky Fountain Press

Pillow Talk_ Heterosexuals For Same-Sex Equality

Pillow Talk_ Hypnotist Dave Curran

Pillow Talk_ Kara Sutra

Pillow Talk_ Kink in Motion

Pillow Talk_ Lilyanne from Pornographic Love

Pillow Talk_ Mandy Goodhandy and Todd Klinck

Pillow Talk_ NOIR Fetish Ball

Pillow Talk_ PACE Society

Pillow Talk_ Patchen Barrs and The Erotic Engine

Pillow Talk_ Photographer Danny Girl Portieous

Pillow Talk_ Proper Harlot Molly Robinson

Pillow Talk_ Rabbit’s Reviews

Pillow Talk_ Ryan Russell

Pillow Talk_ Seeking Simone

Pillow Talk_ Sex Researcher Amy Muise

Pillow Talk_ Sir Kira

Pillow Talk_ Talking Tantra with Devi Ward and Jacques Drouin

Pillow Talk_ Tasha Riley of AIDS Vancouver

Pillow Talk_ Winnipeg’s Kinky Konnections

Pillow Talk_ Yoga for Sexual Health

Playing sexy notes_ Layla Labelle

Positive, Playful and All-Inclusive_ Sexual Overtones

Pray for Intervention_ VisionTV’s Sex Scandals in Religion

Preaching the Good Word of Tassles_ Fogtown Follies Burlesque

Prepared for Post Secondary Shenanigans

Proving Canadian Women Rock_ Andee

Proving why Sex Matters_ Cynthia Loyst

Provocative, Sexy, Emotional_ The Art of Dawn Kress

Queer Women Have a Voice in Queeries

Rabble-rousing for All to Read_ Andrea Houston

Raw, Positive, Love_ Mina Gorey

Reach Out and Touch Someone…If You Can!

Reaching For The Stars…On Her Back_ Canadian gang bang record attempt

Remembering and Celebrating Wendy Babcock

Resist, Refuse, Rebel_ SACHA Works to End Sexual Violence

Retro-erotico-chic_ Blue Light Burlesque

Review_ Wickedly Sensual 2 in 1 Flavoured Heating Massage Lubricant

Roaring for Razzle Tassel!

Rogue Words_ Devyn Christopher

Rookies of the Year_ Bourbon&Spice Burlesque

Rope Bondage as Art_ Morpheous Ties Up Nuit Blanche

Sensational Burlesque Superstar_ Scarlett James

Set Phasers to Stunning for Nerd Girl Pinups

Sex is Her Niche_ Danielle Stein

Sex Magic_ world premiere at Hot Docs

Sex on the Airwaves_ Jeanette Cabral

Sex Work and the Media_ A New Perspective

Sex, Relationships and Radio_ Matt Scott

Sexy Typewriter Seeks Someone to Finger Keys

She gets your motor runnin’_ Sasha Van Bon Bon

Shifting Sex Research_ Lauren Albrecht

Short Skirt Butch_ Poly, Break-ups and Indentity Explored

Songs in the Key of Sex_ Lefty McRighty

Sophisticated and Sexy_ Les Coquettes

Spinning Yarn into Spinning Tassels!

Spreading the Pink_ Anna Von Frances

Start the New Year with a Bang!

