Apr 09

Sex Stuff: TENGA Flip Hole White

The TENGA Flip Hole White (as well of the other assorted colours) are all kinds of awesome…and then a bit not awesome at the same time.

This is one of the most stylish and nice looking toys I’ve ever seen, without a doubt. It is one of those sex objects you could set on your bedside table and not have to worry about visitors noticing (if you care about these things.

It is also easy to use, easy to clean and easy to enjoy.

So what then, you might ask, is my issue with it? Well, I guess I had a different expectation of the toy. 
Don’t get me wrong, it feels good. Open it up, throw some lube in (it comes with 3 different flavours that produce different sensations) and go wild fucking yourself. I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic masturbatory experience!
My issue, however, is in the textures offered up. Each colour of TENGA Flip Hole offers different textured silicone casings. As you can see in the images, those textures vary quite a bit within each toy. My guess is that the design was to provide many different points of stimulation on the penis, including some that we surely don’t ever get with a partner. 
But that’s where it goes a bit wrong. Yes, the toy felt good…but I was expecting it to feel like a vagina or ass or mouth. And wow, it surely does not feel like any of those. Or, if I ever do encounter a living orifice that offers up these bumps and ridges and nubs…I will be concerned for the owner of that hole!
Again, this is not to say that the TENGA Flip Hole can’t be and isn’t enjoyable. I’ve used it since, and I am getting used to the idea that it is not supposed to be a simulation of the usual play spots. Maybe I just need to think of it as someone new!

Apr 02

Sex Stuff: Wilde

This bad boy from Happy Valley’s Fuze line is a beefy addition to anyone’s toy chest. And by beefy I mean big, thicky and juicy.

The first thing to know is that Wilde, if you’re planning to use it for assplay is not a beginner’s dong—no matter how wild you are. You’re going to need to ease into using this anal adventure. Even for those partaking in vaginal vavavoom, the close to 9 inches of shaft could cause discomfort.

Once you’re ready to get crazy with Wilde, you’re going to find it a highly pleasurable toy for both pitcher and catcher.

In its most basic use, this disco stick is a very comfortable toy to manually fuck someone with. Flared bases, a complete necessity, sometimes make holding a dildo and getting into vigourous fucking action a bit challenging. Fortunately Wilde’s base affords a good, easy grip.

However, that is not Wilde’s bread and butter. Where this toy excels is when it is used in a harness. The textured bottom gives off fantastic sensations for the wearer. Ensure you include some lube in the mix and that happy spot will make her happy spot pretty damn happy with every thrust.

And for the receiver of those thrusts? Wilde is 1 3/4 inches wude and you will feel every inch if those 9 long ones. And because this is a Happy Valley product, the silicone is highest grade and feels great.
The website description if this fantastic phallus quotes its namesake, Oscar, “To love yourself is the start of a lifelong romance.”

Let me tell you you are going to want to love yourself and others a whole lot with Wilde!

Mar 26

Sex Stuff: Durex Play Ultra

This is a curious little toy.

In an age when sex toys and devices are becoming more and more slick and stylish, the Durex Play Ultra kinda makes my cock look a bit like a rhinocerous. This is not to say it doesn’t work, but I did have abit of a giggle when I first put it on.

Basically what we have in the Play Ultra is an attempt to improve ob the standard vibrating cock rings. It accomplishes this to an extent.

The rhino horn is a nice addition. Longer thab the standard vibrating bit of most cock rings, the Play’s extends up, aiming directly at the clit. It seems to have potential to be pokey in a bad way in certain positions. However, most of thetime it will nestle right down between the two of you.

One innovation I am not so keenon is the split, harder ring. Whereas most cock rings are made of soft and expandable jelly, the Play Ultra is made of a harder, less flexible material. I found it uncomfortable, especially with some harder, grinding action. Also, you have to remember, it only has 30 minutes worth of charge. So, do you space it out in one try or save it for multiple, short sessions?

All told, Durex’s Play Ultra is a pretty decent addition. The vibration is good and as long as you’re not moving too hard or in more advabced positions, you’ll do just fine with it. Just don’t look down too often.

