Muse Monday: Walked Right Out

Welcome to the return of Muse Monday!

I’ve been anxious to restart this ongoing exploration of my personal erotica writing. If you’re a newer follower, you can check back here to see some of my past writings. Muse Monday is my frequent (hopefully weekly) writing exercise, the work that I use to ensure I am regularly exercising my erotica writing muscles. Basically, I find a compelling image and write a short story on it. Sometimes I think they’re hot as hell…sometimes they’re warm at best. I hope you enjoy them.

I always welcome photo suggestions, just send me a link. For this week, I was working on the blog yesterday, and I was a bit obsessed with finding an image with sexy shoes. Can’t say I have a shoe fetish, but when I’m in that mood, the right pair of shoes can be such a turn on.

I found this image, via Venice Bloggs, originally posted by SweetTreats.

Walked Right Out

One of those days, they say.

One of those long, god awful days.

The phone rang before I even had a chance to sit down. And even worse, it was the intercom. Someone is here. Someone wants to see me even though I don’t want to see myself.

I debate answering it. I let it ring a couple times. Whoever is there is persistent. I start to get an idea of who it is…

Relenting, I push the open door button. Will I regret letting her in? No doubt. Will I enjoy myself? Absolutely.

She doesn’t even knock—but I don’t expect her to. I left the door open and unlatched. She just pushes her way in, heels clicking across the floor. I’ve managed to sit down and wait for what is to come.

There are no words. I know my role. She slowly clicks her way over to me, each footfall resonating through my quiet. I don’t look around, I just listen. And wait.

I didn’t hear a rustle, a zipper or buttons being opened. I didn’t hear her dress slip to the floor. I just heard those heels click slowly, moving closer to me. So when she stood before me, in lacy panties and bra—and of course heels—I was more surprised that I’d hoped to convey. She immediately used that.

Slowly, with that smile on her face, she moves to me. Now I hear clicks and clothes moving. I hear her bra opening and falling. I hear her sliding her panties down and dropping them. Senses attuned to sex. Sex filled with sensation.

Finally, the clicking stops. She steps out of her heels and right on my crotch. Her foot meets my hard cock as she uses my penis as a stepping stone. The pain is intense, the pleasure unbelievable. Getting her balance she grabs the back of the chair and swings her other leg up over the back of the chair. I instinctively raise my hands to catch her, my hands landing on her ass with a loud smack.

Her cunt is right in my face, and she couldn’t be happier.

As I slip my tongue into her, her foot slips off my cock, but her leg is still pressed against me. She has basically come to rest on my shoulder, her pussy so close. I grind my dick against her as my tongue darts over her clit. She grabs my hair and turns my face away from her sex. Instead, she presses her pussy all over my cheek, rubbing her cum all over me. This also lets her push her leg back against my cock even harder.

Hand still in my hair, she re-directs my mouth to her. Her insistence demonstrates need. She needs to cum, now. I do too. Despite being fully clothed and just pressing against her leg, I am on the verge. So I push my tongue and lips all over her, licking every inch of her cunt, pressing as hard against her pussy as I push my cock against her leg.

Her hand tightens in my hair. She pulls me closer. Her thigh pushes against my cheek. That causes her leg to tense against me and I explode. My panting and spasms course through my body pushing her over the edge. She grips my face roughly and screams out her orgasm. As I ride her leg, she rides my mouth until we ultimately collapse.

I sit back in the chair as she climbs off me, watching her dress. Still, no words. I don’t know what I’ll say to her tomorrow. When she is done, she flashes that smile one more time and walks out the still open door.

But it is not until she has gone that I notice something. A lack of something. She slipped out of my apartment silently. I look down to see her shoes still on the floor.

Good thing she only lives a couple floors up. I wonder how she lost her access card this time?