Would You Support Sex in Words on Patreon?

Hi Everyone,

I like to think of myself as a hardworking sex writer/broadcaster/gadabout, but it isn’t always easy to find work that pays or even pays at all. I am dedicated to sharing sex news, opinions and erotica—as well as helping others get their messages, products and events out there and known.

I’ve seen some people have success with Patreon, and I wonder if this model could work for myself and this blog, to fill the gaps when paying work is hard to come by. I could offer a number of little things to entice you to support me monthly including custom erotica and stories, sexy pins, conversations about sex subjects (or any other you think you’d want to hear from me on), chainmaille jewellry (sorry, no link yet!) and, well, anything else we can come up with.

Would you be interested in supporting my work? I like gifts and all, but my goal is to work and earn doing what I love—discussing sex and sexuality. My goal with this campaign is pretty simple: help my kids learn, grow and enjoy life.

I’d love some feedback on this before launching anything.




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