Mar 19

Sex Stuff: Basix 16″ Double Dong

http://www.seduction.ca/products?id=1919&showFull=22 Time for an oldie but a goodie this week. Well, the double dong I have might be this one, or at least one very similar to the Basix 16″ Double Dong. I’m not really sure, I bought it so long ago. This is one of my most versatile and cherished toys. I find new uses for it all the time. Two of my favourites uses are for two different purposes: practicality and fantasy. First, practicality. I’ve always found dildoes with flared bases to be hard to use for vigorous manual fucking. Regardless the position or angle it can be difficult to build up a good, fast, hard motion. Enter a double-ender. Just grab hold of the not-inserted end and fuck away to your partner’s heart– well, cunt or ass too–is content. One note though: check the depth or whichever orifice you are penetrating. Too deep can be quite painful. Now on to the fantasy part. My initial reason to by a double dong was a different kind of double penetration: I really wanted a toy that we could use to fuck me and her at the same time. And hell, I’d seen it in porn a bunch of with two women, so I wanted to see if my fantasy could work. And it does, but it isn’t the easiest sexytime thing to manage. You really have to play around with positioning. And definitely make sure the lube is flowing. I found it best, if you’re trying the ass and pussy variation, put the end in the ass first, then position the pussy. Damn that description sounds dirty but clinical! Like I said, this double dong is one of my favourite toys and I look forward to finding even more hot uses for it!

Mar 12

Sex Stuff: Tenga 3D

TENGA is, by far, one of the most innovative sex toy manufacturers around. It is obviois from their designs that much care and thought goes into their consideration of our pleasure. So when I received a package of TENGA products my hopes and cock rose!

And so far, with the TENGA 3D, spiral edition, I have not been disappointed.

For me, look is a big part of the appeal of sex toys. A stunning or beautifrul or dirty looking toy will get me going before it even gets near my body. I am still keen to start a sex toy objets d’art tumblr or blog someday.

With that in mind, I adore the geometric design of the spiral. And it ain’t just pretty. The shape is tje function and that function is fantastic.

Here’s how it works. That pretty design is nice and soft. The toy id basically a cock sleeve that you slip down over your dick for some jiggle up and down fun times. Now, you could use the smooth inside, right out of the package. But I think you’ll love it that much more if you turn it inside and squeeze your cock in with that sexy spiral design.

The sensation is quite amazing. While the toy is actually quite.soft, the design stays just firm enough to be rather intense. Using that friction, you or your partner can jerk you into orgasmic oblivion.

I did find one drawback with the TENGA 3D. If you’re in the mood for a slow, lingering wank make sure you have lots of lube on hand. As you go along and the lube gets a little tacky, the toy will start to suction on to you penis. Like really suction. But, if you keep the lube a-flowin’ you can keep the wank a-goin’.

Despite this (admittedly self-determined) difficulty, the TENGA 3D is definitely a toy to try. Normally I am big on toys that people can use together, but in this instance I heartily recommend some great solo pleasures.

Mar 05

Sex Stuff: Nipple Enlargement Cylinders

Too many people completely discount men’s nipples. Sure they ate mysteriously useless but they can be two nifty little nubs of pleasure. Not all guys are into having their nipples played with, but far more don’t even know either way because people just don’t try them out. If you’re curious about your or your partner’s nipples, give them a whirl! Tongue, mouth, fingers, ice heat—there are so many possibilities.   

There are also lots of toy options. I’ve tried various nipple clamps and enjoy them a lot. When I started looking around for something new for my titty-toppers I came across Nipple Enlargement Cylinders from LA Pump, a variation on the ever-popular penis pump.

 Looking at them, it isn’t hard to figure what you do. However, harder still might be figuring out how this is going to feel good. Trust me though, it does.

 The basic idea is to slip the cylinder on your nipple, attach the pump to the other end and then suck that thing in with as much pressure as you can stand (and then maybe a bit more). That sensation alone is pretty intense. Take it to the next level by releasing the pump, removing the cylinder and then playibg with your engorged, newly-sensitive nipples. Wild!

 Two notes: if you have a piercing, be sure to get the largest size cylinder; and if you are a particularly hairy dude, you might consider some trimming or shaving. The suction is definitely impeded by excess fur.

 And of course, these toys aren’t just for boys. Women will definitely get a lot out of these fun cylinders. There might need to be greater consideration for sensitivity with women’s nipples, so just ease into it.

 I can’t imagine Nipple Enlargement Cylinders will be for everyone. Also, given the shape of them, they are best used while you are on your back. Butt they are definitely worth a trip into uncharted waters.

