TMI Tuesday: July 8, 2014—Summertime!

TMI Tuesday: July 8, 2014—Summertime!

Hey sexies! I’ve been away for a few weeks but was able to pre-scheduled the last twoTMI Tuesday postings. It is good to be back although I was frantic and wondering “What the hell am I going to post for the next TMI Tuesday?” to the rescue. In my email box was the following TMI Tuesday. Thank you Sinner Man 😉
Summer Is Here

It’s high summer! Here are some questions about the hot season.

1. Summer clothes are more revealing than winter clothes. What is the skimpiest outfit that you wear out in public?
I’ll tool around in a pair of shorts, no shirt, on occasion.

2. What summer outfits turn you on when you see other people wearing them?
Can’t get enough of summer outfits. Jean shorts. Tank tops. Certain sandals

3. Summer is hot! Sex is hot! Do you find that hot summer weather leads to hot summer sex?

There is a somewhat different, hot aspect to summer sex, indeed. No covers in the way!

4. It’s summer and oysters are off the menu (or maybe not, see What foods are the
aphrodisiacs of summer?

All the fruit in the sangria.

5. Summertime is hot and thirsty time. What is your favorite summer drink, alcoholic or not?

Tip of the summer: the best iced tea is brewed rooibos tea. No sugar. Brew it, chill it. For some zip, add some Jack Daniel’s (works in either hot or cold). 

6. Two traditional vacation destinations to beat the summer heat are the mountains and the shore. Where do you like to go?

Camping. With beach time!

7. Summertime is road trip time. Do you like to go on vacation by car?

Not much of a choice…planes and trains aren’t in the budget.

8. Summertime is experiment time. What are you going to do this summer that you’ve never done before?

Nothing comes to mind…but we’ll see!

9. Summertime can be hazardous. What summer threat do you fear most? Possibilities: bugs, wildlife, heat, lightning…

Fucking mosquitos

10. Summertime is summer fling time. Have you ever had a summertime romance? How far did it go?

I used to go away/be sent away for the summer. It was all about flings!

Bonus: Summertime is Festival time–music, art, seafood, and more. What festivals have you attended or will you attend?

WorldPride, though I didn’t get to as much of it as I’d like. I am sure there will be more. Every summer weekend in Toronto features at least 5 summer festivals. 


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