Call for Submissions—Sinful Press

Call for Submissions—Sinful Press

Our first submission period will run from 1st January to 31st January inclusive. Submissions outside of these dates will not be considered.

Why submit to Sinful Press:
Although Sinful Press is new, its parent company, Horrific Tales Publishing, is an established press with an excellent reputation. We are following in their footsteps by offering an advance of $500 USD; 40% net royalties across digital, print and audio; professional editing and proofreading; and cover art. Considerable time and effort will be put into marketing your novel (although we do expect our authors to help with this and to help promote other authors published by us).
In return we ask for publishing rights for digital, print and audio (because we do not have the capability to translate work, these rights will be for English language only). Digital and print copies are guaranteed with the option to end the contract after five years, audio will depend on the success of the book. If we do not feel that an audio copy is possible, those rights will be referred back to you within one year. Copyright stays with the author.

What we are looking for:
Sinful Press is looking to publish erotic novels of 60-100k. We are not interested in novellas at this time.
We are interested in well-written mainstream, dark or paranormal erotica with strong characters and a good plotline. Sex scenes must be believable and in keeping with the chosen sub-genre.
While we don’t expect you to have professionally edited your novel, we do expect to see minimal spelling/grammatical mistakes. In other words, we want to see a final draft not a first draft.

What we are NOT looking for:
Because we are a new press we have to limit the sub-genres we publish for a while. We are not, at present, looking for LGBT erotica, but please keep checking back with us as this will change as we become more established.
Underage sex.
Violence for the sake of violence.
Rape, unless it’s an important part of the storyline, and then only in dark or paranormal stories.
Child abuse.
Dinosaur sex (why do these books even exist!).
Novels filled with exposition. While a little back story from time to time is ok, the majority of back story should be presented through action, if needed at all.

How to submit:
We are not interested in work-in-progress. All submissions must be for finished novels. If you are an established author and wish to talk to us about a possible future publication, please send a query email via the ‘Contact us’ page and we will get back to you.
Please send the first three chapters of your novel in MS Word format (double spacing, 12/14pt, Times New Roman or Arial), along with a complete synopsis of the novel to In your covering email, tell us why this book deserves our attention; what will make it stand out from the crowd. Also include a short bio and any publishing credits.
Do NOT send us the full manuscript. If we love the synopsis and the first three chapters, and think we can work with you, we will ask to see the rest.
We aim to get back to you within three months of the submission period so please wait until this time has passed before contacting us.


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