Jul 20

Sex Stories We Love: Never Too Old, Powering On, Gearing Up & More!

We all know change is always happening. Sometimes it is hard to accept, other times it is welcomed with open arms. Of course, the world of sex is not immune to this and that we explore different aspects of changes in sex in this week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly.

Check out stories on Never to Old, Powering On, Peek at You?, Gearing Up, A Bad Name?, Free For All.

Jul 06

Sex Stories We Love: Time Well Spent, Summer Lovin’, HeteroHashtagFail & More!

It feels hard to believe that 2016 is halfway done. It has been a helluva year so far, one I think many folks in the sex communities might want to forget. But here’s hoping this latter part of the year is a good one, full of love, fun and lots of great sex stories.

This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly is a round-up much like 2016 has been so far. The good, the bad, the ugly and the sexy.

Check out stories on Alcohol and Consent: Shaken, not Stirred, Time Well Spent?, Summer Lovin’, HeteroHashtagFail, Short Changed, & Building Bodies.

Jun 29

Sex Stories We Love: Shhh…Fucking, Quite the Mouthful, Setting Sex Positivity Straight & More! #AdultSexEdMonth

We’re closing out this year’s #AdultSexEdMonth coverage on Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly. As always there has been a plethora of amazing content to choose from. It just proves there is always going to be so much to learn about sex!

Check out stories on Shh…Fucking, Quite the Mouthful, Don’t Crush the Reality, Setting Sex Positivity Straight, Not Sold on It and The Lengths We Go.

Jun 22

Sex Stories We Love: Daddy Does Best, Moving Past the Past, Accessible Action & More #AdultSexEdMonth

#AdultSexEdMonth rolls on! I hope you’re keeping up with so much amazing content being shared. This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinky continues the initiative with an assortment of stories highlighting the lifelong sexual learning journey we’re all on.

Check out stories on Daddy Does Best, The Why, Moving Past the Past, Accessible Action, Beyond Multiplication and Remembering Pulse.

Jun 15

Sex Stories We Love: #AdultSexEducation in the Stanford Sexual Assault Case

This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly is a misnomer. We do not love this story, not one bit. The travesty that is the Brock Turner sexual assault conviction dominated the sexual world and, in a rare instance, became the only sex story I could write about this week. It is also a very strong teachable moment, to continue our theme of #AdultSexEdMonth. It is rape culture and we all need to learn about it and help to destroy it.

May 25

Sex Stories We Love: Never Too Late, Helping Statements, & Something New

One last tug at Masturbation Month with this week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly! My fingers have been  happily flying across the keyboard throughout May looking for stories to share about self-pleasure, and it was nice to see there were so many! Great job folks! Let’s keep it up all through the year!

Check out this week’s stories on Survey Says…, Language, Please!, Never Too Late, Helping Statements, and Something New.