Dec 12

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, December 17

In Toronto, Maggie’s is launching 17 Reasons: Sex Workers, Resilience and Resistance, a collectively made zine featuring the writing and artwork of sex workers with street experience.

Maggie’s says the zine will contain humour, insight and analysis from the people who best understand the intersections of oppressions that lead to violence against sex workers — and the solutions.

The launch party is at the 519 Community Centre on Dec 17, from 4pm to 6pm. Copies of 17 Reasons will be available. The event is free.

For more information, contact Maggie’s here.

Dec 11

Sex News! I Love It!

Condoms With Teeth Fight Rape In South Africa

Teen sexting concerns overblown, studies find

Reverse-Engineering Yes/No/Maybe
Former NBA player John Amaechi links sex and sport

Sex on the brain same as meditation says Irish researcher

I Shaved My Cooch For This?!

To Be Pretty in the Age of the Web

AIDS group seeks referendum on porno condom use

XXX gives porn a new internet home, but will adult sites come calling?

An Ode to Orgasms

Save Labels For Gifts

And Now, A Sexist, Rapey Joke From The President Of Chile

Homewood turn restriction rejected

5 Whores Who Changed The Course of History

The Perils of Open Relationships

A Threat to Boston’s Strip Clubs 

The Muff March against ‘designer vagina’ surgery

Grinch Christmas: Lingerie is a perilous gift

Dec 09

Fuck U Fridays—December 23

It’s that time of year again, so let us begin by wishing you a Very Mary Fuckin XXXmas. Tonight we ask your presence for presents in this holiday fundraiser – cum sit on Santa’s knee, grab his toy, and re-gift all night long. Or you may prefer to sit on the knee of Mrs. Claus and whisper sweet nuthins in her ear. Bring the whole fuckin family with ya as we dance our way into XXXmas Eve…and Adam.

Stop by and hang with Saint Dick (Justin King of Playboys) and Ms Claws (Lexi Tronic)

You also don’t want to miss our infamous midnight performances with an XXXmas theme. This will be a night of wrapping and unwrapping, featuring the lovely and oh so talented Helene Ducharme who will let “the girls” out and sing through her mistletoe, MC Jazz drops her saucy stylins all over your face, and Judy Virago stumbles in to wreak havoc under the tree. Also, a very special performance by Justin King of Playboys (Mr National). This will be his first time up on stage in Canada, and we are thrilled to have him be part of the Buddies fundraiser. BIO’s below…

For those who prefer to give than receive, this is a fundraiser for Buddies charity of choice, so your contribution of non-perishable food items at the door is greatly appreciated.

Calling all Beastie Boys and Backstreet Boys, Vivian Girls and Spice Girls – Whether you like Black Box or Black Lips, White Lines or White Weddings

DJ Triple-X throws down some retro tunes from the 60’s. 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s…along with some 21st century grooves tossed into the mix.
Special guest DJ Posterboy will rock your socks off!

Dress the part – nerd, scholar, goth, slut, preppie, freak, teacher, stoner, misfit, reject, queer, hoser, rocker, glam, punk, disco, femme, butch, skater, hip hop, new wave, master, servant – Red and Green encouraged!

Friday December 23rd – Buddies in Bad Times Theatre – 12 Alexander St – Toronto – 1030pm to 230am – 5 Buxxx with non-perishable food items at the door.

$10.25 beer pitchers and selected $2.75 shooters all night long.

#############Fourth Friday of Every Month##################

Performer Bio’s

Helene Ducharme has never shied away from expressing herself on stage. Always ready to experience new things she has evolved as an exciting performer to watch. Some of her past adventures include: the Hysteria Festival where she created and performed “Paint My Number” with artist Suzanne MacRury. Re: Paint My Number “Helene Ducharme sang four classical numbers with style and sensitivity…” NOW Magazine. She has collaborated many times with Troy Yorke in his Cabaret Vulgare, “Coloratura Soprano Helene Ducharme soars through her scenes: she is the picture of regal dignity in her opening song from Carmen…” XTRA! Magazine. She has recently been referred to as” miss porneriffic” Dan Lavoie XTRA Magazine. And by DJ Shane Percy of Grapefruit:” the divine female force Helene Ducharme gives us a taste of her gorgeous yet deliciously vulgar operatics!
Always excited to try new things on stage, Helene has explored working with her voice and acting roles in the “Avant Guard”, film and in theatre. Some highlights include: Shaw Festival (play music) Gina Lori Riley (modern dance) Uncut (Feature movie singing appearance) Demolish (dark/cabaret performance) Thrill of a Lifetime (TV. appearance).

