Feb 26

Sex Stuff: Hand Solo

Is it possible to love the idea of a toy, but not so much the execution?
Don’t get me wrong, Rocks Off’s Hand Solo is a superior product. It is made from quality silicone and comes with a good bullet vibe. Rocks Off has a great reputation. But I was literally a bit confused about how to use Hand Solo on my cock.
Let me explain. As you can see in the photo, you hold the toy through the handle and wrap it around your cock. Many nubs line the inside for increased sensation.
All of that–no problem, but here’s where I have difficulties.
My first instinct was to wrap my fingers all the around my cock, encasing it in silicone. I applied a generous amount of lube, but the nubs didn’t seem to glide well. It was also difficult to get my fingers on a comfortable position because of the position of the handle. This just wasn’t doing it for me.
So, I tried something different. I let my fingers follow the shape of the toy instead, concentrating pressure on the sides of my penis. This was good…but not enough. Again the nubs felt awkward and out of place. This is my personal preference for sure. I’d prefer something different–softer and more like a Fleshlight. The vibe is a great addition though, it was feeling good.
My third attempt was decently pleasurable, but again, not enough. I moved Hand Solo to the underside of my cock and rubbed it, pushing my cock back against my body. Again, decent but not enough.
Eventually I decided I wanted to get off and went back to method #1. It was good, but too much work went into that cum.
My conclusion is that my body just isn’t a good match for a Hand Solo. If my fingers were a bit longer, the wrap around would be more comfortable. If my penis were thicker, it would fit in there better.
So, like many other sex toys out there, Hand Solo really is one that may or may not work with your body. Maybe moreso than most toys. But I bet that if it works for you it is fantastic.

Feb 19

Sex Stuff: Probe

So far I’ve reviewed a couple of toys from Happy Valley, The Pip and The Tango. The former is great for a beginner who is looking to get into ass play, giving or receiving. The former is definitely for the more advanced ass explorer, but wow it is fantastic for pegging (as well as vaginal strap-on fucking).
Need something for that in between phase?
Check out Happy Valley’s The Probe. Here’s another multi-use product from the great Canadian toy company. If you’re considering this toy for pussy pleasure, it succeeds because it is a great length and has just the right curve. While not likely to be considered the finest of G-spot stimulators, it is more of an indirect tool that gives some good feelings to that area while being used as a more traditional fucking toy.
Where I think The Probe excels is as an anal device. Made from Happy Valley’s always top-grade silicone, this toy is silky smooth and designed to slip easily into an eager ass. Unlike The Pip, this step-up toy will let you go from trying out anal sensations to really feeling the pleasure. The base is great for either hold in your hand or in a harness. Coming in at 7/8″, I find this one to be a great warm-up toy before moving on to something bigger. However, if this is what your or your partner’s ass can handle at this point, then go wild!

Feb 12

Sex Stuff: Rude Boy

Rude Boy

Sometimes rude boys are the ones who have all the fun. Othe times Rude Boys are the ones giving all the fun. And pleasure. And orgasms. The Boy line of dual prostate and perineum stimulators from Rocks-Off are a fantastic combination of sensations. Working yours or someone else’s prostate from both the inside and the outside is intense. In the past would have required two different types of toys and some slightly difficult angles.
No worries on that front with the Rude Boy. As you can see, the same is perfectly suited to reach both p-spots with ease. Personally, I have found that it is best used while lying on your back. I found it harder to get the right angle for prostate pleasure when I moved in different ways. But laying back and taking it…that was hot.
Because it comes in only one speed, you are a bit limited in your vibrations. Hopefully you enjoy the provided setting as much as I did. The Boy series comes in different shapes and sizes (I’ll be reviewing another soon) so you are sure to find one just right for your butt. And Rocks-Off toys are great products made from quality materials. No need for worries about what you are putting in your ass.
If you are looking for a wild and new experience, make friends with this Rude Boy.

Feb 05

Sex Stuff: The Pip

Butt plugs are funny things. They come in a ridiculous array of sizes, shapes, colours, designs and textures. Obviously all of these mean different things to each asshole out there, but it can definitely be intimidating if you’re just starting out with butt play. Seriously, go into some of the bigger shops and marvel at the massive selection. 

