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Xcite Books Author Guidelines

Xcite Books is the UK’s largest erotic publisher and ETO’s Best Erotic Book Brand winners five years running. We publish erotic fiction in paperback, ebook, and audio formats. It’s really important that our readers trust our brand and know that, when they invest their time and money in an Xcite product, it has been written to specific guidelines and professionally edited. We welcome submissions from all authors – published, unpublished and even self-published. Our professional editorial team work closely with writers to help develop accepted stories until they meet the correct standard for publication.

Our authors: We know our company’s success is built on the talent of our authors and editors. We have a strong pool of writers who come from every corner of the globe – their diversity adds enormous breadth to the Xcite range and we hope that every one of them is proud to ‘write for Xcite’.

Please note: We require worldwide print, ebook, and audio rights on all work. Please do not submit if these are not available.

The company has three specific imprints:

A new imprint which offers contemporary reading for those who like strong characterisation and a more developed relationship together with explicit, passionate sex.

Aimed at women and couples, Xcite offers a comprehensive range of mainstream short-story anthologies and erotic novels with mixed and varied themes. These may include some mild BDSM elements, multiple partners, and gay and lesbian themes.

The Xtrm range offers explicit BDSM and heavily masochistic themes for braver readers. Other themes may include submission and domination, bondage, and personal punishment. All content is consensual but characters may be pushed beyond their natural comfort zone.

Writers Guidelines:

Novella or novel length erotic romances with strong emphasis on a developing heterosexual relationship with passionate sex and possible light BDSM. Ideally emphasising a conflict that can be overcome to achieve a climactic ending. All time periods accepted. The plots must be strong and the book gripping and entertaining with well-developed sexual tension.

We are looking for a variety of themes. All sexual acts must be consensual and legal. Variety is the spice of life so giving your story an unusual setting, time period, or style will help your chances of being accepted. They can have a male POV but highlights the female’s enjoyment as well as the males’.

Themes within this range can include explicit and intense BDSM but it must be clearly consensual. Edgier scenes can be included but no scat, bestiality, incest, or non-consensual activity. No extreme violence (i.e. no insertion of weapons such as guns/knives).

Manuscript length: Please note: we are currently not accepting short story submissions.

Novella 15-20,000 words
Novel 50 – 80,000 words

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