MC Jazz is a queer Egyptian rapper/poet, whose lyrics attempt to break the social, sexual and political limitations of Hip-hop. Jazz (Yasmeen Kamal) was born in Kuwait but escaped with family back to Egypt during the Gulf War between Kuwait and Iraq. After immigrating to Canada in 2000, and experiencing the extreme prejudice created from 9/11, Jazz started using spoken word, poetry and rap to reveal and express social injustice in today’s society and using hip-hop as a tool for relating her words to people who are not necessarily Muslim or queer. Her lyrics are inspired by the desire to educate and change the media-reliant culture we live in today through empowering most groups that are considered to be a minority in our societies. Since conscious hip-hop has been taking a back seat, Jazz uses her poetry and rap to empower females who may not necessarily have access to inclusive music. Since being an openly queer, Muslim, Egyptian artist is a rare combination, Jazz works to ensure that none of her personal beliefs are compromised while creating music and being part of the hip-hop scene in Toronto.

Judy Virago hails from the magical shores of Middle Earth, New Zealand. Her feats of majesty are world famous (in New Zealand, where she won a major title within her first year in training heels, many moons ago).After several years of cabaret, theatre, indie film and music video performances, wee Jude packed up and took off to the bright lights of Honest Ed’s, Toronto. Since her arrival to the frozen north just ten months ago, Ms. Virago has set her sights on claiming the hearts and souls of Canadians to trade with the Dark Lord for more tacky jewellery, cheap wigs and vintage frocks. Judy has made her mark on the Toronto scene hosting queer club nights, dazzling crowds with eclectic and innovative fashion sense, creative style, excessive use of liquid eyeliner and glitter. A proud vegan ecofeminist, Judy takes her inspiration from women everwhere, especially those who have faded from glory… and painted it back on. More is more, darlings.

Justin King of Playboys – Mr National MI 2010

I am a male illusionist based out of Atlanta, GA, who has been gracing the stage with my GQ charm, suave dance moves, and the ability to work the stage since 2000. In the ten years of being an entertainer, I have learned so much, opening my eyes and mind to a whole new level, and as my career progresses, my eyes and mind continue to see and learn more. Some of my accomplishments include: Mr National MI 2010, Mr Alabama USofA MI 2009/ 2010, Southern Voice Best Drag King of Atlanta Award in 2003, 2004,2007 and 2008, and Most Sexiest For Myspace Drag Awards 2010. My performances consist of a wide variety of styles and genres which include everything from hip-hop/r&b to mainstream pop, reggae/latin styles to alternative rock and beyond. Musical artists that I try to emulate through my dance include Justin Timberlake, Usher, Ne-Yo, Michael Jackson. No matter what it is I do on stage, I strongly believe in a high-energy show that keeps the audience wanting more in the end.

Lexi Tronic is quite simply put, party girl extraordinaire!


Pix from previous months – featuring Mr Ease, Goat Boy, and Divinesque, Jenna Syde, Zsa Zsa La Bitche, Tanya Cheex, and more –

All months –

Oct –

Artists you might hear are – AC/DC, Run DMC, Cracker, Madonna, Kylie, Rough Trade, NKOTB, Supremes, Elvis, Def Leppard, NIN, Dolly Parton, Twisted Sister, Sylvester, Chic, Deelite, REO Speedwagon. Journey, Loverboy, Johnny Cash, Japan, Shondelles, Big Freedia, The Adverts, Subhumans, NSYNC, Nina Hagen, Duchess Says, Timex Social Club, Luba, Two Unlinmited, Robyn S, Dream Warriors, Afrika Bambatta, Sade, Ministry, Tone Loc, Dead or Alive, U2, Ultravox, Duran Duran, Turtles, Hollies, Grand Master Flash, Vibrators, Joan Jett, Heart, Le Tigre, Divine, Rolling Stones, Adam and the Ants, Janis Joplin, Stiff Little Fingers, Blur, Oasis, That Petrol Emotion, David Bowie, Tina Turner, Led Zeppelin, Devo, Buddy Holly, Bryan Adams, Lords of Acid, Loverboy, 2 Live Crew, Slits, Janet Jackson, Richie Valens, Bill Haley. Bryan Ferry, Doors, Clash, Nivana, Public Enemy, Stranglers, INXS, Snap, Ricky Martin, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Ronnettes, Ministry, Petula Clark, Flying Lizards, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Still Little Fingers, Aerosmith, Patti Labelle, Beatles, Donne Summer, Placebo, Motley Crew, Culture Club, Gary Numan, Cher, Phil Collins, Right Said Fred, Sisters of Mercy, Ace of Bass. MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Dr and the Medics, BB Gabor, Marilyn Manson, Archies, Headpins, Manzone, Cramps, Cabaret Voltaire

