UK and Euro Wand Massagers Send Vibrations Across Europe!

It seems hard to imagine that something so popular and universally loved was not available to everyone. Well, not just hard to imagine but a damn shame. Think of all the people looking for fun!

Fortunately, the ever popular Hitachi Magic Wand is now expanding across Europe with new focus on Germany, Spain, France and the UK!

Previously, the Hitachi has only been available in North America because it was designed with 120v voltage. Now it is available with 100v-240v voltage and a European plug. Personally speaking, I have no idea why there are different electricity systems across the world and won’t begin to argue their merits. However, I do know that if you’re travelling around, having a great time and decide to relax in your hotel with a little personal (or joined) vibration action, it would be wholly disappointing to, literally, not be able to get turned on.

But the new Euro Wand is really about bringing a premier sexual experience to a new and hot market. The Euro Wand features all of the same qualities of the original, including:

  • vibrations: 5000 to 8000 RPM
  • 100% Electric operation | No batteries needed
  • Removable & washable silicone head
  • Discreet appearance (doesn’t look like sex toy or dildo)

Wand massagers are a fantastic choice for those who prefer external stimulation, particularly clitoral sensations. According to the site, 97% of women prefer this type of sexytime fun. Euro Wands can be enjoyed individually for intense and enjoyable masturbation fun, or with a partner to increase the pleasures of penetration. They are also wonderfully diverse toys, great for use in many different positions and carnal configurations. The different speed settings allow you to start of slow and easy and then rev things up when it gets hot and heavy. If you are interested in some internal vibration, there are various attachments available that slip on to the head of the Euro Wand that can reach in and stimulate the G-Spot for an entirely different and awesome experience.

Australian women prefer external stimulation achieved with the magic wand massager by Hitachi


Of course, don’t forget that they are also amazing full-body massagers! There is nothing better at the end of a hard day than coming home and letting a wand massager ease all of your sore and aching muscles. Because of its length, you can easily reach around to soothe sore back muscles. And if you have someone at home who can do it for you, even better!

With an expansion across a very diverse area, the company understood it best to appeal to some specific markets directly with the dedicated sites in French, Germany, Spanish and German. When people go shopping for their pleasure products, they want to feel comfortable and communicate easily. With language-specific sites, the ordering process is that much easier. A friendly live chat will also help you along with the process. Processing and shipping are a piece of cake on all of the new sites with different payment options and assured delivery discretion.

Get ready Europe, it is time to say Bonjour, Guten Tag, Hello and Hola to the Euro Wand!

This post has been sponsored by Euro Wand.



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