Muse Mondays: A Little Bubbly

As I work at getting back into the routine of weekly erotica writing (with the goal of writing smut even more frequently!) I decided ease my way back into it by following up with one of my favourite sexy people Elle Chase of Lady Cheeky fame! And I had to go no further than the first post I saw on her feed this morning. This hot scene is exactly I need (figuratively and literally!).

A Little Bubbly

“But I really have to!” she pleads through the door.

“Can’t even get a few moments…” I grumble under my breath.

She bursts in the bathroom, drops her shorts and gives a major sigh of relief when she releases. A contented smile crawls across her face.

“You know,” I snark, “we wouldn’t have this problem if we move to a bigger apartment.”

Ever the responsible one, she begins to lecture me on our financial situation, the rental market and saving up for a condo…

Blah, blah, blah.

I’ve heard it all before—and this speech makes her intruding in on my (supposedly) calm, quiet bubble bath that much more of a disturbance. So I slip my head under the water.

I love her, but I think I’m going to try and hold my breath for as long as possible under here. It is quiet, calm, and only my thoughts…

But again, my peace is disturbed! She in the bath with me!

Now, like most other people who have lived in an apartment, we’ve tried to squeeze both of us into the tub for sexy times…but it just isn’t big enough. The whole situation usually just ends up clumsy and awkward.

Slowly I peek my eyes out of the soapy water. Catching site of her’s—as well as her completely naked, sexy body—make me think we’re going to give this tub one more try.

“You don’t really want to relax,” she coos, “do you?” Reaching down she finds my quickly hardening cock. “No, I didn’t think so.”

Slowly she slides her hand up and down my penis. She keeps her hand just loose enough so as to glide along my skin—from my balls to the top. I recline my head and dip my ears under the surface. I can still hear my moans, as well as the sloshing of water as she picks up the pace of her strokes. My cock is now fully hard and loving her attention.

She is perked rather precariously, half in the water, half on the edge of the tub. I slide up to allow her enough room to get both knees in the water. Instead of straddling me, the kneels between my legs continuing her fantastic handjob. To make it even better she leans forward and forces one of her cute little nipples in my mouth. I suck and nibble and pull it—just the way she likes it,

With her tit in my mouth, her hand working magic on my dick and warm water swirling around me, my body falls into an erotic trance-state. As I suck her I hear her whispering “yes, yes, harder, yes.” As I do as she says, I feel her pressure on my body, my cock increase. I can’t help thrusting my hips to meet her hand. Thrusting harder and faster. I hear her again:

“Do it. Do it now.”

My body responds to her demand as cum flows out of my cock and into the water. I moan my orgasm directly into her breast, the vibrations causing her to gasp as well. I came so damn hard.

As my spasms subside and my cock begins to soften, she pulls herself away. With a kiss on the forehead the steps out of the bath. I must have looked a silly fool with a huge smile across my face.

“Don’t just lay there, mister,” she laughs. “You need to get out and get dried off.”

I must have pouted slightly. The idea of moving right now was not appealing. I just wanted to soak and revel in my post-orgasm bliss.

“You need to get dried off…” she hold her other breast, seductively tweaking her nipple “because I’m all wet.”

Fuck relaxing.




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