TMI Tuesday – June 3, 2014: My Life Is A Reality TV Show

TMI Tuesday – June 3, 2014

Welcome to June. This week Virtual Sin and The Pleasure Principle collaborated on TMI Tuesday questions and give you…
My Life Is A Reality TV Show

The following are real-life American and United Kingdom reality television shows. The questions are based on the premise of the corresponding reality show.

1. (Sex Sent Me To The ER) Did you ever have to seek medical attention for a sex-relation problem (aside from routine care, STDs etc)?

That was how I learned men can get yeast infections—the big raw spot on my cock gave it away.

2. (Survivor) Have you ever been stranded anywhere with a group of strangers?

Do daily elevator rides count?

3. (The Amazing Race) Have you ever had a free-form, play-it-by-ear international trip or done a scavenger hunt whose clues/challenges took you out of your home country or state?
I wish!

4. (Marriage Boot Camp) Have you ever had group couples therapy? How did that work out?

Nope, no kind of group couples therapy.

5. (Airline) Have you been involved in a contentious situation with any airline personnel. Tell us what happened?

It was hardly contentious, but I was rather displeased when I was cut off on a flight from Australia.

6. (What Not To Wear) Have you ever had a complete makeover–hair, fashion/wardrobe, huge weight-loss? Did you do this on your own or did a spouse, friend, significant other encourage the change? Tell us about your transformation.

Nope. What you see is what you get for the past couple decades.

7. (How Clean Is Your House?) Have you ever had a guest or relative visit your home and blatantly criticize its cleanliness, orderliness and/or actually clean or rearrange things with or without your permission?

No, but I do harass friends who are obsessive cleaners by sneaking bits of fluff around.

Bonus: What is it? Explain how you would use it.

Seems rather autoerotic…


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Happy TMI Tuesday!