Muse Mondays: Slip Them Down

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know I have a particular affinity for blue jeans. So when I was checking out the photos on MUSE Massage Spa‘s Twitter recently, and came across this sexy shot, that affinity was enflamed once more. Add to that the convient connection between these #musemondays posts and the spa’s name, it seemed a natural to tie it all together.

Slip Them Down

The leather is cool on my back. I welcomed him home topless and full of smile. When he walked in and saw me, he dropped his gym bag, his jaw and all of his inhibitions.

I know what drives him crazy and what he loves most of all is to see me in this pair of jeans. I’ve got others, tighter, newer, nicer. But no, me in this one pair can make him hard almost instantly. And by looking at his gym shorts, I can tell I am getting the desired reaction.

I move over and give him a long, deep kiss before pulling back to tease his lips with my twirling tongue. When he reaches out to touch me, I pull back, cover my tits with my hands and just stand in front of him. He takes another step forward, I take another back. Smiling and cocking his eyebrow, he stops, arms crossed.

I don’t run around topless in a pair of jeans just for a quite bit of fun, I want to drive him wild. I want him to want me much more than he does any given moment. I want him to stand there, transfixed, absorbed. I want him, right now, to want me more than anything at all.

So I step a little further back. One hand slides down to my belly. Slowly. Slipping past my ribs, gliding over my skin. His smirk subsides as his gaze becomes a lusty glare. As I reach the waist of my pants and slip my thumb behind the button, I alternate looking at his eyes and his cock.

In a quick motion I undo the button and I think he’s reached his breaking point. But he refrains from coming to me choosing to hold back and watch. I let the zipper slowly ease open, enough for him to see that jeans really are the only thing I’m wearing. Still he is resolute.

Backing up, I let out a giggle at his steely demeanour. He’s all show right now, but I know how to break him. Turning around I give him a full-on view of my ass. Every time I wear these pants, he has to make a comment about how amazing my ass looks—which is usually accompanied by a spank. And I know he wants to come over and do that now…but no…he still holds back. Even when I hook my thumbs in the belt loops and pull down just enough to give him the tip off the curve of my ass.

I’m going to have to put this into high gear.

This is when I lay myself down on the couch, feeling that cold leather, stretching my legs out in the air. Part of the reason he loves these ones so much is the way they look on my legs. I point my toes to the sky and give him the full view. It is driving both of us crazy! Not only do I want to get him all worked up, but I’m absolutely soaked.

But still he stands there.

I’m just about to give up. If he’s not going to give in, then I damn well will. I arch my back and slid the denim over my ass. I want these pants off now and someone—him or me—is going to give my pussy some attention. I get bent a little awkwardly and just briefly my long hair covers my face. As I right myself, slipping the pants down a little further, I feel a hand on my hand, helping me get them off…