Call for Submissions: BannedFiction Press

Call For Submissions

BannedFiction Press is a new publisher, now accepting submissions for all of our categories. We specialize in erotica fiction, that excites.  At this time, we welcome submissions from all authors, both established published authors, as well as new authors. Please read through our blog to learn more about us.  And we look forward to hearing from you soon and receiving your manuscripts!

We are paying 35% net royalties. We purchase worldwide English language rights for all print and digital forms, translation rights, audio rights, and some other select subsidiary rights that we have historically had an opportunity to license. Standard contract terms for new books are three years.  Most rights are negotiable.

At this time, we distribute mainly through 3rd party distributors, such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and a host of others.   We have worked hard on our creating a worldwide distribution network, a network that reaches the most ebook retailers possible worldwide.  Because of this, we feel that we can generate good sales volumes for any title we select to publish.

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