My Next Sex City—Jan 6! w/ Sunny Megatron! Brian Finch! Tim Bartsch!

I’m excited to be back behind the microphone for the first Sex City of 2015! We’re ready to bring you another great year of sex, sexuality and gender news and narrative, politics and arts and everything else that involves SEX!

For the TUESDAY JANUARY 6 show, I am excited to welcome some great guests who are all creating sex-related media and art.

  • Sex with Sunny Megatron has just completed its first season in the US and is headed to the Canadian airwaves in January! Sunny will join us to tell about the first year of the show and what we can look forward to!
  • Brian Finch is the founder and publisher of Positive—Canada’s Online HIV Magazine. In a world that is still trying to process what it is to be HIV-positive, Brian will discuss the site the work that he does.
  • Tim Bartsch is the creator of Southern Time, a trilogy screenplay about a T, an extraterrestrial who comes from a planet of sexual understanding and acceptance—however, these beings did have to go through much transition to achieve such a state.

Tune in, 11pm – midnight on TUESDAY JANUARY 6 to CIUT 89.5FM in the Toronto area or stream live online!


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