The Hook-up: TJ the Mad Hatter

Introducing TJ the Mad Hatter

Organization is something I strive for but only sometimes achieve. So I look at TJ’s Take and truly admire her excellent storage of all of those sex toys she reviews! I am also very impressed by those reviews of course! They are fun and humourous, but also entirely genuine.

How did you get into sex blogging?
Talking about sex has always been one of my favorite things to do. I mean really talking about sex. Not just “When did you first have sex?” and “What’s your number of sex partners?” To be honest, those kinds of questions irk me. I like talking about experiences, not just factoids about my sexual past. I started talking to people about sex online on the EdenFantasys (EF) forums, and formed some really great friendships. In the forums I also learned of some awesome bloggers who weren’t on EF, I loved their style and absolute freedom. So when I left that site, it wasn’t even a question of whether or not I’d start a blog, just a matter of when.

What made you keen to review sex toys?
It was EF’s point system that got me interested. Money was tight and the points allowed me to start my collection. I really liked doing it, and my friends on there were really supportive. By the time I left EF, I found that I had grown to love it. I love being able to share my experiences, pictures, loves and hates. Plus, it really sucks to buy something that doesn’t work for you (obviously). If sharing my experiences helps someone narrow down what toy might work for them or avoid one that wouldn’t, then I’m happy. At the same time, if my review helps someone find a toy they love, then I do a victory dance. I’m not kidding. It’s more of a weird foot shuffle than anything.

What the heck do you do with so many of them?
I roll around with them, and toss them in the air like a cat with a ball of catnip. I twirl them like batons. I make soup out of them. I use them. Some more than others. I apologize to my favorites on a regular basis, since a lot times they take a back seat to the new comers.
What are some of your favourites? 
Well, I love me some Tantus. I love the T-Rex (that ridge!), the Duke, Neo, the list goes on. My Vixen Creations Vixskin Maverick and silicone Randy definitely make my top 5. New toys aside, those are the ones that stay in rotation the most. If I’m looking to treat myself, I grab those dildos first. My We-Vibe Salsa and Touch are my favorite vibes, hands down. I have them next to my bed, with the charger ready to go if one goes out, and a back-up so I’m not left disappointed.
What one thing do you think sex toy manufacturers—across the board—could improve about toys, in general?
Since you say “across the board”, I can’t attack companies that make toys out of shit materials (read: hazardous) who should label them as such. So I’ll go with: Try using your toys before writing a blurb about how strong/great it is. I just used one today, that after 20 minutes I wanted to take it out back and beat it with a bat. Needless to say, I didn’t get off and there is no way I will with that toy. It’s ridiculously expensive, and totally ineffective. If the toy isn’t worth the dollar amount you’re asking, DON’T USE ADJECTIVES YOUR TOY HAS NO RIGHT TO.
I love that you include your different types of toy storage. What prompted you to start posting that?
I think it was extreme pride in my storage. That, and not a lot of people talk about it. They mention storage for a dildo or vibe, but not much is said about how they keep their whole collection. I take a lot of pride in my storage, and like to go on missions in clearance aisles to get ideas. If I find a deal, I like to share it with others. Plus, I can’t exactly talk about the storage I picked up for my plentiful collection of silicone cocks, with the mothers at my son’s daycare. That’s one scenario I do not wish to make a reality. So I share it with my readers and friends; people who will appreciate a tip about plastic storage bins that will hold 12” dildos and aren’t crazy expensive.
What are the most important elements that go into a review that make it a worthwhile read?
Honesty, in depth experiences, and personality. For the most part, I scan down to the experience section of a review. So if it’s written with personal experience throughout, I’ll be kept in my seat. A sense of humor is ALWAYS appreciated. That goes for the ones you love and the ones you hate. Though I do understand what it’s like to write about the ones you hate. Half of the time I want to beat them with a baseball bat, by the time I’m done with the review.
Is there one toy that you’ll just never want to live without?
Why would you ask such a depressing question? One? How about two? One vibe and one dildo? Okay, I’d have to say my We-Vibe Touch (since the charge is longer than the Salsa). For a silicone cock? I’d have to say…UGH. I can’t do it. Sorry. Too many loves, for too many different reasons.
What can we look forward to on your blog in the future?
Well, I’ll be reviewing, that’s for sure. I have a few I’m working on right now. I’m going outside of my usual spectrum of silicone cocks and vibrators, reviewing books and even a DVD right now. That’s something that would have made me turn and run a few months ago. So as my blog gets older, I’ll be branching out.