Jun 11

Sex Stuff: Five Stages of Grief

Five Stages of Grief by Olivia Glass

Have you ever been in a tangled, confusing relationship with a dominating person? Someone who just takes you away to another place—consequences be damned?

Then the relationship ends and you are just lost. Until the next time that person comes back around and you immediately heel.

Welcome to Five Stages of Grief.

Olivia Glass spins a mesmerizing story of lust, love, betrayal and so much more. As with the other works offered up by Fleshbot Fiction, Five Stages of Grief features hot erotica wrapped up inside a strong, compelling story.

What most draws me into this story is the psychology between the three characters. Adrian is the free-living, passively-domineering bride to be who recruits two of her exes, Lucy and Caroline, to help with her wedding. Though the relationships are in the past, hurt feelings linger. And those feelings are what drive the action to a surprising twist.

Rich in character development and with a unique story, Five Stages of Grief will make you consider your own past relations while simultaneously being turned on! You can decide whether that is a good or bad thing.

Jun 06

Sex Stuff: My Girlfriend Jake

Talk about exploratory fiction! Writing erotica that explores gender variation is a tricky thing. More often than not, it usually fails. Capturing the intricate, confusing and sexual thoughts and actions of someone exploring gender is a tough thing. 
Daisy Danger hit it. 
The story and all of the action starts with a little clothes swap. Jake tries out his girlfriend‘s panties and that sets her crotch and mind ablaze. From there, the two escalate their explorations during a week-long experiment of Jake as “the girlfriend,“ trying and enjoying more and more. 
The sex in My Girlfriend Jake is hot. Very, very hot. But it isn‘t even the strongest feature of the story. All of her feelings—both sexual sensations and personal reflection—and the way Danger expresses them, put this story in a class of its own. 
Stories that are of a complex sexual nature (be it this subject or others) need this narrative to bring in readers who aren‘t as familiar with these thoughts and activities. At the same time, readers who are already turned on by gender play can get off moreso with this added element. 
Without a doubt, My Girlfriend Jake is a fantastic and hot story, another hit from Fleshbot Fiction. Kinda makes me want to go shopping…
Jun 04

Sex Stuff: Okamoto 004 Condom

Okamoto 004 Condom provided by Lucky Bloke

Now, this is a bit of an odd review to write considering I haven‘t actually used a condom in over four years (hello long-term monogamous relationship). Nonetheless, I was curious to see what the world of wrappin‘ it up has to offer so I dipped into a fantastic variety pack supplied by Lucky Bloke and rolled on a Okamoto 004 Condom.

To be frank, the Okamoto 004 feels just like condoms have always felt—like a condom. There‘s no way to get around that. However, if you are going to use a rubber, the Okamoto 004 is an excellent choice.

I wondered just how much sensitivity I would lose after having not used a condom in so long. And sure, I didn‘t have access to all of my lady‘s lady bits, but I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I could feel.

The Okamoto 004 is dubbed a microthin condom and it lives up to the name. In particular, I found the fit of the latex—and subsequent friction—around my cock head was very stimulating. On the other hand, I did note some loss of tingly goodness on the shaft. So, some good, some bad.

Overall, my dip back into the world of safer sex was a pleasant return. If I were regularly seeking sex with other people, I would keep a supply of Okamoto 004 on-hand.

As per FTC guidelines, I received my sampler free of charge in exchange for my honest assessment of the product.

Jun 02

Sex Stuff: Marie from Bar Kompa

Marie from Bar Kompa

So, a guy walks into a bar, and the bartender says “What can I get ya?”
And the guys says, “You, of course!”

Who hasn’t had this fantasy? If you’re the patron, you hope to sidle up to grab a drink and be entirely taken by a super sexy server. Or, if you’re the one slinging those shots, how often do you hope for a dreamy drinker to come in?

From this base of fantasy Anne Simon has crafted Marie from Bar Kompa, a hot and steamy encounter that only happens because a guy goes into a bar.

