Give in to The Big Book of Submission

Rachel Kramer Bussel is without compare when it comes to collecting the best erotica on specific sexual subjects. With her latest The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Takes (Cleis Press), Rachel has taken what can sometimes be a single act and what can sometimes be an encompassing lifestyle and pulled together an outstanding array of stories that fall from one end to the other—and everywhere in between. Great for those who are curious about submission and those who have already given in (or have others giving in to you). 

Whet your appetite with this excerpt from Alyssa Morris’s ‘Patiently Waiting’

Her nostrils fill with the scents of leather and the vanilla candle that she knows is lit on the table. On her knees, leaning over the ottoman next to the couch, her breasts rub on the cold leather as her nipples harden and try to push deeper into the material. The added stimulation is welcome, especially since she has been tightly blindfolded and had earplugs put in. She can’t hear anything, and even if she got the blindfold to come off she wouldn’t be able to look behind her due to being bound in her current position. Her hands are tied tightly behind her back, forcing her to use her chest to keep herself balanced. She can only imagine how she looks, chocolate skin draped over the smooth cream-colored leather. She waits, the fan blowing above her creating a gentle breeze that caresses her body from the back of her shoulders down to the crack of her plump ass. Her brown dreaded hair is down, just how he likes it, and she can feel some of it tickling the nape of her neck.

For her, being told to wait is one of the hardest commands to follow. She can suck cock on command, get in position for a spanking when asked and be open and ready for a good fuck whenever her Master gets hard. However, waiting is the most painful act. To her it feels like a waste. Why make her wait when she could be being used in some way? She already knows the answer to this question as it floats through her mind. Because it is about submitting to her Master; he knows how to push her limits in just the right way. Some have their limits pushed by pain or extreme behaviors. Not her; when she is waiting her mind races, wondering when he will appear.

As what seem like hours pass before her, she thinks about what might be coming. Will it be a spanking or will her Master be so horny from watching her squirm in anticipation that he won’t be able to keep from fucking her? Her mind continues to race. At least when he’s behind her with a riding crop or a paddle she knows there is another blow coming, another jolt to her nervous system, but waiting is completely different; she doesn’t know where to expect a sensation of pleasure or pain. He’s told her that he would test her both physically and mentally. She should have known that when he asked her what her biggest personality defect was and she responded, “I can be so impatient sometimes, I’ll work on it though,” he would be the one to help her get there. Even though she feels like this is some kind of punishment, she knows it isn’t, and trusts him to know when she’s reached her limit.