Muse Mondays: I Want It All

I really wonder about this sexual situation. I’d love to try it, but it seems like it might be difficult to coordinate, physically and emotionally. Thanks to Robert India Writer (via PhylisVegas), in whose Twitter I found this hot inspiration.

I Want It All

I want it, but I don’t know if I can handle it.
I want the experience, but I don’t know if I can handle seeing my body that way.
I want the sensation, but I don’t know if I can handle the sensation.
I want this ultimate act…and with my eyes closed I can handle it.

Would you believe how hard it was to convince these two? My two most favourite fuck buddies, two guys I’ve slept with many, many times, who are good friends—I had to practically beg them to double penetrate me. I thought they’d just at the opportunity!

But no, they insisted on a talking threesome (not what I wanted) to ensure that that was what I really wanted. Steve even held my hand like it was some kind of intervention. They were so earnest and I appreciate their caring, but it took me grabbing each of their hands, giving them a stern look, squeezing those hands tight and saying “I. Want. You. Two. To. Fuck. Me.” before they really understood I was serious.

At that point they looked at each, shrugged, and we three headed back to my place. And once we got there, they didn’t need anymore convincing!

Both were on me, just as I’d hoped. They stripped me quickly and they went to town with mouths, lips, teeth and hands. I just raised my hands in the air and let them devour me, loving every second of it.
I stopped them long enough to get them out of their clothes—two hards cocks popped out of underwear simultaneously. Taking a firm hold of each, I lead them to my bed. I’d left my blindfold on the bedside table (with some lube), hopeful of this happening tonight. Pulling them close and giving each a wink, I pulled it down over my eyes with a whispered, “Fuck me.”

Normally I like to take my time, but the fantasy of being double penetrated has driven me crazy for too long—and I wanted it now. I still had my hand on Todd’s chest so I eased him backwards. He took my cue, laying down on the bed and pulling me down on top of him. While this has been my desire for so long, I felt the blindfold—as awkward as it might make things—would help me if I experienced a strong reaction. Even though I had fuck buddies, I do take sex seriously.

I reached down to feel Todd laying on his back and gingerly climbed on top of him. My soaked pussy pulled itself right to his swollen dick as if I had no control. No argument here though and I mounted Todd, sinking myself down and taking him deep inside me. Even though I was only fucking one at this point, both moaned deeply.

His cock felt so good, so hard, that I instinctively rode him hard and fast. So much so that I had a quick little cum, my whole body tensing and spasming. When that subsided and I began to move again, Steve stepped up from behind with a hand on my ass.

“You can’t see, but if you fuck Todd too much more, this isn’t going to happen. He’s about to blow his load.”

I stopped immediately and both of them giggled. I was so worked up and turned on that all I could say was “Now!”

With that I heard the lube bottle pop open and, after a brief pause, the cold lube on my asshole. I was so fucking horny that I doubted I needed lube, but I’m also not silly enough to think I can take a guy is my ass without it. And plus, it felt great having Steve touch and stretch my pretty little ass with his eager fingers with Todd squirmed desperately beneath me.

I was about to lose my mind and demand Steve step up when I felt his fingers leave and they were replaced by the tip of his stiff prick. It nudged gingerly against me, slowly poking. I was having none of that, I just wanted it inside me so a slipped back a bit and popped the head right into my butt. All three of us gasped and panted. Todd seemed like he would blow his load any second so I reached back and urged Steve into me. He got it and he got my ass, slipping inch after inch of meat into me.

I couldn’t believe the sensation. My body felt so full, yet, so unsatisfied. I needed them to fuck me, hard, now and make me cum. Double the pleasure, double to power! Taking this chance, while hiding my eyes from it, was turning out to be just as I thought it would be.

We settled into position and both of them started to thrust. It took a few to get a coordinated motion, but once they did I was enthralled. Pleasure beamed through my body and my orgasms started. I screamed out over and over. Todd had to hold me up as I spasmed over and over. I completely lost could of my explosions.

But I was hoping for two more: theirs. I wanted to feel their jizz fly out and coat my insides. I regained just enough strength and composure to fuck them both, in time and hard. To my surprise Steve started to lose it first, grabbing my hips hard and slamming deep into my asshole. Todd wasn’t long after, starting just a second after Steve. With both of them erupting in pleasure, my body took its cue and gave me one, last, glorious cum.

Panting, we all collapsed in a heap, both still in me but softening.  They took turns stroking my hair, all the while respecting the blindfold. I reached up to slip it off, the light catching me by surprise.
Todd broke the silence. “Why did you want the blindfold on?”

I hesitated, but eventually, it came out—at the same time their cocks both slipped out of me…