Now, if you are an apprentice, I’ll save you some time. Plain and simple, check out Happy Valley’s The Pip  
This is a fantastic plug for starting out. Not too big, but not too small as to not be noticeable. You will definitely feel the subtle shape of The Pip. And that it comes from the fine folks of Happy Valley means it js made of high grade silicone. 
And don’t forget that flared base–an essential part of all butt plugs. You do not want to get anything lost in there. Some bases are uncomfortable, but not The Pip. It is nice and snug all-around. So if you’re lookin’ for some first-time ass-fillin’, give The Pip a shot. You will likely out grow it, but everyone has to start somewhere and your graduation will be a great thing.
Jan 29

Sex Stuff: The Screaming O Vibrating Cock Ring

I’ve really got to stop looking at sex toys and laughing. Case in point: The Screaming O vibrating cock rings.
You know, these little doo-dahs are something I would have laughed at. I’m sorry, but they just look silly. Maybe I’m just too persnicky, but they usually come in garish colours and the rubbey bit looks a bit like a giant Fruit Loop.
However, these toys can be a very helpful (and inexpensive) tool if you’re a dude looking to please a lady without trying that hard.
Let’s face it: sometimes fucking is hard work. Even if you’re laying on your back there is still positioning and stabilizing to worry about. But with a vibrating cock ring, you can get some good, eay motion going, while at the same time giving her a buzzy good time.
The Screaming O has an exceptionally cool feature: it activates via touch. Just put it on, press your parts together and fun fun fun!
Want to try something a little different? Get your Screaming O and another generic vibrating cock ring. Put the Screaming O on as you normally would, with the vibe positioned to hit her clit. Now take the generic one and put it on similarly, but this time reverse the vibe so that it heads down to your balls. Then, if you can, stretch it over your balls so that the vibe comes to a nice snug rest against your perineum. Turn both on for mutual electro-sensations. It is key to put the generic one on your taint, because you’ll want it turned on, not reacting to touch.
As it turns out, the Screaming O vibrating cock ring is a nifty little addition to your tickle trunk. I can’t promise they won’t make me giggle, but they also make us smile.

Jan 22

Sex Stuff: The Tango

I don’t know how to dance, but part of me has always wanted to learn. I even went so far as to take ballroom lessons with an ex, but she was as terrible a dance partner as she was a life partner and I couldn’t wait to get out of both situations.
Much like a dance, bad situation or scene can cause you to lose interest in an exciting prospect fairly quickly. Particularly a sexual adventure. Sometimes it takes just one wrong slip (haha!) to derail a potentially amazing experience.
And one of those amazing experiences that most often goea from ON to OFF is using a strap-on.
As this activity has gained in popularity over the years, more and more companies are putting out harnesses and dildoes to get your peg on.
Unfortunately, a lot of these products are ill-fitting, difficult pieces of crap. Harnesses are the easiest to blame, and for good reason. Don’t forget that care and consideration need to be taken when picking the right cock for you package. Some dildoes aren’t designed for harness use and some just don’t fit well, regardless what harness you use.
Fortunately, the brilliant folks at Happy Valley have come out with the best doubled-ended, vibrating, harness-compatible dong around: The Tango.

This is, without a doubt, one of the best sex toys I’ve ever tried.
It is a bit of a beast and I was a bit intimidated when I first saw it. Weighty, thick, long and bold, the Tango is for serious fucking. As it comes from Happy Valley, you can be assured it is made of high quality silicone and is of the best quality. Their toys are built to last and the ones I’ve had for 5-6 years are still going strong.
Designed as a double-end dildo, the Tango subverts the typical notion of one by not being long and straight. Instead it looks more like a check mark, with the short end intended for vaginal penetration and the long end being the a great dildo for sticking where you think appropriate. Beyond the shape of the small part of the checkmark, it also comes with a G-spot stimulatory as well as ridges at the base of the long part for clitoral stimulation. And what can I say about the long part? Its a big cock. Not overly huge, but it has some size to it and might not be suited for a beginner. But don’t worry, you’ll work yourself up to it!
My partner and helper in experimentation tried the Tango on for size and was impressed with all of these features. Then I added the removable vibe and things really took off from there! 
We have an Aslan Leather harness and this toy fit into so damn well. It was like they were made for each other. The harness held the Tango in place perfectly, through easy and rougher action. And this is why it is such a great toy: both people using it will receive significant pleasure. If you’re big on the idea of simultaneous orgasm, this toy can make it possible. 
Just like a beautiful dance.
Available at Come As You Are.
Jan 14

