Muse Mondays: “Patience”

Here we go with the second Muse Mondays. Inspiration was supplied by Niya B in the form of this incredible rope bondage photo.
This is a short entry, and I’m not going to claim it to be among my favourite erotica attempts, but it was good exercise.

It takes so damn long. The endless wrapping and tying and looping. Small slivers of friction as the rope passes over my skin as it heads to its next knot. Those small slivers give me shivers, though I am not cold. Standing here under the lights—the lights he insists on every single time—heat my skin to a near burn. But still I come back.
I come back because I want this.
Standing on the pedestal, again at his insistence, I want to jump down, jump on him and jump his bones. But more than that I want to not be able to jump down. I want his rope to hold me, firmly in place. I want that resistance to my desires because it makes me that much more insane for him.
While he slowly, so slowly, wraps the rope around my body, he never breaks pace, never loses his cool. I’m up here sweating, nearly panting with passion, but he takes his sweet time. He knows he can torture me like this because in the end, we’ll both get what we want.
He’ll have me tied tightly where he wants me…and I’ll be right there waiting.

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