Muse Monday: Hold On

I love it when themes come together! On Friday, Jason Armstrong gave us a great introduction to Edging. And coming soon to the blog will be an interview with Smut for Smarties creator herself, Lady Cheeky! So when I was perusing the fine Lady’s amazing Tumblr, I came across this image and my mind made happy sex sounds.

Hold On

“Don’t do it baby…hold on.”

Easy for her to say! Here I am, naked, hard, turned on beyond belief. And my super hot friend has been stroking my cock. Hard and fast. And now she’s stopped.

“Let it build, Luke. It is supposed to be amazing when you finally cum. There is supposed to be sooo much built up.”

What she doesn’t know is that I already have buckets of cum build up because of her. We may be best friends, since childhood, but that hasn’t stopped me from lusting after since before she got tits. I’ve wanted to shoot load after load with her…on her…in her…near her (okay, I have done that sneakily on a camping trip…NO! I can’t think about that now!

“I know you want to,” she says as she glides her fingers over my raging cock. “I know you want to blow your load all over my hand. And I know you want more than that too.”

Wait, what? She knows I want her? But I’ve been so cool about it. She strokes my balls with one hand while holding my dick with the other. The look on my face must give away my surprise.

“Of course I know Luke. I’ve known you want me for years. I see the way you look at me. I know you fantasize about me.”

She is driving me absolutely crazy! She’s not touching my balls anymore, but her hand is still firmly clasped around my penis.

“And I’ve thought about what it would be like to be with you too. But I’ve been worried that it would ruin our friendship.”

Well, if she weren’t holding my cock right now, it would probably have just deflated with that comment. But I might be too far gone for even a comment like that to soften this beast.

“But I also had another fear. I was worried we wouldn’t have good sex together. Which is why I’m here, naked, stroking your cock.”

So this is a test?! Of our potential fucking compatibility?

“Everything is good so far. I really like how your cock feels in my hand.”

Oh god, she’s stroking again. And picking up speed. I won’t last long.

“Do you like what you see? Do you like my body? I’d like to have you play with it sometime as well.”

I can’t even speak, I’m in an ecstatic trance. But I do manage a nod. I quick furious nod.

“I think I’m doing a good job on you. Do you like how I touch you? Do you like me giving you a hand job?”

More furious nodding. I am working so hard to hold back.

“Do you want to cum now? Should I let you?”

Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! I can’t…I can’t hold on any more!

“Cum for me Luke. Now.”

Rope after rope of hot jizz flies out of my cock. My hips buck and she just keeps her hand still. I gasp and moan and writhe on the bed. Wave after wave of pleasure courses through me.

“Mmmmm, Luke, that was so hot. I think I made you feel good.”

Slow, langorous nods. I feel like I could drift off across the universe…

“Touch me now.”

I’m up!