Dec 23

My latest Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly!

Writing for Kinkly has been one of my favourite things this year—especially the Sex Stories We Love columns. That said, I am delighted that this is my last piece of official work due this calendar year and I am enjoying the break. But I’ve already got some stories stockpiled for SSWL, the blog and other works, coming soon in 2015!

Check out my latest Sex Stories We Love featuring LEGO! Dornan! Fetish Photos! Furries! Infidelity! Language Transition Petition!

Dec 09

My Latest Sex Stories We Love: Banned in the UK, Bad Ass Parenting, and Male Birth Control

I spend a lot of time reading about sex, but writing my bi-weekly column Sex Stories We Love for Kinkly (shared with the amazing Bobbie Morgan) has given me an entirely new perspective on what sex news is. I mean, I collect sex news every week to share, but when it comes down to picking just a handful of items to discuss in the column, I have a really hard time! Sex news is everywhere. Sex in everywhere. Sex opinion and education and discussion is everywhere. And that is awesome!

This week on Sex Stories We Love, I get into the UK porn ban, sexy emojis, comfort with fetishes, Bound, awesome parenting, and male birth control. 

Nov 11

My Latest Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly! Drones, Cum, G-Strings and More!

I wanted to give us all a little reprieve from the Ghomeshi saga with my latest Sex Stories We Love over on Kinkly. So instead, we’re talkin’ drone porn, confusing sex euphemisms, surprise vibrators, artsy strip clubs and the secrets to Starbucks success. A week for the lighter side of sex, folks!

Oct 28

My Latest Sex Stories We Love: Let’s Talk Labels—on Kinkly

Labels, when it comes to sex and sexuality, might be the ultimate Catch-22. We don’t really like them, but we kinda find them necessary. This week in Sex Stories We Love, I discuss posts about asexuality, bottoming and sex addiction as well as the vag vs clit debate, sexspeak and a campus nudie mag!