Jan 08

My next Sex City—JANUARY 17! Bed Post! Erotic Arts & Crafts Fair! Sapphic Aquatica!

Tune in, 11pm – midnight on TUESDAY JANUARY 17 to CIUT 89.5FM in the Toronto area or stream live online!

Jan 04

Sex Stories We Love: Sexy Science, Bound for Play, Pushing Porn & More!

It is that time of year again—are you ready for more lists? Well, remember, if you’re hear then you know those lists have to be about sex!

People are drawn to collections of data and opinion so this week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly is a gathering of sexy facts, figures, thoughts and desires.

Check out features on Challenge to the Sex Industry, Neither Mountain Nor Molehill, Sexy Science, Bound for Play, Pushing Porn and Great Sex Work Writing.

Dec 28

Sex Stories We Love: New Way to Pay for Porn, Reach Out & Virtually Touch Someone, Complex Sexual Identities & More!

As 2016 draws to a close, we can always hope for change. We can watch it, make it, wish for it and applaud it. Change in the sex world can always happen.

Check out these Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly to discover more about change from this past year and, perhaps, get inspired for 2017.

Take a read about New Way to Pay for Porn?, Bad for the Baculum?, New and…Improved?, Reach Out and Virtually Touch Someone, Complex Sexual Identities and Beyond the Scale.

Dec 21

Sex Stories We Love: Accepting Advice, Reviewing Reviewers, Dildo Display & More!

Sex toys have become a part of our world. This is still a relatively new development. But given how many awesome products are now available, let’s live it up!

This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly explores how sex toys can bring us great pleasure while still being confusing to some. Check out stories on A Change for the Better, Accepting Advice, Reviewing Reviewers, Working Hard, Dildo Display and What’s That In Your Utility Belt, Batman?

Dec 19

Finding the Pulse of Penis Pleasure—My Latest on Future of Sex!

The world of sex toys is expanding—and improving—by the day! Innovation and advances are bringing new types of stimulation that are knocking our socks off. And sometimes, these products have the added body benefits.

If you or someone you love has a penis, you have got to check out Hot Octopuss’ Pulse III. It is a revelation.

Read all about it in Finding the Pulse of Penis Pleasure on Future of Sex!

Dec 18

My Next Sex City—December 20! HUM! VejuVe! Porn Genome Project!

  • Jonathan Driscoll has a PhD in Physics and is the visionary behind the revolutionary vibrator HUM
  • Neil Maurette saw a need for for better couples’ sexual experiences, so he and his wife came up with the VejuVe Enhancer
  • Have you ever wondered if porn can be broken down to its genetic core? Taylor Kohut of the Porn Genome Project is going to tell us what this could mean for our porn-watching habits.

Tune in, 11pm – midnight on TUESDAY DECEMBER 20 to CIUT 89.5FM in the Toronto area or stream live online!

Dec 17

For Immediate Release: Toronto International Porn Festival April 2017

For Immediate Release:

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Media Contact: Carlyle Jansen     416-588-0900 xt6     carlyle@goodforher.com

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Toronto, ON, December 16, 2016:  

Good For Her, Toronto’s premiere sexuality store, launches the Toronto International Porn Festival, screening the most creative, expressive, diverse and erotic pornography the industry has to offer. As a response to the growth and popularity of independent and progressive erotic films, the former Feminist Porn Awards have now been rebranded to broaden the conversation about positive porn and reflect the diverse audience it attracts. These films are for people of all genders, sexualities, bodies and pleasures.


Audience at Awards Gala

The Toronto International Porn Festival (TIPF) will feature a series of events at iconic Toronto venues. Audiences from here at home and around the world will gather to watch and discuss pornography at the historic Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. Conversations around porn will occur at the University of Toronto in conjunction with the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies. The festival will culminate in a star-studded awards ceremony and party at The Great Hall, a gorgeous former church turned into a bold new purpose. Over the course of a weekend in late April 2017, the festival and awards show will celebrate and recognize erotic films that are inclusive and positive, representing a diversity of proclivities and desires in new and interesting ways. See the full criteria.


What: Toronto International Porn Festival: Festival and awards show celebrating the diverse erotic landscape of porn.
When: April 20-23, 2017


Awards Ceremony for Sexiest Short Film at the Feminist Porn Awards

Sexiest Short Award Presentation


  • More porn. (What people always request!)
  • Multiple screenings over 3 days, including VR (virtual reality) porn. Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema.
  • More discussion about porn by those in the industry: Porn performers themselves speak about their profession, their choices and how consumers can best support positive working conditions with their purchasing dollars. Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, University of Toronto

And of course the notable Awards Gala:
Dress in style to finish off the festival, mingling with your favourite performers and directors as they vie for awards at historic venue, The Great Hall.