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Dec 08

Help with next Sex City show?

I would love for my next show to be dedicated to a particular activity or fetish. In the past, I’ve done shows on blood play, foot fetish and…well, I think there have been others. Can you think of a good topic I could explore? Leather comes to mind. Perhaps watersports? Different clothing fetishes could be combined…readers will be familiar with my fondness for blue jeans.

What would you like to hear? Lemme know!

Dec 06

Sex City! Tonight at 11pm! So Excited!

Sex City begins its new life at night TONIGHT! Host Jon Pressick (that’s me!) chats about great ways to have sexy fun the other six nights of the week with erotica author Eden Baylee, Todd and Amber from and massage gal April Fine. Tune in to Sex City every Tuesday from 11:00pm-12:00am on CIUT 89.5FM or streaming online at Podcast will be available a few days later at

Dec 03

Sex News! I love it!

Help for male survivors of sex abuse

Female Circumcision Comes to America

Assless Chaps

Staring at naked women makes you smarter: Study

Public high school teacher starred in porno movies released last year

To all those men who don’t think the rape jokes are a problem:

Cops: 1 killer responsible in Gilgo murders

George Michael hospitalized: Christians For a Moral America praying for his death

Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got

Gay activists attack Sun Media

Study Finds Sex a Significant Predictor of Happiness Among Married Seniors

Polygamy ruling should trouble feminists

Where have all the GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! gone?

Multiple marriages, multiple questions

New sex study finds all kinds of friends with benefits

Fire at Penthouse strip club in downtown Vancouver

Porn That Women Like: Why Does It Make Men So Uncomfortable?

The Awesome Sex Worker Who Loves Disabled Clients

Sex worker sweeps will continue: police

L.A. could vote on porn star condom use

Condom sabotage lands N.S. man in jail 

Mallick: Absurd McMaster study demonizes breasts, beauty and women

Nov 30

Sexual Spectrum: Nichole Taylor of The Honey Bunny’s

While we all know that sex sells, it must be remembered that in a crowded marketplace you do have to get a little creative to sell sex. Seems odd to think, given the major industry sex is, but there are many people out there looking for a piece of that pie.
   Nichole Taylor of The Honey Bunny’s, a Toronto-based sex products retailer, has developed some ingenious ways to get sexual products out to the public. Utilizing web and pop culture strategies, as well as good old-fashioned hand selling, Taylor is poised for success in a busy field.
   I chatted with Nichole about the beginning of the Bunny’s and where they’re going to hop to in the future.

How did the Honey Bunny’s Company start up?
NT: A friend of mine was joking around saying I should open up a sex shop because its a great industry to make money. I laughed it off because I wasn’t really into that stuff. Shortly after, for some reason, I researched it and saw the potential in the industry and decided to start a business. It didn’t take long to develop the vision and branding that would later work in favour for the company.

JP: What do the Honey Bunny’s specialize in?
NT: We specialize in adult, novelty and fetish-inspired lingerie products. You can buy online in one of our 2 online shops, at a home party, special event or a direct sale through one of our sales reps. We also do pole rentals.

JP: What are some of your bestselling products?
NT: The purple rabbit, Nipple cream, Massage candles, Cockrings and Swiss navy lube.

JP: When you meet with new clients and customers, what do they most often tell you they are looking for?
NT: Well I can’t go into detail on my customers orders, I’m very discreet, but in general people want gels or creams that can stimulate their special areas or lingerie vinyl to add to an outfit and stand out.