Sex Stuff Review: The Massage Bar

I hate massages. There, I’ve said it. Receiving, and in one sense, giving. I’m sure this puts me in the minority, but I just don’t like having my skin and muscles touched in that way.
I am, conversely, quite happy to give massages as I like to see people feel good and relax.
But back to the hate. I hate massage oil. I hate having it on my hands and, worst of all, I hate getting it on the rest of my body if the rubdown becomes sexual.
Now back to some love, and I have seriously big love for the many different flavours of The Massage Bar.
I was introduced to these Canadian, 100% natural and edible delights by Katrina of Ohhh Canada who could not say enough positive things about them. I decided to bring home the Chocolate Mandarin bar and as soon as we opened it, the delicious scent filled the room. A sign of more good things to come!
Most scented and flavoured massage products I have tried smell and taste like awful chemical stews. Not this chocolate delight (or the vanilla bar I have since bought). Both smell pure and fresh and the flavours are fairly benign. Which is good! I don’t really want to eat them. If flavour on skin was important to me, I’d just whip out a bottle of chocolate syrup.
But the real test is how it feels…and The Massage Bar feels fantastic! Never before have I experienced a massage product I enjoyed on my skin. Seriously, I was shocked.
Using body heat to melt oil on to the skin, you can either warm the bar up in your hand or by rubbing it directly on the person’s body. Either way, the oil spreads easily and lasts just the right amount of time. You can actually rub it right in, leaving soft, smooth skin that isn’t sticky or overly oily for sex or sleep or anything else you plan to get up to next.
It should go without saying that I quite enjoy The Massage Bar and I look forward to purchasing more of the flavours.
Has it raised my appreciation for massages? Okay, I admit a little bit–but don’t rub it in!

Jan 08

Sex Stuff: Doc Johnson’s Long Anal Slider Vibe

Doc Johnson Long Anal Slider Vibe

I was gifted this toy iby Tereasa of Dirty Bingo Toronto when she was a guest on Sex City (listen to the interview).

It took me a little while to give it a try, partly because it lives up to its name. It looks a bit scary long. Now, I’ve seen much longer in the shops. And I am pretty sure I’ve even put longer in my ass, but this did intimidate me a bit.
In general, I am not a big fan of vibrating butt toys, I really have to be in the mood. So when the right opportunity (ie, my cock) arose, I decided to check it out. Featuring beads of increasing diameter, it does slip in quite easily. And feels good. Until you get near the end. Beause of the length, I found getting the last bead in a bit difficult. Not painful or anything…it just didn’t seem to want to get in there! And once I managed to get it in, I personally could have used a larger final bead to keep it in my ass.
I tried out the vibe and it is decent. Just enough for me. However, those who really like good ass vibrations might be disappointed. You really have to get it all the way in there to feel the vibration.
Overall, I’ll peg this (haha) an okay toy that’ll likely use on occassion. It is hard for me to recommend this to any particular group though. It is good for beginners, except for the length. And it is good for intermediates, except for the weak vibe. If you’re really into ass toys, I wouldn’t recommend Doc Johnson’s Long Anal Slider at all.

Dec 02

Sex Stuff: We-Vibe 3: A Greatly Versatile Toy!

We’ve come a long way. Never before has the release of a sex toy been a big news item.
That was before the We-Vibe came along.
Now in its third incarnation, the We Vibe 3 promises to deliver even more to your sex life—in the hetero-penis/vagina sense. And it does! No doubt about it! As with the previous generations, this version is a fantastic way to add a brand new zip-and-ahhh to your sexnanigans.

First off, it has a remote control. Fantastic idea! Who doesn’t like a remote control? Being able to change the vibration settings (of which there are 6) and turn it off is a great addition. I also have the We-Vibe II and it was a bit cumbersome to change the vibe and turn the slippery thing off. Now, you can give an extra charge of wild during sex and cool things down much more calmly after. One thing to note though: the remote doesn’t have a lot of range. You’ve got to get pretty damn close to the device to make it work. I’m big into alternative uses for sex toys (more on that coming up!) and was hoping to have my partner walk around with it tucked in and secured with panties while I change the vibrations. But that isn’t happening. It’ll likely be great for long car or bus trips.

