Sex News! I love it! March 20, 2016

The Science Behind Men’s Attraction To Women’s Rear Ends

According to Court, BDSM Needs “History” to Be a Protected Right. Is 490 B.C. Old Enough?

This Kinky Version Of AirBnB Lets You Rent Sex Dungeons And More

Love Seat: 4 Positions for Amazing Sex on the Sofa

6 Realities Of Life When Your Fetish Is EXTREMELY Weird

Teens These Days Are Queer AF, New Study Says

Xena Reboot Series to Turn Implied Homoerotic Undertones into Glorious Homoerotic Overtones

Is the Family of the Future Polyamorous?

The sex toy industry is awful, especially if you’re sex-positive

How To Face-Sit Like A Lady

Sex Workers Share Stories Of Clients Using The “L” Word

How To Stop Imitating Porn & Performing During Sex< A Quick Guide to eXXXtreme Dirty Talk, by Cameryn Moore

The Male Birth Control Pill Is About to Come (So Your Boyfriend Can, Too)

Women’s education and love affairs in 19th-century America

The maddening plight of being a sexually voracious woman

It’s not all dildos and giggles: Security experts warn that not even sex toys are safe from hackers

These Couples Challenged Themselves To Have Sex Every Day For A Month And It Wasn’t As Fun As You’d Think

The way to fix the world’s porn “problem”? Make more of it

When you want to be into BDSM but it’s too soon because you’re black

This new research rewrites the history of HIV in America

Gwyneth Paltrow recommends a teaspoon of ‘Sex Dust’ in your morning smoothie

The Surprising Way His Body Hang-ups Are Affecting Your Sex Life

How to Have Casual Sex with Friends (And Not Regret It)

Your Guide To Non-Oppressive BDSM

Amber Rose Made a Brilliant Point About Our Hypocritical View of Sex Workers

A Proposed Condom Law Could Help Stalkers Harass Porn Stars, Get Paid for It

‘Spy-brator’ sex toy monitors women’s most intimate moments and RECORDS their orgasms

I Finally Told My Husband I Want Him to Dominate Me in Bed

8 Of The Most Expensive Sex Toys Money Can Buy (But Shouldn’t)

Teacher Who Told Student Her “Purpose Was To Have Sex And Babies” Resigned

Teen Forced to Wear Backpack Full of Rocks to Cure Her Lesbianism

There’s a Conversation About Polyamory We’re Not Having


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