Sex Stuff: Northbound Leather’s iKink

Northbound Leather’s iKink

In all of the year’s I have lived in (or near) Toronto, one event had always eluded me. Despite not being deeply in the fetish scene, I have attended many of the various fetish events, and had a lot of fun (most of the time). However, I had never had the pleasure of attending Northbound Leather‘s annual fashion show and fetish extravaganza.

Until this past Saturday, that is. And let me definitively state that it  was pure pleasure!
Northbound is a Toronto kink institution and their parties are legendary. Fortunately, the sex stars aligned and we greatly enjoyed a fantastic fetish fashion show and a fun dance party—the world’s largest, in fact!

The show was the centrepiece. Featuring the hot designs of Cheryl Kocot, the theme of the runway sexiness was how we hook up online. A delightful array of models came out in brilliant new creations. Funny thing is, as hot as the show was, I had a serious crush on the performer who introduced each segment of the show via recorded, robotic vignettes…

But I digress!

As the show went on, the fashion’s got dirtier—and so did the performers. And the audience was entranced. I highly recommend searching out images to check out the steaming clothing. You just might enjoy the models too. {wink!}

The production of the fashion show was even better than I had hoped. The vignettes were funny and sexy and very cool. The stories the models told were so very seductive. Many kudos to the team that put it together.

After the show, the stage was removed and serious dancing in serious outfits began. The crowd was certainly out to impress—some of the feitsh gear on display was just fanastic! Leather was the order of the night, but latex, rubber, sports gear, chainmaille and much more were certainly, sexily, represented. I am not into the type of music played, but that was no bother. My senses were in overload just from people watching–particularly those who were doing their thing in the playspaces. I admire people who are comfortable enough to pull out their proclivities in public places.

The night also had some surprises. Lady R got a great boot polish by the resident bootblack (who was raising funds for AIDS Committee Toronto). We also ran into some friends, some old friends, and then some really old friends—people I knew in high school! But that should always be remembered: don’t be surprised by who you might run into at a fetish party!

Sometimes when you hope for and anticipate an event for so long, the actual happening turns out to be disappointing. But not iKink…I am already looking forward to the next Northbound event.