TMI Tuesday: June 17, 2014—Some things to think about

TMI Tuesday: June 17, 2014

Some things to think about

1. Name something you always carry with you?
I’m not always happy to, but my phone.

2. Is there anyone on your mind at the moment? Who? Why?
My partner, discussing plans for tonight…

3. If you were to be remembered for one thing, what would it be?
Not concerned with being remembered, too busy living now.

4. Tell us something new that you learned in the last month?
That chipmunks live in holes in the ground! I had no idea. I thought they lived in trees, like squirrels!

5. What are you pretending not to know? Why?
I don’t need to pretend to not know things. Oblivious is a wonderful state.

6. Are you happy with other people’s perception of you?
It isn’t a concern of mine.

7. Are you generally focused on today or tomorrow?

Bonus: How do you eat Oreos? Which method best matches your Oreo cookie eating style?
a. Pick it up, bite into it.
b. Twist it open, eat each half separately
c. Twist it open, eat the frosting, then eat each chocolate cookie half separately.
c. for sure


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Happy TMI Tuesday!