Stealing Time with Villainy Loveless

Stunt Cock_ My Dip into Amateur Porn

Taking Personal Breaks During The Day_ Josey Vogels

Taking the Outlaw out of Sex_ Paddy Jane

Tanya Cheex_ Toronto’s Queen of Burlesque

The Beautiful Triumvirate Celebrated at Love Sex and Romance Show

The Book That Makes You Come_Joey Comeau

The Conundrum of Sexapalooza

The couple that works hard together, plays hard together_ Casey and Jennifer

The Design of Sex_ Joey Wargachuk

The Joy of Obsession_ Mistress Emma

The Loving Dominant_ Lady Seraphina

The Pleasure of Escape_ Max Cita

The Sex Show Approaches From All Angles

The Sex-Positive Community Thanks You, Jack Layton

The Sound of Getting Started_ Jess MG

The Swelling Tide of Sex-Positive Culture

This Girl is Wild_ Shannon T. Boodram

Tied to Beautiful Images_ David Lawrence’s Rope Bondage Photography

To Not Enjoy Them Would be Immoral_ Sin Sisters

To Tweet or Not to Tweet_ Monica Hamburg

Trade Secrets Reveals Much About Sex Work

Trick and Treat_ Sexy Halloween Costumes for 2010

Turned on by The Sex Appeals

Turned On to Community Sexuality Needs

Unleash your Sexy, Strutting, Stripping Self

Venus Envy Ottawa_ Cranking Sex Education Up To 11 For 10 Great Years

Venus Portraits_ Celebrating and Empowering

Vigil for Remembrance, Vigil for Action_ Honouring Lost Queer Youth

Vote for More Burlesque!_ Capital Tease

Vote For Sexy Student Council President_ Veronika Swartz

Wascally Sexy Wabbits_ Brash Bunnies Burlesque

Wendy Babcock_ 24_7 Inspiration

When It’s Good, It’s Great! Bren Ryder and Good Dyke Porn

When the camera is on me, I just switch on_ Siren Thorn

Words to Consider_ Lady Joan

Writer, Porn Star, Honey Badger_ Jeremy Feist

Writing What She Lives_ Eroticist Giselle Renarde

Yes Mistress, No Sir_ Do’s and Don’ts of Fetish Parties

Your Local Neighbourhood BDSM Club_ Prairie BDSM

Your Local Neighbourhood Boudoir Studio_ Rebecca McKay Photography

Your Local Neighbourhood Community Centre_ ALCC

Your Local Neighbourhood Corsetiere_ Lace Embrace

Your Local Neighbourhood Fetish Dance Party_ Cirque de Boudoir

Your Local Neighbourhood Gay Bar_ 302 Lounge

Your Local Neighbourhood Housecleaner_ Sexy Maid Montreal

Your Local Neighbourhood Latex Fashion Designers_ House of Etiquette

Your Local Neighbourhood Lifestyle Club_ Allure

Your Local Neighbourhood Nutritionist and Chinese Medical Practitioner_ Melissa Ramos of Sexy Food Therapy

Your Local Neighbourhood Online Sex Shop_ Forever Pleasure

Your Local Neighbourhood Online Sex Shop_ The Love Muffin

Your Local Neighbourhood Photography Studio_ This is Photography

Your Local Neighbourhood Pin-up Photographer_ Pin-up Perfection

Your Local Neighbourhood Queer Community Centre_ The Well

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop Co-Operative_ Come As You Are

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop_ Discreet Boutique

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop_ Good For Her

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop_ Positive Passions

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop_ The Kiss Store

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop_ The Traveling Tickle Trunk

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop_ Trinity Romance

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop_Lucky You!

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Toy Company_ Avelli

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Toy Inventors_ We-Vibe

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Toy Party_ Sex Ed With A Twist

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Worker Web Designer_ Hush Web Design

Your Local Neighbourhood Sexual Alchemists_ Sex Butter

Your Local Neighbourhood Sexy Scientists_ Lust Cosmetics

Your Local Neighbourhood Social Club_ Club KinQc

Your Local Neighbourhood Swing Club_ Club E.S.P.

Your Local Neighbourhood Underwear Designers_ Gregg Homme

Your Local Neighbourhood Upscale Lifestyle Club_ The X Club

Gettin’ Around: A Monthly Review of Sex News and Events, October 2011

Gettin’ Around: A Monthly Review of Sex News and Events, September 2011

Young People F*ck!?!?

Gettin’ Around: A Monthly Review of Sex News and Events, August 2011

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James St James’ latest novel reaches out to empower queer kids

How do you tell you’re getting older?

Live or Memorex? (Review of The Skinjobs)

Money’s true colours

Unstoppable and Always Learning: Robyn Ochs

Pass the Popcorn and the Pleasure: Bisexual Pornographic Films

Bisexual Families

Hell Yes, You Do Exist! Biphobia in the World

Bisexual.com’s Interview with Angie Bowie

Brokeback Mountain: The Sorta Gay Cowboy Movie

We Know You’re Out there Somewhere!: A Handy Guide to Dating in the Bi World

A Tribute To Our Friend, Dr. Fritz Klein

Like Herding Cats? – Bisexual Activism in Canada

Review: Travels With Casanova 

Feel Good? Feel Great!

Eternal Spring and Smiles