Muse Monday: The Hard Wall

I am very much enjoying Kelsey Obsession‘s feed and page. So I was perusing photos and came across this powerful one (via Val_Sytheria). Whenever I see passion like this in photos, I can’t help but think there is some kind of twist. Something else is going to happen…

The Hard Wall

Pressed. Hard.
Pressed. Against me.
Pressed hard against me.

Her body presses me hard against the wall. So hard I have to brace myself—despite there being no room between us. I couldn’t fall if I wanted to. And I don’t want to.

I want to touch her, feel her, have her skin against mine, but there is no time for that. She made it clear, as she strode over to me, that this moment, this situation, was all about getting her fingers inside me. She kissed me, hard. She leaned into me, hard. She pulled open my pants and tugged them to my ankles, hard.

She made it clear that this was about her need to get me off, so I am taking it all.

This all happened so fast, I was worried, briefly, that I wouldn’t for her. I feared her being too hard on my pussy. But she turned something on in me the instant she touched me. I was ready. So very wet and ready. So as she pinned me hard against the wall and pushed her fingers into my panties and cunt, I received her abrupt intrusion with a warm, wet kiss.

But I don’t think I could have been at all prepared for her true aggression. Given her already forceful manner, I fully expected her to fill me with as many of her fingers as possible. I expected her to fuck me, hard, into the wall.

Instead, she gingerly slipped one finger between my soaked lips. She glided it delicately over my pleading sex. And slowly, lightly, teasingly she pulled it up to my clit and rested there.

I could feel my desperate heartbeat pulse against her finger. But still she held it there. Soft. Barely touching, with an almost innocence as if her previous force had been a surprise to both of us. Maybe she didn’t expect me to acquiesce so easily? Maybe she didn’t expect me to give in so readily? Maybe this was all just a part of the tease?

With each second she drove me more wild to release. As I was about to push against her, force her to rub me, she moves her finger ever so slightly. An almost imperceptible motion. But enough to rock my body back against the wall. Hard.