Beyond the erotic appeal of a server/patron hookup, this fantastic short story has the added element of stranger sex. When Marie decides to leave with James, we get to live out the hot and fevered passion of two strangers who can’t keep their hands off each other. However, what makes the story particularly endearing is that Simon does limit her characters’ interactions to just fantastic fucking and amazing orgasms. Instead, she keeps them “real” by including many little awkward and uncomfortable details. This gives the story true suspense and builds anticipation—making it even hotter!

Simon also approaches their sexual interactions in creatively subtle ways. This isn’t your typical hit the hotel for a bang story. Instead, Marie from Bar Kompa features some excellent slow build and unique scenes. Simon’s writing style, at times langourous and at others staccato is a wonderful compliment to the elements of her story.

While Marie from Bar Kompa may start off like a ‘guy walks into a bar’ joke, it is anything but. Hot, fun, relatable and sexy as a martini glass, this is another winner from Fleshbot Fiction.

May 28

Sex Stuff: TENGA Flip Air Light

TENGA Flip Air Lite

I love the ingenuity at TENGA! I don’t always love the toys, personally, but this compnay has definitely revolutionized the sex toy industry for men. And the Flip Air Lite is a tremendous addition to any guy’s cock rockin’ roster.

What I like so much about this toy is exactly what I didn’t enjoy about the Flip Hole–the texture. That toy’s cuddly bits were too varied and some were too coarse. Not so with the Flip Air Lite. I slipped right into it and had a fantastic and comfortable time. The Air Lite feels softer and more subtle. I tried both slow and gentle and hard and rough. If you’ve got enough lube in there, this brilliant, stylish device can take it. It also feels amazing when used on you by someone else. It is not a criticism that I didn’t enjoy the Flip Hole, rather it is a testament to the fact that there are many different men out there who all have different masturbatory techniques and preferences. Watch videos of guys jerking off–everyone is different. While it might be difficult, given their price point, you’re encouraged to try different models to find the right one. But be assured, TENGA is the brand to trust.

May 21

Sex Stuff: The Pleasure Plug 1 and Sliquid

Something I look for in a butt plug is whether or not I can move with it in. And I don‘t just mean shift around the bed during sexy time. I mean really move around.

Take tonight for example. I was feeling like a bit of bum fin, but we still had to walk the dog. And no, that isn‘t a euphemism. Real dog, real walk. So I cracked open my new Happy Valley Pleasure Plug 1, applied some Sliquid and set off on a journey to exercise the pooch and return my library books.

Sure that doesn‘t sound very sexy but I lovr walking around with a plug in that nobody knows about. I love the sensations created by walking, both in my ass and by the base between my cheeks.

And this toy did not disappoint! It is the perfect addition to my collection. It is a great size and stays nestled up there very well. That it is also Fuze‘s trademark high-grade silicone is a great bonus.

Another new addition that aided this adventure was the Sliquid lube. It is so smooth and slick and this particular verion is organic. I don‘t participate in anal play as much as I‘d like lately, so I always brace for a little resistence when I start back up. Fortunately, it was a nice and easy insertion and then a hot and sexy walk. Followed by some further shenanigans at home.

Two great products in one night!

May 15

Sex Stuff: Sexy DJ 3: Indigo Haze

The incomparable Nikki Haze has her Sex DJ series stories up for NO COST on Amazon for the next couple days (check specific dates for specific stories), so I decided to jump right in with Sexy DJ3: Indigo Haze to see if it has some block rockin‘ beat to it.

Oh my does it ever!

The series follows a group of female DJs as the travel the party world entertaining the masses with hypnotic dance hooks and sex show turntable stylings. These ladies don‘t just bring the party, the are the whole fucking party!

Nikki Haze (the character) is the leader and disciplinarian of the group and this particular story focusses on Indigo Haze, the newest member of the troupe. She‘s headlining at a Vegas hotspot, Peace Burlesque where her giddy fans will get ears and eyes full of of her beautiful body and raunchy routine.

