Dec 02

Sex City—December 9—CONSENT

The Jian Ghomeshi scandal has rocked the media and sexual landscape, bringing to the fore an all-important word and concept that has been pushed to the background for too long: consent.

On TUESDAY DECEMBER 9 at 11PM, a special edition of Sex City will be all about consent and what it means from a legal, kink and personal perspective.

I will be joined by special guest co-host Lisa Bucher for this discussion, and we’re bringing experts and educators together for the conversation

  • Raymond Motee is Sex City’s frequent legal analyst who will outline the legal implications of sexual consent.
  • Matt Scott and Shadow-girl are the co-founders of Ontario Kink, and they will discuss how Ghomesi’s implication of BDSM and consent has impacted that community.
  • Heather Elizabeth and JP Robichaud recently presented “A Conversation on Consent” and they will offer ways to talk about—receiving and giving—consent.

Tune in, 11pm – midnight on TUESDAY DECEMBER 9 to CIUT 89.5FM in the Toronto area or stream live online!

Nov 26

Dressed to Thrill: Bringing Cosplay Into the Bedroom—My latest on Kinkly!

I’m so happy this article has come out on Kinkly! Cosplay is such a fun topic to research, and bridges my interests in nerdy culture that I explore on another project, Flock of Nerds, and sex and sexuality.

Check it out!

Dressed to Thrill: Bringing Cosplay Into the Bedroom

Don’t forget to catch The Night is Dark and Full of Tassels: GAME OF THRONES BURLESQUE III this Saturday, November 29!

Nov 11

My Latest Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly! Drones, Cum, G-Strings and More!

I wanted to give us all a little reprieve from the Ghomeshi saga with my latest Sex Stories We Love over on Kinkly. So instead, we’re talkin’ drone porn, confusing sex euphemisms, surprise vibrators, artsy strip clubs and the secrets to Starbucks success. A week for the lighter side of sex, folks!

Nov 11

Support Passionly: Sexy Marriage Made Simple Campaign

My friends at Passionly (I interviewed Erica Grigg on Sex City a year-ish ago) have launched a Kickstarter campaign to further develop their app and get their book published! Passionly is a great guide to keeping the monotony out of marriage and Erica and Tim will definitely show you some great tips, resources—all while you have some fun along the way.

Considering supporting Passionly on Kickstarter!

Nov 02

Launch of “Secrets of the Sex Masters” and “Succulent Sexcraft”


Launch of “Secrets of the Sex Masters” and “Succulent Sexcraft”

Thursday, November 13
7:30pm – 10:30pm
The Ossington
61 Ossington Ave

You are invited to a Sexy Book Launch, Mini- Class and Party to celebrate the launch of our two hot new sex books:

**Succulent SexCraft: Your Hands-On Guide to Erotic Play & Practice by Sheri Winston
**Secrets of the Sex Masters by Carl Frankel with Carlyle Jansen, Jon Pressick, Sheri Winston (and others)

Come help us celebrate! Bring your friends! Spread the WORD!

Admission is FREE! (Cash bar)

DJ Jon Pressick

Join us any time! ALL FREE! ALL FUN!

* 7:30 pm: Educational Teasers and Ask the Sex Masters … Anything with
Sheri Winston
Carl Frankel
Jon Pressick
Carlyle Jansen

*8:30-10:30 pm: Schmoozing and dancing with DJ @Jon Pressick

Our books will be available with special party pricing. Plus, we’ll be offering fun prizes and freebies!

Oct 28

My Latest Sex Stories We Love: Let’s Talk Labels—on Kinkly

Labels, when it comes to sex and sexuality, might be the ultimate Catch-22. We don’t really like them, but we kinda find them necessary. This week in Sex Stories We Love, I discuss posts about asexuality, bottoming and sex addiction as well as the vag vs clit debate, sexspeak and a campus nudie mag!

Oct 21

Secrets of the Sex Masters! Available Now!


I am delighted to let everyone know that you can now learn all of the Secrets of the Sex Masters! This remarkable collection of sex tips, instruction, anecdotes and fun is now available on Amazon! I was lucky enough to contribute the chapter on anal sex (yay!) and I have to praise editor Carl Frankel on the fantastic job he’s done in collecting this tremendous bank of knowledge.

Check out this line-up of Sex Master contributors: Carl Frankel, Megan Andelloux, Jaeleen Bennis, Charlie Glickman, Ernest Greene, Nina Hartley, Carlyle Jansen, Joseph Kramer, Reid Mihalko, Eve Minax, Caroline Muir, Charles Muir, Tallulah Sulis, Patricia Taylor, Michael Winn, Sheri Winston. WOW!

I am very grateful to have my words included in Secrets of the Sex Masters…and I think you will be very grateful when you read all it has to offer!