Jan 18

Sex Stories We Love: Bye Bye Backpage, Far Out Fetish, Urine for a Good Time & More!

There are a lot of sex stories in this big, beautiful world—and these are just a few. And to be precise, let’s take a moment to note how many are focused on North America and Europe, particularly when it comes to research. While these stories are great and worthy of sharing, I’d love to expand this reportage. If you ever come across studies, research and news about sex from other parts of the world, please drop a line!

This week we’ve got some awesome stories to consider in this week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly! Check out missives on Stress Relief Shuffle?, Bellies Are Best, Expanding Sex Research, Bye Bye Backpage, Far Out Fetish, Urine For A Good Time.

Jan 11

Sex Stories We Love: The Meaning of Sex Positive, Disabled Folks Have Sex Too & Coffee Cock

I am always deeply appreciative when change for the better happens in the sex world. Let’s keep it going! This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly offers up some perceptions, thoughts and actions that could do with a fresh coat of paint.

Check out stories on Vulva, FFS!, What Does ‘Sex Positive’ Really Mean?, Recognizing Trauma, Disabled Folks Fuck Too, Family Is Key, and Coffee Cock.

Jan 04

Sex Stories We Love: Sexy Science, Bound for Play, Pushing Porn & More!

It is that time of year again—are you ready for more lists? Well, remember, if you’re hear then you know those lists have to be about sex!

People are drawn to collections of data and opinion so this week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly is a gathering of sexy facts, figures, thoughts and desires.

Check out features on Challenge to the Sex Industry, Neither Mountain Nor Molehill, Sexy Science, Bound for Play, Pushing Porn and Great Sex Work Writing.

Dec 28

Sex Stories We Love: New Way to Pay for Porn, Reach Out & Virtually Touch Someone, Complex Sexual Identities & More!

As 2016 draws to a close, we can always hope for change. We can watch it, make it, wish for it and applaud it. Change in the sex world can always happen.

Check out these Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly to discover more about change from this past year and, perhaps, get inspired for 2017.

Take a read about New Way to Pay for Porn?, Bad for the Baculum?, New and…Improved?, Reach Out and Virtually Touch Someone, Complex Sexual Identities and Beyond the Scale.

Dec 21

Sex Stories We Love: Accepting Advice, Reviewing Reviewers, Dildo Display & More!

Sex toys have become a part of our world. This is still a relatively new development. But given how many awesome products are now available, let’s live it up!

This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly explores how sex toys can bring us great pleasure while still being confusing to some. Check out stories on A Change for the Better, Accepting Advice, Reviewing Reviewers, Working Hard, Dildo Display and What’s That In Your Utility Belt, Batman?

Dec 14

Sex Stories We Love: Conan Gets Caned, Public Display for Attention, Stocking Stuffer & More!

Sometimes we all need to step back, take a think and really put some thought into what we are reading and understanding when it comes to sex. Misconceptions happen! Misunderstandings aren’t unusual. And we all need to get this and be able to talk and move on.

This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly explores some current confusions and preps us to be ready for more. Check out stories on Conan Gets Canned, Everybody’s Getting Good Vibrations, Public Display for Attention?, Bloody Hot Sex, Brexit Causes Sex Tech Suffering, and Stocking Stuffer.

Dec 07

Sex Stories We Love: Racism V. Type, For the People, Robo-Love & More!

There are a number of conversational touchstones that can get a little too hot to handle. Politics, religion and, of course, sex! We are so divided in our beliefs and opinions of sex topics that arguments flair up all the time.

This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly fans the flames by looking at stories that are embers ready to burst. Check out stories on Racism V. Type?, It Is Possible, A Snip Decision?, For The People, Robo-Love, and a Hairy Debate.

Nov 23

Sex Stories We Love: Discovering Consent, Waiting or Wanting, Spoonful of Semen & More!

This is the awkward AF edition of Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly. Whether it be sex connection and communication between people, between communities or even on a personal level, sometimes sex is, challenging to negotiate.

Check out stories on Softening on Someone Else, Helping, Hot Hands, Discovering Consent, There Goes the Neighbourhood?, Waiting or Wanting? and Spoonful of Semen.

Nov 16

Sex Stories We Love: Paper Cut Porn, RIP Leonard Cohen, Peek-a-boo or Perv? & More!

“What turns us on?”

This might be the most loaded question that sex community ever tries to answer. Who knows what turns anyone on, and can there ever be collective agreement?

This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly explores the various things that turn us on. Check out stories on Motors Running, Lingerie is Revealing, Paper Cut Porn, Not a Solid Solution, RIP Leonard Cohen, and Peek-A-Boo or Perv?