Call For Submissions For “Prostate Pleasures: An Erotic Anthology”

Call For Submissions For “Prostate Pleasures: An Erotic Anthology”

You see, I’ve got an idea. It’s an idea where anyone who writes erotica is encouraged to write some prostate play focused erotica, and submit it for a self published anthology that will be titled “Prostate Pleasures: An Erotic Anthology”. Ideally, I’m looking for approximately 1500 word(ish) pieces.

I can’t offer you money, because I have none. I can’t promise you recognition, because it may not sell well.

I can’t even promise your submission will make it into the anthology, but I can promise this:

All proceeds (except whatever cut A-Zon or Apple take) from Prostate Pleasures: An Erotic Anthology will be donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation to help fund research and work toward breakthroughs to help fight prostate cancer. A new diagnosis of prostate cancer is made every 2.3 minutes, and it affects one in six men.

You will be credited for your work to the best of my ability (obviously that includes the author’s chosen name with the story, and I’d like to include links at the end of the book for any who have a site they’d like linked to at a bare minimum.) I’ve never self published before, but I can do this. We can do this.

So what say you, folks? Of all the reasons you write, will you write to help fight prostate cancer? The deadline is going to be September 30th, with it being published as fast I can manage after that!

Again: 1500ish words, prostate focused, September 30th deadline!

**Edit to add: Send submissions to photowill88 @**


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