Sex News! I love it! April 10, 2016

Sex Stories We Love: Sex on the Skin, Pinned By Inequality, & Mainstream V. Porn Parody

Out in the wild

Growing Up in Pornland: Girls Have Had It with Porn Conditioned Boys

I’m Not Male. I’m Not Female. Please Don’t Ask Me About My Junk.

The Illegal Birth Control Handbook That Spread Across College Campuses in 1968

How Much Gender Inequality Is There In Online Porn?

Amber Rayne Passes Away

Prostate Massage 101: A Guide For Beginners

Virginia’s Governor is trying to decide whether Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison is a pornographer

The Hidden Economics of Porn

Attending Your First Sex Party

Murder Suspect In Trangender Case Claims His ‘Manhood’ Was Threatend

lilly wachowski encourages viewers to reconsider ‘the matrix’ through the lens of transness

7 Crazy, Bizarre Things You NEVER Knew About The Male Orgasm

Video Of The Day: Can You Have Sex In Space?


Brandon University sexual assault victims forced to sign contract that keeps them silent

Brandon University halts contracts requiring sex assault victims to keep silent

What surgeons aren’t saying about sex after hip replacement

How long DOES sex normally last? Study finds it can range from 33 seconds to 44 minutes – but the average is 5 minutes

The Sexual Accommodization Of A Self-Proclaimed Slut

Welcome To The World Of Rawerotica, Where Eroticism Climaxes With Creation (NSFW)

Should Facebook Recognize Polyamorous Relationships?

Review: ‘Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures’ on HBO Gives Context to Controversy


‘Revenge porn’ website operator sentenced to 18 years

The Quiz That Will Reveal Your True Sexual Orientation (Yes, Really)

Photos from the Golden Age of French Porn

Inside the Orgasmic Life of a Sex Toy Reviewer

Reversible, Condomless Male Birth Control Will Be Here in 2018

Secret life: student sex work

Tips for edging from a gay masturbation fan

Going Down: Gender Inequality Exists When It Comes To Attitudes About Oral Sex

Porn is not the enemy of good sex: Don’t blame a male “virility” crisis on browser histories

7 Science Fiction Films About the Future of Sex

I was About to Become a Porn Star When I Posed for Mapplethorpe

An Interview with Erotic Film Director Erika Lust

Separating Work from Pleasure

5 Reasons Why We Need Disabled, Queer Male Porn Performers

Toronto radio station has perfect response to Mississippi bill

What 12 years at the Museum of Sex teaches you

Beginner’s Guide To Anal Sex Toys & Butt Plugs

Animal Courtship, Performed by Humans –

What I Learned From My Rubber Duckie Vibrator

Move Over, Butt Stuff: Hand Jobs Are Back

The Dirty Politics Of Period Sex

Inside The World Of Witches Who Practice BDSM

Is Rule 34 actually true?: An investigation into the Internet’s most risqué law

What is a Female Led Relationship really like?

My wife came out as transgender — here’s what’s changed for us since then

What Teens Really Want To Know About Sex

Infographic: What It’s Like To Be A Porn Star

Math Teacher Marries 18-Year-Old Former Student, Allegedly To Avoid Her Testifying in Sex Case Against Him


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