Feb 26

Sex Stuff: Hand Solo

Is it possible to love the idea of a toy, but not so much the execution?
Don’t get me wrong, Rocks Off’s Hand Solo is a superior product. It is made from quality silicone and comes with a good bullet vibe. Rocks Off has a great reputation. But I was literally a bit confused about how to use Hand Solo on my cock.
Let me explain. As you can see in the photo, you hold the toy through the handle and wrap it around your cock. Many nubs line the inside for increased sensation.
All of that–no problem, but here’s where I have difficulties.
My first instinct was to wrap my fingers all the around my cock, encasing it in silicone. I applied a generous amount of lube, but the nubs didn’t seem to glide well. It was also difficult to get my fingers on a comfortable position because of the position of the handle. This just wasn’t doing it for me.
So, I tried something different. I let my fingers follow the shape of the toy instead, concentrating pressure on the sides of my penis. This was good…but not enough. Again the nubs felt awkward and out of place. This is my personal preference for sure. I’d prefer something different–softer and more like a Fleshlight. The vibe is a great addition though, it was feeling good.
My third attempt was decently pleasurable, but again, not enough. I moved Hand Solo to the underside of my cock and rubbed it, pushing my cock back against my body. Again, decent but not enough.
Eventually I decided I wanted to get off and went back to method #1. It was good, but too much work went into that cum.
My conclusion is that my body just isn’t a good match for a Hand Solo. If my fingers were a bit longer, the wrap around would be more comfortable. If my penis were thicker, it would fit in there better.
So, like many other sex toys out there, Hand Solo really is one that may or may not work with your body. Maybe moreso than most toys. But I bet that if it works for you it is fantastic.

Feb 19

Sex Stuff: Probe

So far I’ve reviewed a couple of toys from Happy Valley, The Pip and The Tango. The former is great for a beginner who is looking to get into ass play, giving or receiving. The former is definitely for the more advanced ass explorer, but wow it is fantastic for pegging (as well as vaginal strap-on fucking).
Need something for that in between phase?
Check out Happy Valley’s The Probe. Here’s another multi-use product from the great Canadian toy company. If you’re considering this toy for pussy pleasure, it succeeds because it is a great length and has just the right curve. While not likely to be considered the finest of G-spot stimulators, it is more of an indirect tool that gives some good feelings to that area while being used as a more traditional fucking toy.
Where I think The Probe excels is as an anal device. Made from Happy Valley’s always top-grade silicone, this toy is silky smooth and designed to slip easily into an eager ass. Unlike The Pip, this step-up toy will let you go from trying out anal sensations to really feeling the pleasure. The base is great for either hold in your hand or in a harness. Coming in at 7/8″, I find this one to be a great warm-up toy before moving on to something bigger. However, if this is what your or your partner’s ass can handle at this point, then go wild!

Feb 12

Sex Stuff: Rude Boy

Rude Boy

Sometimes rude boys are the ones who have all the fun. Othe times Rude Boys are the ones giving all the fun. And pleasure. And orgasms. The Boy line of dual prostate and perineum stimulators from Rocks-Off are a fantastic combination of sensations. Working yours or someone else’s prostate from both the inside and the outside is intense. In the past would have required two different types of toys and some slightly difficult angles.
No worries on that front with the Rude Boy. As you can see, the same is perfectly suited to reach both p-spots with ease. Personally, I have found that it is best used while lying on your back. I found it harder to get the right angle for prostate pleasure when I moved in different ways. But laying back and taking it…that was hot.
Because it comes in only one speed, you are a bit limited in your vibrations. Hopefully you enjoy the provided setting as much as I did. The Boy series comes in different shapes and sizes (I’ll be reviewing another soon) so you are sure to find one just right for your butt. And Rocks-Off toys are great products made from quality materials. No need for worries about what you are putting in your ass.
If you are looking for a wild and new experience, make friends with this Rude Boy.

Feb 05

Sex Stuff: The Pip

Butt plugs are funny things. They come in a ridiculous array of sizes, shapes, colours, designs and textures. Obviously all of these mean different things to each asshole out there, but it can definitely be intimidating if you’re just starting out with butt play. Seriously, go into some of the bigger shops and marvel at the massive selection. 

Now, if you are an apprentice, I’ll save you some time. Plain and simple, check out Happy Valley’s The Pip  
This is a fantastic plug for starting out. Not too big, but not too small as to not be noticeable. You will definitely feel the subtle shape of The Pip. And that it comes from the fine folks of Happy Valley means it js made of high grade silicone. 
And don’t forget that flared base–an essential part of all butt plugs. You do not want to get anything lost in there. Some bases are uncomfortable, but not The Pip. It is nice and snug all-around. So if you’re lookin’ for some first-time ass-fillin’, give The Pip a shot. You will likely out grow it, but everyone has to start somewhere and your graduation will be a great thing.