We wish to thank all of our previous volunteers, attendees, submitting pornographers and performers, Good For Her staff and Festival Directors, entertainment and presenters, sponsors, advisors and supporters for helping make the events as successful as they have been and encouraging us to grow and evolve. 

Media Contact: Carlyle Jansen     416-588-0900 xt6     carlyle@goodforher.com

ILL NANA/DiverseCity Dance Company


Dec 14

Sex Stories We Love: Conan Gets Caned, Public Display for Attention, Stocking Stuffer & More!

Sometimes we all need to step back, take a think and really put some thought into what we are reading and understanding when it comes to sex. Misconceptions happen! Misunderstandings aren’t unusual. And we all need to get this and be able to talk and move on.

This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly explores some current confusions and preps us to be ready for more. Check out stories on Conan Gets Canned, Everybody’s Getting Good Vibrations, Public Display for Attention?, Bloody Hot Sex, Brexit Causes Sex Tech Suffering, and Stocking Stuffer.

Dec 07

Sex Stories We Love: Racism V. Type, For the People, Robo-Love & More!

There are a number of conversational touchstones that can get a little too hot to handle. Politics, religion and, of course, sex! We are so divided in our beliefs and opinions of sex topics that arguments flair up all the time.

This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly fans the flames by looking at stories that are embers ready to burst. Check out stories on Racism V. Type?, It Is Possible, A Snip Decision?, For The People, Robo-Love, and a Hairy Debate.

Nov 26

Porn, Photography and Craigslist on my latest Sex City!

I was delighted to welcome special guests to the Sex City studio to discuss porn, photography and Craigslist:


Nov 23

Sex Stories We Love: Discovering Consent, Waiting or Wanting, Spoonful of Semen & More!

This is the awkward AF edition of Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly. Whether it be sex connection and communication between people, between communities or even on a personal level, sometimes sex is, challenging to negotiate.

Check out stories on Softening on Someone Else, Helping, Hot Hands, Discovering Consent, There Goes the Neighbourhood?, Waiting or Wanting? and Spoonful of Semen.

Nov 20

My next Sex City November 22! Monica Hamburg! Ricardo Scipio! Dr. David Ley!

Tune in, 11pm – midnight on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 22 to CIUT 89.5FM in the Toronto area or stream live online!

Nov 16

Sex Stories We Love: Paper Cut Porn, RIP Leonard Cohen, Peek-a-boo or Perv? & More!

“What turns us on?”

This might be the most loaded question that sex community ever tries to answer. Who knows what turns anyone on, and can there ever be collective agreement?

This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly explores the various things that turn us on. Check out stories on Motors Running, Lingerie is Revealing, Paper Cut Porn, Not a Solid Solution, RIP Leonard Cohen, and Peek-A-Boo or Perv?

Nov 14

9 Tips for Playing Along the Edge of Orgasm

Sometimes we want sex that is fast and fantastic that ends in an explosion of ecstasy. Other times we want to carry the awesome feelings for as long as possible. Get close and pull back. Get right to that delicious edge…

Edging is a gaining in popularity and more and more people are learning all of its intricacies. To help folks to discover the joys of edging with 9 Tips for Playing Along the Edge of Orgasm on Kinkly!

Nov 12

The Future of Male Birth Control Is Near—My latest on Future of Sex!

There has been a lot of talk about the development of male contraceptives. And it has been quite a controversy. However, there are other research teams brewing up alternatives that might suggest a different path for this white whale of sexual health. And they might involve an unusual orifice.

Check out The Future of Male Birth Control Is Near on Future of Sex

Nov 02

Sex Stories We Love: Sexual Assault in VR, Consent Done Right, No Big Deal? & More!

This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly is all about how we learn about sex. Not the birds and the bees kinda stuff (although that’s always useful!), but how we find the answers to questions. It might be from community, an individual, or even from within.

Before we get into this week’s selections, one great way you can learn about sex is from the growing number of sex bloggers from around the world. And you can find a great round-up in Kinkly’s list of The Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2016! Don’t forget to go beyond that list though. Kinkly also maintains a directory of sex bloggers almost 400 deep. Always great reading!

And here’s this week’s list of Sex Stories We Love! Check out stories on  Sexual Assault in VR, The More You Know About More, An Important Journey, Consent Done Right, No Big Deal, Bachelor, Who?

Oct 31

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Sex City is proud to support CIUT—our gracious hosts on community radio—in The Sound of Your City Membership Drive on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 15!

We’ll be announcing some special guests who will be coming into the studio that night to tell you all about the worlds of sex, sexuality and gender and how we love sharing their stories on community radio.

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