Call for Submissions: Omnific Publishing

Submission Guidelines

Omnific Publishing

Omnific Publishing accepts submissions in of all subgenres of romance, including Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical, Young Adult, New Adult, and Erotic Romance.

Please submit only one manuscript per author at a time. If the manuscript is being offered elsewhere simultaneously, please keep us informed of its status.

The preferred word count is 60,000 or longer, but we occasionally publish anthologies of short stories with word counts of no more than 10,000. We will consider manuscripts up to 180,000 words, but only on the understanding that the book will have to be edited down to 175,000 or less before publication.

Any book that glorifies depraved or illegal acts will not be considered. No pedophilia, bestiality, racial intolerance, rape as titillation, necrophilia, etc.

Omnific Publishing Submissions Procedures

All submissions must be sent by email. We will not respond to any submissions sent via hard copy, nor will we return submissions sent this way. Please send all queries via email to the email address listed below.

Please send a short query letter in the body of an email. This letter should include some information about you, a short summary, and the genre and word count of your manuscript.

In a separate document attached to the same email, attach a full synopsis sufficient for the length of the story, named with the title of your book. There is no maximum length for the synopsis but it must be at least 2 pages. To give your book the best chance of being accepted, please ensure that the synopsis details the whole plot and the end of the book, even if it is a surprise ending.

If our Acquisition Director accepts your synopsis, she will contact you to request the first three chapters of your manuscript. If that is accepted, a full manuscript will be requested, at which point an Acquisitions Editor will review it and decide on Omnific’s interest in publishing your work.

We pay 35% of net on ebooks and print, we do simultaneous print and ebook release, and we take all subrights as we actively sell them via representation at CAA (Creative Artists Agency) for dramatic rights and our relationships with foreign publishers and agencies for translation rights. We are distributed by Simon & Schuster, and we also have a co-publishing agreement with Simon & Schuster, whereby they co-publish a select number of titles with us each year.

Please format your submission as follows:

*When sending your synopsis please title the document: Title_Author initials_synopsis. For instance, if your name is Joan Roberts and you’re writing a book called The Glorious Night, you’d name your manuscript TheGloriousNight_JR_synopsis. If chapters are requested, title the document: Title_Author initials_chapters. If a full manuscript is requested, title the document: Title_Author initials_manuscript. This helps our editors keep submissions organized. PLEASE MAKE SURE PAGES ARE NUMBERED.

*RTF (Rich Text File) or .doc/.docx (Word Document) file
*Author name and book title should appear on the first page of your manuscript and synopsis
*1 inch margins
*1.5 line spacing
*Times New Roman, 12pt.
*Page break before each new chapter
The cover page of your synopsis must have the following information:
*Real Name/Pen Name
*Contact Phone
*Email address
*Working Title (include series name if applicable)
*Word Count
*Summary (less than 200 words)

When you have your manuscript ready to go, please send a short query letter and your submission to Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for a personal reply.


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