The Hook-up: Prima Feminista

Introducing Prima Feminista

Being an old school zinester you can imagine my delight in finding out that Prima Feminista, an amazing contributor for SheDoesTheCity, also has roots in the cut n‘ paste tradition.

Photo by Adam Collison 

How did you get in blogging?
I have been writing for years. I started getting online attention in 2008; my prose, poetry have been published in random zines, magazines and on blogs for the past few years. I tried to start my own blogs here and there on various topics and themes, but I lacked the discipline to post articles or stories every so often. Working for a site provides me with a community structure that I can be a part of. I am a horribly unmotivated person.

How did you get involved with SheDoesTheCity?
I wrote a shitty article for SheDoesTheCity a few years ago then kind of picked up with the Editor and Founder, Jen McNeely recently. She asked me to come on board in December.

Who has been your favourite interview so far?
Hard to say! Because I literally LOVE interviewing people. Face-to-face interviews are always more fun than email interviews because I get to expand on certain questions or responses and get to know the person I’m interviewing as they formulate responses. I had never done interviews before joining SheDoesTheCity, so I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, but it turns out it’s totally my thing. Either that, or I just like talking a lot…

Also, I will be interviewing Courtney Trouble of Queen Porn Tv  while she is in Toronto for the Feminist Porn Awards. Keep an eye out for that because I’m she will be a fabulous interview!

What sex-related topics or people are you most interested in writing on in the future?
I really enjoy keeping a feminist eye on current events. I hope to keep doing that as time goes on. I am also interested in writing about the various types of sex work out there, and sex worker rights. Another big point of interest for me is identity and identity construction, specifically the identities of queer, femme and slut (of which I am all three 😉 )

Is there a topic or person you feel you need to write on but feel intimidated by?
I would really like to explore how constructions of race has influenced and normalized certain sexual desires, through pornographic mediums, mainstream entertainment and colonialism. I feel intimidated writing on this because it can be a heavy topic and quite controversial, and possibly something people aren’t ready for or comfortable with. I also come from a privileged position of being a white queer woman, so I constantly critique my privilege in writing about and exploring certain topics so that I can remain aware of it and unpack this privilege as best I can.

What other topics, beyond sex and sexuality to you like to write on?
I love writing on politics, history, race, colonialism (if you couldn’t tell), ecology, food and farming and environmental justice.

One of your posts, How to Get Bi on the World speaks on sexuality labels. Are they necessary?
That’s not for me to say! I think folks should be allowed to do what ever the fuck they want, be that identifying or not identifying with any sort of label. I wrote that article because I feel there is a pressure on folks to identify in certain ways that can be limiting. Identifying as bisexual myself, I find to be limiting. The point of that article is to say, I will identify this way so that you can start to understand my sex, my experience and my life, but there really is no way for you to get me. So no, I don’t think labels are necessary but I do think they can be a political statement.

What can we look forward to from you in the near- and long-term?
I hope to just keep writing.

I am taking time off from school, so I will be looking to list a book or two with some Toronto publishers! Some of the work will be ancient poetry I’ve had lying around for years, and the other will be more focused on sex and personal essay collections.
Folks can always follow me on twitter to stay updated @primafeminista