Muse Mondays: Towel Service

Okay, we all know how much Mondays suck. I hope I can brighten yours up a bit with my little stories. You know what else is a great way to help Mondays along? Stepping out of the shower and finding this. Thanks Thianna D for sharing this hot image!

Towel Service

Bloody alarm. Bloody cat underfoot. Bloody darkcoldsnowmorningswimpracticework!

But still I get up, trudge about the house, do everything that needs to be done in the morning. It goes without saying that’d I’d much rather be in bed. I’d much rather be anywhere, but bed is where I’d most like to be. There’s a thick warm blanket and a thick hot cock waiting for me there.

The kid is off to practice and I try to warm and wake up with a tea. It isn’t working. Because I always have this trouble in the morning, I’ve taken to setting the alarm just a bit earlier than I need too. My progress is slow and fuzzy. Might as well just get in the shower.

The hot water prickles my skin and gives me a bolt of energy. Soon it settles down and I stand, head down, under the stream. I don’t know how long I stay like that (another reason I set the alarm early) but I can totally lose myself in the shower. As the water cascades over me, my mind either goes blank or focuses on one specific thought. Today, I’m thinking. Today I’m thinking about what is in my bed.

Eventually, I snap out of it. A quick scrub of shampoo and conditioner, then I fumble to the bar of soap. It is slightly cool when I press it against my chest. In the now steamy shower, the sensation is welcome and sexy. As I glide the creamy bar over my body, I can’t help but linger and give certain spots more attention. Thoughts of his cock spring to mind again.

I soap my entire body, letting the suds linger. The bathroom is so hot now I can step away from the water and not be cold. The soap acts as a fantastic lube as I squeeze rub and squeeze myself—all the while thinking of how wet and slick his cock was last night. How hard it was in my mouth. How hot his cum was when it landed on my tongue.

But the world awaits. The world of phone calls, email, clients, rushing, fussing and work. Here I am all worked up but I know that if I don’t step away and start the day then all that I have to do will fall out of place because I started off late. Despite the warmth of the water. Despite the sexy sensations running the my body. Despite my raging hard on.

With a sigh, I turn off the tap. With water still stings in my eyes so I keep them closed. I give my cock one last squeeze and reach out from the curtain to grab my towel. But it’s not there. I swear it was when I got in here. Groping around I find the hook—no towel. Out of sheer Monday morning frustration I throw the curtain back and scowl into the steam.

“Looking for something?” His voice greets me just as my eyes open in a rage. But that rage soon turns to passion as he hands me the towel—with his cock. He’s got it hanging over his penis, hands-free! Instead of taking it I grab it off his dick and throw it to the floor. I grab that thick cock of his and pull him into the shower.

Fuck Monday, we’re going to be late—and love it!