Sex Stuff: Tenga 3D

TENGA is, by far, one of the most innovative sex toy manufacturers around. It is obviois from their designs that much care and thought goes into their consideration of our pleasure. So when I received a package of TENGA products my hopes and cock rose!

And so far, with the TENGA 3D, spiral edition, I have not been disappointed.

For me, look is a big part of the appeal of sex toys. A stunning or beautifrul or dirty looking toy will get me going before it even gets near my body. I am still keen to start a sex toy objets d’art tumblr or blog someday.

With that in mind, I adore the geometric design of the spiral. And it ain’t just pretty. The shape is tje function and that function is fantastic.

Here’s how it works. That pretty design is nice and soft. The toy id basically a cock sleeve that you slip down over your dick for some jiggle up and down fun times. Now, you could use the smooth inside, right out of the package. But I think you’ll love it that much more if you turn it inside and squeeze your cock in with that sexy spiral design.

The sensation is quite amazing. While the toy is actually quite.soft, the design stays just firm enough to be rather intense. Using that friction, you or your partner can jerk you into orgasmic oblivion.

I did find one drawback with the TENGA 3D. If you’re in the mood for a slow, lingering wank make sure you have lots of lube on hand. As you go along and the lube gets a little tacky, the toy will start to suction on to you penis. Like really suction. But, if you keep the lube a-flowin’ you can keep the wank a-goin’.

Despite this (admittedly self-determined) difficulty, the TENGA 3D is definitely a toy to try. Normally I am big on toys that people can use together, but in this instance I heartily recommend some great solo pleasures.