Muse Mondays: “Liquor? Lick me! New Erotica!

Welcome back to Muse Mondays. This week’s inspiration comes from J. Sinclaire’s Lusting. Check out this amazing photo! I am a big fan of J.’s work and you’ll surely see more of these photos appear here.

Liquor? Lick me!
I was just trying to climb past her into the bed. She’d fallen into it, after clumsily shedding her clothes. I thought another night of drunkenness was going to turn into another night unfilled.
Sam cannot hold her liquor. I’m not begrudging my girl a good time out, but she always promises she’ll be up for fun when we get home…and she never is.
Tonight seemed no different. I helped her up to the bedroom and watched her almost fall down three different times just trying to take her socks off. I helped with the rest.
Despite the potential disappointment looming, my cock immediately stiffened at the sight of her curvy ass, full tits and soft skin. I wanted to lick every part of her. Instead I watched her crawl onto the bed and swoon.
Our room is small and the bed is pushed into a corner. She likes to sleep curled up along the open edge with her face perched on the edge of the mattress. If she beats me to laying down I have to crawl over her.
Not only did she flop down first tonight, but she managed to do so cross-ways, thus encompassing most of the bed’s surface.
I let out a sigh and stood close to the bed looking at her beautiful body as her breathing got heavier and heavier.
Just as I put a knee on the mattress to try and reposition her, I felt her hand glide up my other leg. She pulled me close to her until my throbbing cock hovered just above her face.
“You don’t think I just want to fall asleep, do you?” Her hand snaked up to my ass and pulled me even closer. I could feel her hot breath on my stiffness. I also knew that I was about to lose my balance, so I leaned forward, managing to not slap her face with my dick or balls. Luckily she reached up with her other hand and gently balanced me by the belly.
Suddenly her breath was replaced by her tongue as she licked up and down my shaft. She’d let go of my ass but still had a hold my belly and she giggled at my pleasure shudders. Up and down went her tongue, from the tip pf my penis to the underside of my balls. Each pass was sheer ecstacy.
I was lost in sexual bliss until I heard her murmur “more…more…more…” and I felt my cock slip deep into her mouth.
I groaned and gasped. She worked my cock so powerfully, sucking at a fevered pace. Up and down she bobbed her head, all the while clutching at my abdomen, digging her nails into my skin.
As her blowjob increased in intensity I warned her that I was going to cum. This only inspired her to take me as deep into her mouth as she could, holding my cock in place as the spasms started. It was all I could do to stay standing as rope after rope of hot jizz burst from inside me.
She only released me because her mouth was full. Giggling, it slipped out of her mouth and cum dripped down her cheeks. I panted over top of her.
And she promptly passed out, still cross-ways on the bed.

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