Muse Monday: The New Embrace

I have to admit that edgeplay is something I don’t often right about. I participate in a fair number of edgy activities, but it hasn’t been something I’ve been keen to capture in writing.
However, I was rather taken by this sexy image, that I found in A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind daily She found it via another of my Twitter friends, billierosie author.

A New Embrace
As she bends back, I see it.
I see right up her beautiful body. The same body I have been lucky enough to touch and suck and lick and fuck and so much more. So much more that I wasn’t expecting.
When she first brought up the idea of rough play, I was a bit taken aback. She is refined, she dresses well and is always crisp in appearance. But one day she crawled across my lap on the couch and posed her ass in the air. Lifting my hand up, she then asked me to spank her. I did, but too lightly for her taste so she begged for another. Harder. This repeated until her ass was red and my hand was sore.
Over time she introduced me to more and more enjoyable pain. While it was always at her direction, I became increasingly interested in learning this journey. When we weren’t together, I always thought about fucking her. Now, when we’re apart, I think about fucking her…and paddling her, binding her, torturing her. She has brought a new dimension of sexuality to me—and I love it.
However, I do not know if I’m ready for this. Tonight’s requested act surprised and shocked me. I don’t know if I can go through with it, in spite of her asking. In spite of her asking me to choke her while she comes.
I have to make my decision soon! She’s in her usual horny lather and I know she wants it. But I don’t know if I can. It seems to dangerous, too much potential for disaster. I like to hurt her, but I don’t want to damage her. So here I am, with her before me, arms tied at her sides, fucking her wet cunt, having to decide if I can wrap my hand around her neck.
No more time to be lost in thought as her moans become louder. Between her moans I hear her whispering my name…over and over. And she’s also breathing out the words “do it….do it…do it…” I nearly explode with that, her desire taking us over. Instead, almost without me thinking, I lift one hand off her hip and move it slowly up her writhing body. I tremble with fear as she trembles in near orgasmic waves.
As my fingertips reach the strained skin of her neck, as they touch the hot flesh, she suddenly bucks against my cock and raises her neck to meet my hand. And at that moment we both explode and my fingers clench, tight around her neck. She gasps and then gasps over and over as multiple orgasms role through her body.
I feel the air strain through her windpipe as a smile creeps across her face.