JP: Selling in night clubs must be a riot! Any interesting stories? Do the bathrooms become very busy?

NT: Lol! Yes it can be challenging but it always works and we have a good time. We usually have a booth that we turn into a mini boutique. We have our team go around and get people to come check out what we have and a lot of people enjoy the convienient way to shop. You can buy and pick up your order when you’re leaving or stuff your small purchase in your purse for that “me time” later.

JP: What piece of advice would you offer someone who is out to buy a toy or some fetish wear for the first time?
NT: I would say go for what you see and like. Ask your sales rep what products are designed to hit your g-spot or whichever spot that gets you off. A lot of ladies love clitoral stimulation, some like vaginal and some anal. Don’t worry about the size or shape being right. With the toys, I find that everyone says different things about what works for them, so you just have to jump in and go for it.

JP: What are your plans for the future of The Honey Bunny’s Company?
NT: Well I plan to continue to build this brand into a global business that can become a major player in the industry. I have learned so much so far that I can confidently go into the future and say Honey Bunny’s will become a successful company. We want to continue with our mascot bunny branding and stay consistent with our company culture. It’s like a world full of creativity, sex, adult products, entertainment, pop culture, we blog about tips and tricks etc… A lot is on the go. You can always stay tuned with our regular post on and access our 2 online shops from there as well 🙂 Thank you for featuring us on your site!

Nov 27

Sex News! I love it!

Big week in the world of sex here in Canada. What do you think of the decision on polygamy and polyamory?

Gamer Girls Have More Sex

Goodbyes and Hellos on SWTO’s team

Kermit The Frog Is A Terrible Boyfriend

How to lose friends and alienate colleagues: Show cleavage, study finds

Tanya Cheex—Burlesque Rebel

The Sun wants to know why it’s homophobic

In Defense of Divorce

B.C. judge upholds Canada’s polygamy laws

The polygamy ruling: Another peek into the bedrooms of the nation

Cops watched porn, skipped work instead of investigating missing women: Galliford

Naked Anthropologist Laura Agustin claims antislavery movement harms sex workers

Mapping of woman’s brain reveal new regions of sexual stimulation

Dare you to look deeper

Nov 25

Toronto Erotica Writers and Readers Meetup—November 30!

Toronto Erotica Writers and Readers Meetup!
Wednesday November 30
$5 cover
Tequila Bookworm
512 Queen St. W., Toronto

November 30 is our next time to get together for wicked words and wanton writing. We’ll have another icebreaker courtesy of Skye and a talk by Robin Wolfe of Freaky Fountain Press (!

And don’t forget ORAL: Adventures in Erotica (!/show/oral_adventures_in_erotica) will broadcast the open mic erotica reading at 9pm.

If you can’t listen live, check out podcasts at

If you have books, chapbooks, zines or dirty limericks scribbled on napkins you want to trade, share or sell, bring them!

Nov 23

Sexual Spectrum: Miss dd Starr

Photo credit: Andrea Hausmann

We’re all taught to stay in school in order to get ahead in life. Study hard, put your nose to the grindstone. Well, fabulous burlesque beauty Miss dd Starr did just that, except it was more about rhinestone!
   Heating up the Toronto burlesque for a few years now, Miss dd Starr brings a unique and fantastic blend of sex and style to her performances that wow audiences. By embracing the tassel arts, she has also learned and discovered more about herself.
   I had the opportunity to chat with Miss dd Starr about the role of burlesque in her life.

JP: How long have you been involved in burlesque?
DDS: I took my first burlesque class at the Coco Framboise School of Burlesque in 2007 and started performing as a Bonbon at events across Toronto. With a little convincing I entered an amateur burlesque competition Strip Search as a solo artist. Strip Search was a fundraiser for the very first Toronto Burlesque Festival in 2008 . I actually won the competition and got to perform at the first TBF. That night I fell in love with the Toronto burlesque scene and my life is forever changed. I finally found where I belong….in a community where raunch is respected and talent is showcased by individuality. I have been performing ever since.

