Call for Submissions: Wrapped Up In Her

Call for Submissions

Wrapped Up In Her (Tentacles, Lesbian) for Storm Moon Press

Theme: Lesbian, Tentacles, Mythical Creatures

Wordcount: 8000-15000 words

Publisher: Storm Moon Press

Editor: Unknown

Deadline: 30th September 2014

Payment: $0.0075/word, two print copies and access to digital formats

Rights: Initial contract length will be for exclusive print and electronic rights for three years.

Not accepted: Unhappy endings, Pedophilia (sex involving one or more persons under the age of 18), Necrophilia (sex with dead bodies—vampires, zombies, and the like don’t count), Bestiality (sex with non-sentient animals or shifters in full animal form), Scat or golden showers (sex involving urine or feces play), Gratuitous violence (including splatterpunk, slasher, and torture-porn), Rape intended to arouse (though we will consider forced seduction or dubious consent if it is respectfully handled) or Snuff (sex during which one or more persons are killed). Works must be previously unpublished.

Submission process: Process and more details here.


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