Sex Stuff: Gaymer

Gaymer by Cameron D. James

I have to admit, I have a bit of a fascination with nerd culture. Gaymers, cons, rpgs, larpers…the whole nerd world seems, to me, to be a fantastic (no pun intended) culture of fun and creativity. I’m not saying that my sex nerd world is any less fun, but I do live vicariously through some friends who are really into geekdom.

However, with Cameron D. James‘ super hot short story Gaymer, I don’t have to live vicariously…as much. Well, at least the video game part, I have got that part down. The cocksucking and fucking…I need to work on that.

Really though, who knew that a little plumber video game action, what with all it’s pipes and going into holes could possibly lead to a smokin’ hot good time? With this simple trope, James has crafted an excellent short, erotic fiction. There is tension, a bit of suspense, an entirely plausible backstory and set-up and, I’ll say it again, an amazing sexual encounter between Carter and Zack.

Beyond the delicious sex, what I find very effective in Gaymer is the realism. Who hasn’t been on a couch with someone, wondering “will we, can we?” Add the element of “Is he?” in there and James has built the kind of tension that is necessary in video games. It gets your adrenaline flowing, it gets you even more excited. The unknown that lies ahead can be frustrating and your little man might just get flattened…or it might lead you to growing big and levelling up.

Gaymer seriously levels up…in the sexiest way possible. Great story!