Nikki‘s writing is always crisp and cool. I jumped in mid series but I already have a strong sense of the relationships between her characters and their respective personalities.

And the sex? Hot and steamy and fantastically crafted! I do hasten Nikki to give a good proof read before publishing, because I don‘t want her work to be dismissed.

I highly recommend you check out the Sexy DJ series and Nikki Haze‘s many other works!

May 15

Sex Stuff: Shelly Watching

Shelly Watching is a specific type of erotica that I really enjoy. Equal parts sexy and indifferent, author Howard Raymond pulls together a simple story that actually is more complex than we‘re lead to believe.

What makes this story so hot for me? The sex in it is masturbation. Just wanking. And just one instance. Extended and detailed scenes of masturbation, particularly male batin‘, is rare in erotica. Usually it is just a transition act, building to something else. But Howard Raymond combines an intense and hot jerking scene with voyeur/exhibitionisn and an awkward/tense situation.

And throughout the scene, you feel the story start to take a turn. One that is drawn out so well.
Shelly Watching is another great addition to the Fleshbot Fiction line, where I think we‘ll keep finding quality erotica.

May 07

Sex Stuff: Taking Flight, Taking Rides

The humour wasn’t lost on me that I read most of these fun and titillating stories while riding various types of transportation. Subway and commuter train, to be precise. And I can definitely say that I have fantasied and dreamed up some wonderful stories. Add to that my drives, my bike rides and the occasional plane trip, and I think it can be said with certainty that erotic stories that involve travel are “my thing.”

So it was a delight to receive this request to review from one of my favourite sex bloggers, Ms. Quote. I know her work to be top quality and extremely readable. In both her blog and this collection she skillfully combines whimsy, sensuality, dirty sex and emotion. A rare combination in erotica!

Throughout Taking Flight, Taking Rides, Ms. Quote explores the travel theme with various different sultry and sexy characters heading out on journeys for various different reasons including business, family visits and more. There are all sorts of weather issues, room issues and relationship issues to be dealt with. And what’s the best way to deal with most of life’s issues?

Sex. And these stories have lots of it! Really good, steamy hot sex. Well crafted and delicious sex!

I thoroughly enjoyed the collection, but I do need to send one bit of advice to Ms. Quote: make friends with a copy editor. There are some instances of misplaced text, some typos and other issues. In this instance, it isn’t too distracting, but erotica is rife with these problems and they can be easily avoided.

But back to what matters, the smut! If you like to travel, literally or in your mind, get on board this sexual journey!

Apr 30

Sex Stuff: Kissing Pixels

Kissing Pixels by Louise Lagris

Distance from a hot fuck can certainly make the heart grow fonder. But even if the heart isn’t really into it, if there’s been some hot sex, then other parts of us can definitely heat up.

If you’ve ever been all sexed up with no place to go except the web and Skype, then take a read of Louise Lagris’ short erotic story Kissing Pixels on Fleshbot’s new FleshbotFiction.com portal. This story is well-worthy of being one of the initial offerings of smut’s premiere site because embodies the universal story of long-distance lust, something most everyone can relate too.

The two participants of a sex-filled weekend are an ocean apart. She’s at home in a New York snow storm, wide awake late a night. Nowhere to go, no one to fuck and just a bit drunk. He’s just arriving home, much later at night from a night on the town in London. Despite a bit of reluctance on her part, they connect over Skype to see what the night may bring.

The key factor in this story is that it is completely believable. I mean, we might not all have random weekend trysts, but most people have fallen for or lusted after someone who lives out of town. And despite the “closeness” we might feel with digital communication, it just isn’t the same. Well, if you can manage to get the two of you naked over webcam…you’re getting closer.

Conveying that sort of situation can be tough, but Louise Lagris does a great job getting the reader right into the action with clever, fun, sexy writing. Erotica is all the more effective when it is well written and edited, and Kissing Pixels is a great example of economical, effective work. Combine that with some scorching sex and fun characters and you’ve got a great one-handed read.