Another improvement to this We-Vibe model is that it is now completely waterproof. No more sticking the charging cord in the end (hehe, they’ve taken the penetration out of the toy!). Instead, it now comes in this discrete, magic charging case! You just slide the unit into its holder, close the cover (if you want), leave it be for a while (I know, that’s hard, but necessary) and it becomes fully-charged. I’m not going to mess with the sex toy gods and try to discover the source of this wizardry—I just like it. And now that it is fully waterproof, you can take it in the shower or bath. The We-Vibe 3 is a great solo tool and would make a great addition to a warm soak.
Now, in its designed-for purpose, the We-Vibe 3 still rocks. Its popularity and success is justified. Much research and development has gone into its design and the two of us here greatly appreciate it. Okay, greatly appreciate is a bit of an understatement when it comes to sex. It gives us hot and satisfying orgasms. It is comfortable and durable and really works for us. The We-Vibe 3, simply, works for us.
However, in the past I did get in a conversation loop on Twitter and some people said the toy doesn’t work for them because it is “one-size-fits-all”…but it didn’t quite fit them (i.e. reach to, or extended past their G-spot). I think that’s a fair point and I hope they sent suggestions to the company. There seems to be the potential for a few different sizes, though it would be an expensive way to make sure you get the right fit.
Speaking of expense, the We-Vibe 3 ain’t cheap. However, in the world of sex toys, relying on the cheap just isn’t worth it. That’s a funny concept for me because I’m all about dollar stores and DIY whenever possible. My favourite paddle device came as part of a $1 set of IKEA kitchen tools. But, in the case of the We-Vibe 3, it is totally worth it. We never wore out the We-Vibe II. We’ve never had any problems with the II and I haven’t heard of or read of any problems with this new incarnation. Sometimes, quality is king.
But, when I put out $130, I go back to my DIY roots and wonder what the hell else I can do with it.
Fortunately, there is a lot!
I devised 3 sexperiments.
1. The Ring: What’s a guy to do when he’s sitting around with a hard-on and a brand-new sex toy right beside him? Well, he figures out how to fuck that sex toy! I wasn’t expecting much from this trial, but it did surprise me. I’m not big on vibration on my penis, and I really am not happy when it gets too close to my balls. So I tried gently running the We-Vibe up and down the shaft and over the head. Not bad! Getting a bit more bold, I wrapped the toy around my cock. Again, a decent sensation. Finally, I grabbed some lube and started stroking it up and down. I could really get into that. I had the thick power spots turned out so they wouldn’t get caught on my belly—and this proved to be a downer. With the lube working its magic I slid the toy down a little too far and those power spots made contact with my scrotum. I didn’t like that at all and had to remove it. But I will say, if you like some dick vibe action, slip that ring on for size.
2. The Pinch: I recently lead a workshop on Prostate Pleasure and when I got the We-Vibe 3 it was the first new thing I wanted to try with it. The prostate is in, generally, the same position as the G-spot. Plus, the prostate can be stimulated from outside via the perineum. Given the tight U-shape of the toy, I thought it would make a great P-spot stimulator.
Damn do I love it when I’m right!
The fit was not perfect, but that might have also had to do with the position we were in. I had to squeeze my pelvic muscle to have the We-Vibe get to my prostate, but when it did the vibration setting we were using was fantastic. The outer stimulation was a great bonus. Combine that with the blowjob I was getting…amazing! Normally oral sex doesn’t bring me to orgasm (though I do certainly enjoy the sightseeing trip!), but I could have definitely gotten off on this experiment. But I didn’t want it to end there.
Keeping the toy in place, we tried a very different missionary We-Vibe penetration than what is recommended on the site. With it snug in my ass we went to town. Again, the stimulation was intense and wonderful. The thrusting and muscle contractions were brilliant. Funny thing though: the unit turned, slowly, through our whole session. A full 180, until the other end up nestled in my ass crack. I lost the perineal stimulation, but the prostate work remained and felt great. It did look and feel kind funny when we were done—me walking around with a little red tail. And again, bless them and their remote. Once I get off, I don’t like any more vibration in my ass. I want it off, immediately. The remote was perfect for this.
3. The Combo: As you may have gathered, I’m a fan of things in my ass. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that we’ve got a great harness and an array of dildos for pegging pleasure. So, I couldn’t help but think of combining the We-Vibe with our strap-on set-up.
Chalk another victory up to DIY sex toy fun!
Finding a strap-on and dildo combination that provides physical pleasure to the wearer is tough. Not impossible, but tough. We completely luck out, in that our harness provides a nice, snug fit to keep the We-Vibe in place while she fucks my ass.
Not only did it stay in place, but it worked out just fine. Better than fine! It worked out orgasmically! For both of us.
I had thought there might be some possible vibration running up the shaft of the dildo, but that wasn’t to be. Not that it was needed! This combination provided some hot stimulation for my partner in an act that is usually, predominantly about me.
4. The Ultra Combo: Okay, this one hasn’t been tried yet, because I just thought of it while typing this review. But picture it: a strap-on, one We-Vibe in her, one We-Vibe in me (the joy of upgrading when the previous version still works fine). Seriously, this has to get tried tonight.
The We-Vibe 3 is a fantastic toy all on its own, in its intended use. But even better is that it is also a fantastic and versatile addition to anyone’s collection.

Pick up a We-Vibe 3 at Ohhh Canada.