Earth Day Feature Products: Blossom Organics

Earth Day is a fantastic time to get in touch with your body—while you’re touching your body!

The fine folks at Ohhh Canada turned me on to a couple great products from Blossom Organics (and provided me samples) and I am hooked on their great feel and awesome ingredients.

The Natural Moisturizing Lubricant is a great addition to your toy box. Developed by a woman, it is just as it says: natural. No chemical scents or feel. Free of glycerin, alcohol and parabens, it is the lube that will aid any situation. It is a bit on the thick side, which makes it nice for anal play and is pH balanced for a woman.

The Warm Sensation Massage Oil is a new favourite in our house. Again, it too is free of the nasties and is made from pure organic ingredients. Using and receiving massages with this oil is a dream. It feel great on the skin as your partner moves their hands across you. And if you’re doing the massaging, you can glide and slide with great ease and comfort.

Check out Blossom Organics for more great products that will make your body and soul super sexy!


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