Harlequin Sold, Now In Bed With HarperCollins

Thanks to Kristina Wright for bringing the sale of Harlequin to my attention. Very interesting move by News Corp. Harlequin seems like quite the cash cow…hopefully they don’t mess with the system that has made the romance giant so successful.

On a personal note, I have always wanted to work there. And if it weren’t for an unfortunately timed night out to console a friend in difficult times (consoling was done with alcohol and in the presence of strippers), I might have done it. I had a second interview, but the consoling took place the night before. Woke up to discover I was pretty much already late and I only had time for a 10 second shower—not enough to get the booze and smoke off my sad carcass. Then, when I got there, they forgave my tardiness but I got stumped on a question.
“What do you consider one of your traits in business?”
Me, after much thought…trying to come up with the word ‘tenacious’ instead spit out “Stubbornness.”