Aug 25

Listening In: The Sounds of Sex—My First Guest Post for Cara Sutra!

I’ve long been intrigued by the sounds of sex—beyond the delicious moans and groans. What turns us on between the ears can often be overlooked. And getting to explore this as a guest post on the inimitable Cara Sutra’s site is a tremendous pleasure. Much appreciate to Girly Juice and Christopher Zeischegg for sharing their thoughts!

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Aug 23

My Latest on Kinkly! Sex Education for Grownups 101

I work in an environment where the phrase “lifelong learning” is used frequently. And I’ve taken it to heart—especially when it comes to sex. When we’re growing up, the opportunities for positive sex education are few. But as adults, there are a growing number of amazing educators and resources available. 

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May 15

My Latest on Kinkly—Why I Don’t Want Teachers Teaching Sex Ed

Sex education is a big topic right now in my part of the world. People are enraged on both sides of the debate as the Ontario government institutes a long-awaited new sex education curriculum this coming September. I love the new studies, I am glad they are in schools…I just think there are better alternatives than teachers offering this education.

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Mar 22

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