Sex Schoolin’: Red Hot Touch: Genital Massage for Men

Red Hot Touch: Genital Massage for Men

There is only one word to describe Jaiya’s Red Hot Touch series of sexual education videos: extraordinary. 

Jaiya, sex educator, author and and the founder of New World Sex Education has put together a collection of works that move right to the head of the class of sensual, instructional, erotic videos. Not only is the content exceptional (as we would expect from Jaiya), but these videos really prove how dedicated production values can greatly enhance the learner’s experience. 

I choose to focus on the Genital Massage for Men selection because, well, I enjoy my genitals being massaged. However, many people consider manual stimulation of male-identified people with penises to be a simple, rote technique. Grab, stroke up and down, repeat. I am not about to say that type of touch isn’t enjoyable, not at all. There are just many different ways to touch a penis, scrotum and the surrounding areas that are often not explored. 
In Genital Massage for Men, Jaiya, our soothing, authoritative and sexy narrator provides and describes many different touch techniques. While Jaiya tells us how to touch, couples demonstrates these new methods. The combination of the two, the aural and the visual are a tremendously hot combination—but you never lose sight of the fact that you are learning so much. 
Some of the touch described move very much away from the typical stroke model. There is deep massage around the penis, circling and squeezing techniques and even a bit of slap and grab. It all looks very intense, and even one or two of the methods combined would potentially bring about ejaculation or orgasm. But Jaiya does make note that these touches can be just as invigorating when the penis is soft as when it is hard. The focus here isn’t on bringing about ejaculation, but it certainly could lead to that, if that is your goal. 
And as I already noted, the high quality production values in Jaiya’s works is such a draw. If you don’t like sex ed videos because they sometimes seem to be quickly produced with low production values, then I urge you to give the Red Hot Touch series a try. Combining great lighting, appropriate music, skillful editing and Jaiya’s brilliant narration, these videos set a very high standard for how this type of education can be produced.