Jul 26

Sex Stories We Love: What Could Have Been, Muslim Sex Guide Making Waves, & Less Sex Stats

It is always a good time to rethink things—particularly when it comes to sex. Taking the time to reflect and consider whether or not it is time for a change doesn’t mean there will always be change, but taking those moments to gain clarity is key to becoming better sexual beings. This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly is all about times when people have taken some time to pause for think and provided a much-needed rethink.

Check out stories on What Could Have Been, Muslim Sex Guide Making Waves, Spirit Away, Things Just Got Surreal, Time To Pump You Up, and Less Sex Stats.

Jul 19

Sex Stories We Love: Breastfeeding During Sex, Engaging the Elusive, Sex Retail Solidarity & More!

Controversy can sometimes be considered a dirty word—in more ways than one! When it comes to sex, controversy can sometimes be very negative and damaging to those involved. Sadly, this is more often the case. However, sometimes sex and controversy make for quite needed bedfellows. It can often be the catalyst for new discussions and improved understanding of hard subjects. This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly explores some recent sexual controversies.

Check out stories on Breastfeeding During Sex, Nice To Meet You. Wanna?, Engaging the Elusive, Sex Retail Solidarity, Drawing Conclusions, So Many Strings Attached.

Jul 12

Sex Stories We Love: Sex & Antidepressants, Resistant STI, Serious Sex Injuries & More!

“Oh, Doctor, doctor, can’t you see I’m burning, burning
Oh, Doctor, doctor, is this love I’m feeling?”
—Doctor! Doctor!, Thompson Twins

This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly looks at the many intersections between the medical world and the sexual world. Two worlds that should play nice together, but don’t always play nice together.

Check out stories on Sex and Antidepressants, No! No Swimming!, Operation Empty and Sticky, Resistant STI, Serious Sex Injuries, Glitter Be Gone.




Jul 05

Sex Stories We Love: Enticed by Erotica, Beware of Bullshit, S Is for Sex & Safety & More!

There is no denying that sex is big business. And it goes far beyond the idea of “sex sells.” Sex doesn’t just sell, it moves! This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly focuses on different aspect of the many arms of the sex industry.

Check out stories on Poppin’ Up All Over, Who’s Playing?, Run Down by Reviews, Enticed by Erotica, Beware of Bullshit and S is for Sex and Safety.

Jun 28

Sex Stories We Love: Fuck Like an Egyptian, Rocking the Boat, Voice of Pride & More!

Some might say that the world of sex is full of odd and unusual stories, interests, passions and curiosities. I say, no more than any other world. Sex is part of human lives and human lives are odd and unusual in themselves. That said, this week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly is a testament to some of more unique happens in our sexual world lately.

Check out stories on Fuck Like an Egyptian, Where’s the Strangest Place You’ve Ever Done It?, Rocking the Boat, Shame on North Carolina, Voice of Pride, and Death Wish?.

Jun 21

Sex Stories We Love: Expecting Better, What We Need, Too Friendly & More!

Some of us are really trying to make sex better for everyone. Some people are keeping sex in the shadowy box by perpetuating stereotypes and maintaining negativity. Which are you and what would you prefer? This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly offers up some folks who fall into the latter—and hopefully we can learn from them.

Check out stories on What is an Orgasm?, Expecting Better, Stop It!, What We Need, Not for Tummy Sleepers, and Too Friendly Skies.

Jun 07

Sex Stories We Love: Making Sex Great Again, Yum or Yuck, 24/7 D/s & More!

Sometimes…sometimes…you get something stuck in your head. Like, this week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly has a Wizard of Oz theme. Why? I suppose our current landscape of sex does lend itself to a time of tumult and change. Or, I had a dream that reminded me of it. Let’s go with the former.

Check out stories on Making Sex Great Again, Swipe or Flight?, Yum or Yuck?, 24/7 D/s, Is it Right?, and Fabulous!

May 31

Sex Stories We Love: A Peek Inside Pleasure, Kink & Mental Health, Understanding Non-Binary Sex & More!

Can you get these smarts from books? Yes? From experience? Yes. From blogs? Yes! This week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly is all about studying sex—a topic that just keeps getting more interesting.

Check out stories on A Peek into Pleasure, What You Like?, Conduct Your Own Research, Is Your City Sex Positive?, Kink and Mental Health, and Understanding Non-Binary Sex.

May 24

Sex Stories We Love: Til Death Do Us Wank, Al Fresco Adventures, & Switch It Up

How are you doing during this year’s #MasturbationMonth? Are you enjoying yourself? Trying new things? Learning about your body? Talking about it with friends? Maybe you’re talking about other things related to sex. You know, like the many tales to be told in this week’s Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly!

Check out stories on Til Death Do Us Want, Goodbye, Old Friend, That Look, Al Fresco Adventures, Three Little Words? and Switch It Up.