Mar 22

Sex News! I love it! March 22, 2015

What I learned from a male sex surrogate

“That Would Be a Great Sex Toy!”: How New Age Crystal Dildos Changed One Sex Shop Worker’s Life

12 Gay Sex Positions Heterosexuals Should Try

Here’s What We’re All Thinking About Sex, From the 20-Something Sex Educators Who Know

Opening the Door to the Deliciously Disabled: The Importance of Having Accessibility in Sexual Spaces

‘Cum For Bigfoot’: The Rise, Fall, and Future of Monster Erotica

What do Asexuals Think About our Sex-Obsessed World?

I’m married. I’m a woman. I’m addicted to porn.

Sex Work Can Be Empowering, But The Sex Industry Isn’t

HuffPost Love And Sex Podcast: Inside New York’s Chemistry Sex Party

5 Pros And Cons Of Being A Plus-Size Dominatrix, Because BDSM Is Not The Shocking Lifestyle Choice It Once Was

Scientific Advice For A Better Sex Life: Sleep, And Watch Porn

Why I Haven’t Had Sex in 10 Years

Boomer Banks on his future

I watched the Randy Quaid porno so you don’t have to

How to Survive a Dry Spell Without Lowering Your Standards

French dating site taken to court for promoting adultery

6 Sex Terms That DEFINITELY Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

Sex, porn and mythical genitalia: Girls at single-sex schools aren’t that innocent

Better Sleep for a Better Sex Life

How 2 Transgender Porn Stars (And 1 Queer Producer) Are Changing Porn Forever

8 Secrets From Behind the Scenes of a Porn Shoot

Strip clubs closing due to lack of demand across Canada, says industry insider

Mar 17

My Latest Sex Stories We Love! Library Lawbreaking, Plant Sex & Sexy Spine Curves & more!

It has been a couple weeks of pretty out there stories to choose from for my latest Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly.We’ve got a woman doing cam shows in public libraries, lube regulation, butts and spine curves, outlawing queer conversion, plant sex, and the question of naming abuse on Fetlife.

Check it out and enjoy!

Mar 03

My latest Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly! Infidelity, Illegal Sex Ed and Awful Craig Brittain

It is time for another Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly! Lots of wild stories this week including some info on infidelity, a place where sex ed might become illegal, one person’s true-life Transparent story, dommes on the daily grind, Google backs down and the how revenge porn king Craig Brittain continues to prove himself an true asshole.

Read Sex Stories We Love here!

Feb 03

My Latest Sex Stories We Love! Bronze Buttholes, Bedside Manners, Road Trips & More!

This particular Sex Stories We Love for Kinkly was a lot of fun to write. These stories are pretty positive and celebrate good, silly, awesome things about sex. Sure, it is, unfortunately, easy to find difficult stories—because there are many. But let’s enjoy these!

Sex Stories We Love: Bronze Buttholes, Bedside Manners, Road Trips, Snow Buddies, Shrinking Violets and Immortalized Bodies

Jan 20

My latest Sex Stories We Love! Frotteurism, How Not to Clean Your Sex Toy, Safe Literature & More!

Writing about sex—particularly sex in the news—just feels so damn right. It really is what I wish I could do all time! Fortunately, I’ve got my little slice of the pie over at Kinkly—and here it is!

My latest Sex Stories We Love dips into frotteurism, dlido cleaning gone wrong, condoms in erotica, strip club commandments, the sexiness of creativity and bipolar disorder in relationships.

Read Here!

Dec 09

My Latest Sex Stories We Love: Banned in the UK, Bad Ass Parenting, and Male Birth Control

I spend a lot of time reading about sex, but writing my bi-weekly column Sex Stories We Love for Kinkly (shared with the amazing Bobbie Morgan) has given me an entirely new perspective on what sex news is. I mean, I collect sex news every week to share, but when it comes down to picking just a handful of items to discuss in the column, I have a really hard time! Sex news is everywhere. Sex in everywhere. Sex opinion and education and discussion is everywhere. And that is awesome!

This week on Sex Stories We Love, I get into the UK porn ban, sexy emojis, comfort with fetishes, Bound, awesome parenting, and male birth control. 

Nov 26

Dressed to Thrill: Bringing Cosplay Into the Bedroom—My latest on Kinkly!

I’m so happy this article has come out on Kinkly! Cosplay is such a fun topic to research, and bridges my interests in nerdy culture that I explore on another project, Flock of Nerds, and sex and sexuality.

Check it out!

Dressed to Thrill: Bringing Cosplay Into the Bedroom

Don’t forget to catch The Night is Dark and Full of Tassels: GAME OF THRONES BURLESQUE III this Saturday, November 29!

Nov 26

Wrapped in an Angel’s Sexy Wings—Cover Him with Darkness

How far would you go for the romance of a lifetime? Would you risk your family relationships? Would you risk your eternal soul? Janine Ashbless wraps these themes in Cover Him with Darkness—a thrilling erotic tale where good and evil battle for true love.

I chatted with Janine about her latest trip into fantasy erotica, a genre she expands with romantic adventures of swords ‘n’ sandals, contemporary paranormal, fairytale stories based on mythology and folklore.


What is the overwhelming allure of angels in our mythology?
I think that in the westernized romantic mythology, angels take the same role as the gods used to in the pre-Christian sexual imagination. They are something greater than human, more beautiful and more powerful and “purer”, that come to earth to sweep up us mortals in ecstasy. Isn’t that the ultimate fantasy lover? It’s just Gabriel now instead of Zeus.

Are they necessarily erotic?
Good question. There’s a tension between, say, angels in academic theology, and angels in art and contemporary romance. The former are not usually depicted as sexual beings (though in Genesis Chapter 6 the ”sons of God” come down and take wives from amongst humans). But it’s human nature, isn’t it: the moment we started depicting them in art we made them handsome paragons of men. It’s then absolutely inevitable that we romanticize and sexualize that. We are sexual creatures by nature, after all.

Did you fear backlash from people who would object to eroticizing angels?
There may be some backlash to what I’ve written in Cover Him with Darkness, but believe me—there’s stuff in there that’s likely to offend religious literalists far more than the erotic content.

JA-color Are there other paranormal/fantastic theme you are looking to explore?
I’ve covered a LOT of paranormal themes already in my erotica: fairies, ghosts, minotaurs, werewolves, vampires, gods of several different mythologies… I’m happy to revisit any of these if inspiration strikes. Or have I missed something obvious out? Hmmm….

What can we look forward to from you in the future?
Well, there’ll be the sequels to Cover Him with Darkness, I very much hope! And I’m writing a quartet of modern-day magical/pagan erotic novellas for Ellora’s Cave – Summer Seduction is out already, and others will follow.

You can learn more about Cover Him with Darkness on Amazon and Goodreads.