Photo credit: Carl W. Heindl

JP: What drew you to this art form?
DDS: Well, my mom was a ballet dancer and my dad has always played guitar in bands. So I grew up listening to all genres of music. I started dancing at the age of 4 and really grew up in a dance studio. At 18, I realized that my curvy body type would never be accepted in the professional dance community and knew I needed to find a new passion professionally.
    I gave up dance and went to school for fashion and fell in love with costumes and became a Wardrobe Stylist. I was on a photo shoot and a makeup artist I was friendly with asked me if I wanted to take burlesque classes and I said yes.
    After my first class with Coco I was so inspired I went home and researched the history of burlesque everyday for a month. I was so happy that I found burlesque because it is a community that includes dance, costume, theatre, music, comedy, performance and actually accepted my body type. I knew this was where I belonged.

Photo credit: Tess Francis


JP: What is your burlesque style?

DDS: I love classic burlesque. Growing up watching old Hollywood movies really influences the classic burlesque style in my acts. However, neo-burlesque acts are normally my favourites to watch at shows. So I like to have a fusion of classic and neo-burlesque in my routines. I feel like it is the best of both worlds.
Photo credit: Carl W. Heindl

JP: Who are your inspirations?
DDS: Performers that inspire me are Dirty Martini, Roxi Dlite, Coco Framboise, Ava Noir, La Minouche, Burgundy Brixx and Amber Ray. All of these performers kill it on stage and watching them makes me want to work harder. What I love most about them is they are kind, loving, supportive and respected dames.
    Inspiration for my acts always comes from music. I always find my music first and I should mention I am obsessed with HBO soundtracks. When I can really feel the music resonate in my soul I know it will be the song for my next act. I am normally drawn to music with grit, soul, great accents and a little twang. That seems to be the music that makes me feel most sexy. I also love the contrast of gritty, whiskey-steeped music with the classic glamour of feathers, lace and swarovksis.

Photo credit: Voodoo Bill Kustom Photography

JP: What is your signature number?
DDS: I would say my Bad Things Saloon Act is my signature number. This gritty, glamorous act was inspired by the music from HBO’s True Blood. I love this show and I may have a bit of an addiction to it. In my opinion, True Blood is so damn sexy—it is better than porn. The characters, music and overall look of the show really inspired me to fulfill a fantasy of my own in this act. The saloon girl, western thing has always been a personal turn on and I have always wanted to really dance on a large pink bar. I tease the audience with a riding crop and whiskey bottles in this act and wear a sultry custom costume by Christina Manuge.

Photo credit: Sarah Thompson

JP: If you could perform that routine for just one person, anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
DDS: That is a tough one….I would have to say since that Bad Things is my True Blood act it would have to perform that act to Eric on the show. Not the actor that plays Eric but the character Eric, preferably with his memory cause I like the bad ass Eric so much more. I would perform it in hopes he would turn me into a vampire and I could be the new burlesque dancer vampire character dd Starr on the show. That would be a dream come true!

Photo credit: Chris Hutcheson

JP: What could make your burlesque experiences even better?
DDS: I think getting out into the global burlesque scene will be very beneficial for me. The more people I meet around the world in burlesque the more I learn. Each individual in the scene has something unique to offer and I love finding out what makes performers tick.
    Moving to Vancouver in 2010 was a really great learning experience for me as a burlesque dancer. It forced me to see what other communities have to offer. The Vancouver scene is amazing and I learned so much from all the performers there. The talent is fierce and they all were so kind to me. I love performing in Vancouver.
    I also went to Burly-Con in Seattle this year and it made me fall even harder in love with Burlesque. I strongly urge all performers to go, it truly was the best learning experience. I will be attending every year!

Photo credit: MOPO

JP: What are your plans for the future, close and long-term?
DDS: Well I am currently working on my big act for next year. I am really hoping to put everything I have learned in this past year together and create a new act that challenges me as a performer. Burlesque really helps me grow as a woman, especially when I do something that scares me a little in each act….challenging yourself is good. Putting a new act together is like therapy for me.
   In the future, I hope to grow as a person and a performer. I hope to get the opportunity to perform in great shows, teach, travel, inspire and be inspired. Burlesque filled holes in my spirit that I never even knew were empty and I have attained a new level of fulfillment. My ultimate goal is to give back to the burlesque community as much as I have received. I am forever grateful.

You can catch Miss dd Starr at 
UP YOUR CHIMNEY: A Christmas Spanktacular!
December 17th at The Silver Dollar Room!

Great Canadain Burlesque: Girlesque 7
Friday, January 27, 2012 at Revival Nightclub